Thursday, February 27, 2014

Living Church of God Says God Is Punishing the United States With Snow But Had 129 Visitors in Texas! Woo Hoo!

LCG's angry god is at it again.  This time their god is using snow storms to punish the country.  Using that logic it is also plain to see that LCG is also being punished and has to suffer along with everyone else.  They had to shut their offices down because of five inches of snow. Five inches of snow shuts them down?  Five inches?????? In the Western States kids go to school in 2-3 feet of snow and LCG can't work in 5 inches????  LCG has become soft.  God's work apparently is not as important as they let on.

Extreme weather continues to make news with rains and flooding in southern England, snow and ice blanketing eastern portions of the United States and soaring temperatures in Australia—countries once blessed by God that are turning more and more away from Him and His ways!  Mr. Meredith spoke this past Sabbath in Houston, Texas and on Sunday; he and Pastor Rick Stafford saw 129 visitors attend their Tomorrow's World Presentation in Houston.  This coming Sabbath, Mr. Meredith will speak to the congregation in Austin, Texas where he will also be visiting with family.  Here in Charlotte, we have about 5-6 inches of snow that closed the office for several days.  I will be in Phoenix this coming weekend for the Sabbath and a conference on Sunday.


Corky said...

As climate change continues, "God" will continue to bless the world with extreme weather. As this phenomena continues, I predict there will be more of these "end of the world" cults popping up...and there will be fastings and prayer vigils in divers places...and then shall the income.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Just a reflection of the snow job Meredith foisted on all of us.

Anonymous said...

126 inches of snow in Syracuse so far this winter; parts of SW New York state had close to 300 inches

Anonymous said...

Whiteout driving conditions spun into a massive 96 car pileup that shut a major highway Thursday morning north of Toronto.

Snow squalls moving in blinding drivers and creating a massive mess on the Highway 400 south of Barrie.

(minushorny)old EXPCGhag said...

Poor 129 visitors. I feel sorry for them.

Byker Bob said...

I just spent the last three days working with an engineer who flew in from Georgia, installing an addresser that prints in and cures UV ink. Don't tell the ACOGs, but that's some of the new equipment they need for their publishing operations if they intend to continue mailing. My friend was definitely diggin' on our 80 degree weather, although I don't believe he felt like they'd been punished by the snow this winter.

In order for punishment to accomplish any tangible good, people need to know beyond doubt what the punishment is for, and from a credible source. Nobody is going to modify their behavior if some nearly unknown televangelist tries to tell them the bad weather was caused by guys blowing each other. They've heard that all before, and the message is usually associated with Westboro Baptist Church.

BTW, why would anyone schedule a conference in Phoenix on NASCAR weekend? Somebody needs to do a bit more scheduling research!


Anonymous said...

A couple of COG's called off services in Wichita, KS today, even though there's no snow at the moment. There may be sleet now, but no snow until late tonight.

Yet a couple of the big evangelical churches still are having late-afternoon Saturday services.

Faith vs. fear?!