Monday, February 24, 2014

E. W. King: My Worldwide Church of God Is Moving Into A Higher Level of Consciousness

I guess by living in the mountains Eric King has been so oxygen deprived in his brain that it causes him to say this kind of silliness:

It is so sad that all the other COG claimers do not teach the true Life Changing Messages that the true Worldwide Church of God is today offering. COGSR is the true LIGHT and those who study here are not receiving repetitive dry doctrine. True doctrine is ALIVE and teaches one how to TRULY LIVE!

Why go to some website that keeps on giving milk, milk, milk. God's true children are moving on  to a HIGHER LEVEL than the fake groups. We pray for their SPIRITUAL CLARITY. None of them have the TRUE LIGHT SHINNING in their souls like COGSR/SOCT members.

Today, if you are reading this...move on to Christian Maturity in the final and Seventh Church Era. Study deep and learn the TRUTH WHICH WILL SET YOU FREE!

The is the same new age malarkey and others use to brainwash devotees with as they inch up the ladder of unfettered consciousness.  What he is offering is progressive salvation and only his "enlightened" can understand it.

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James said...

His words "None of them have the TRUE LIGHT SHINNING in their souls like COGSR/SOCT members."

Church of God LSD

Rule #12

The group and its members are special.

"We are different from ordinary people."

"Only another cult member understands."

"We are special because we belong to the right religion."

"We are special because we have the new technology."

"We have the new dispensation."

"Our leader is the new messiah, and only he has the new wisdom, which he is giving to us."

"We are God's Chosen Children."

"We are the wave of the future."

"We have been trained, processed, audited, purified, tested or prepared in ways that no one else has."

"Our group is so special that only another group member can even understand how wonderful it is."