Monday, February 17, 2014

Ron Weinland: My Children Are HIGHLY INFORMED, Submit To Them!

Imprisoned felon Ron Wienland, aka Weinerdude, has passed on the latest power structure to his rapidly shrinking cult.

Since Weinerdude has been in prison for one year now he has had to "rely" on his wife, Laura (the second witless witness), his money laundering daughter Audra and Beamer driving Jeremy to carry out his wishes.  Since Ron is spending many fun nights with Bubba, Laura has had to travel around the world collecting tithe money.

Now that Audra has divorced her first husband and has remarried to a new submissive European "elder" she is being sent out to collect all the money she can too.  Likewise, Ron's Beamer driving son Jeremy is also taking daddy's word to the unwashed masses few members remaining.

Since Audra married her European man so quickly after her divorce she has made plans to move to Europe - at church expense - to rule of the tiny members of her daddy's personality cult.

Because there are some in Ron's cult who are not taking kindly to these three interlopers coming to correct them, Ron has had to lay down the law on submitting to authority.

Laura, Audra and Jeremy have secret insider knowledge that the regular members  do not have.

All this brings up another matter of importance that I want to share with all of you in the ministry. As both Audra and Jeremy work full time for the Church, their jobs involve being in contact with many of you directly because of the work they do for us (Laura and myself), which is the government structure over all the Church. There is structure that is a matter of ordinations and there is another structure of government that, even regardless of ordination, is a matter of administration of government more directly from both Laura and myself, through them, to the rest of the ministry (as though directly from us). It is important to understand that both Jeremy and Audra are often “highly informed” as to that governing and functioning process and how it relates to many of you in the various areas you are located. Much of what they do is fully directed from us, while other aspects are not as direct, but still a matter of administration that comes from us. For that reason, I want to make certain that all of you understand that in their positions of service to both Laura and myself, they represent us when they are in contact with you. That contact may be by way of a visit to the region you are in or by direct contact with you via phone or email. That contact should be received as being directly from Laura or myself, as much of what they work to accomplish is part or our communication and service to the Church as well.  (soon to be ex) Elder-PKG

Here we have once more the typical Church of God power structure.  Sniveling, privileged, snotty kids ruling over gullible members.


Byker Bob said...

Weinland should find a new pen pal, like maybe Warren Jeffs, who seems to practice more highly developed church leadership skills from his own prison cell.

Seriously, anyone who hangs out over at Mike's blog can't help but see that Ron the Con is losing the damage control battle big time. I've got to hand it to Mike. There was a time when he didn't get all that many comments, although he kept right on plugging away, and his information was always good. Now that blog has become a kind of social center/clearing house for the people exiting PKG. Two of the jurors from Ron's IRS trial comment, as well as two PKG elders.
Check it out! False Prophet Ron Weinland.


Anonymous said...

Wow, are there really two PKG elders who comment at Mike's blog about Weinland/PKG?!

Black Ops Mikey said...

Just remember that Weinland is in the pattern of Herbert Armstrong (except Armstrong didn't get caught, exposed and sent to prison) and is a mini culture representing the entire 700+ club of the Cult of Herbert Armstrong.

One only needs look at the Weinlands to see the other leaders of the Armstrongist churches of God. You can start your list with Ysrael Hawkins and proceed through David Pack and Gerald Flurry if you like.

Anonymous said...

Bob is a Child of the Corn for sure...and Corney

Anonymous said...

he's just protecting the family business, that's all.....

Anonymous said...

HWA was smart enough to have a good attorney keeping him on the right side of the law. It appears that Weinland got greedy and wanted to own too much. Rader told HWA, "It's not what you own, it's what you control."
HWA controlled much, had the use of anything he wanted. But, since he didn't own it, he didn't have to pay expenses for upkeep. Sweet deal. Very clever for a high school dropout.

Joe Moeller said...

If Weinland turns states evidence, does this mean that he will go into the...


Inquiring minds need to know!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY
(2014 UCG Council- Write In Candidate)

Anonymous said...

Joe, you describe yourself as a "2014 UCG Council- Write In Candidate"

Are you going to pretend again that the United Church of God is a democratic organization, even though you, (to your credit) have come around from claiming it is democratic, to admitting that it's not democratic?