Monday, February 17, 2014

Eric King: We Have Friends In High Places In California Therefore We Will Pray For Rain

E. W. King says:
Our God can do as He pleases. California has been punished for all of its sodomy and illegal activity. In God’s mercy we have strong friends of COGSR in California. We have decided to ask God to bring late rain to California.-

Isn't California blessed to have Eric King on its side!

Between him and Bob Thiel praying their prayers we are guaranteed to get rain!  However, most churches I know are praying the same thing.  Unlike Bob and Eric, if it does rain, they will not claim credit for the rain.  They will instead thank God for the rain.

If it does not rain in the next month or so, then Bob and Eric will start spouting that their god is angry and is punishing the state of California.  That COG mantra is tired and worn out.


Anonymous said...

The angry and punishing weather god? That dead horse is glue already. Can't they find another dead horse to beat?

Byker Bob said...

His acolytes would do much better to consult with a meaty urologist regarding matters of weather.


Black Ops Mikey said...

Californians, build an ark.