Monday, February 10, 2014

James Malm: Olympics Flame Is Worshiping Satan

Apparently cigarette lighters are Satan's worship tool

The Church of God craziness continues

Satan in physical form looked like a flying serpent which we Anglo Saxons call a dragon.  The Aztecs, Toltecs and Maya worship the flying serpent calling it Quetzalcoatl; and sacrificed thousands to Satan in this form, while others did the same sacrificing vast numbers of human beings while worshipping Satan as the Sun god or as the flying serpent or dragon.  

 Olympians and spectators worshiping Satan

Today the Olympics with its dedication to the sun god on Mt Olympus and the lighting of a torch by the sun’s rays; is a classic of the activities of man, like sports, being turned into Satan worship.


Anonymous said...

By Malm's reasoning, just about everything not related to what he considers Godly is worshiping Satan. Why would you want to live in a world like that? You might as well chain yourself to your home.

Byker Bob said...

Next thing you know, one of these idiots will be saying that it is pagan to take a crap, because it is shaped like a snake or is a phallic symbol.


Head Usher said...

Pagans breath air, eat food, drink water, and get regular rest and exercise. DON'T BE A PAGAN! LOL Isn't this the final destination of his tortured logic?

Anonymous said...

Malm says "we Anglo Saxons". He's not going to attract any non-Anglo-Saxon to his nonsense (as if he wanted to) and only a handful of Anglo-Saxons (or people who think they are Anglo-Saxons) who are already indoctrinated in HWA's teachings.

Anonymous said...

Christians should worship Satan.
Making people afraid of Satan is about the best thing they have in their 'recruiting bag of tricks', besides testifying about made-up or unprovable 'miracles'.

(The Christian Conquistadors' "Convert or die!" thingy tended to be effective, too.)