Tuesday, February 4, 2014

There Are Only A Few Hundred Real Christians In The ENTIRE World!

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James Malm is harping today about the horrific status of the Churches of God and most particularly  the apostate filth in COGWA, UCG,  LCG, and  CCOG.  All of these groups are filled with Laodicean apostates who trample the world of God into the ground by their continual law breaking.  Mercy and grace be damned!  The law reigns supreme!

Malm claims there exists today on the ENTIRE earth only a few hundred REAL Christians.

Some are zealous for God and his word now, they are a very small minority of a few hundred.  The vast majority of the COG Groups today are fully Laodicean and are to be judged and rejected by Jesus Christ into great tribulation  That is the stopping of the daily intercession of Jesus for them as an organization; the stopping of the daily sacrifice for them! 
I am so glad that God does not rely upon the stupid reasoning of people like this!

I know more cigar smoking, cussing, pork eating Sunday keepers, who love God and who are better Christians than Malm will EVER be!

Malm is claiming again that the abomination of desolation may be set up by the end of this year.  At that point the following will happen to the various COG's:

However once the COG Groups see how very wrong they were by the reality of what they have fallen into; most will quickly repent and turn to love and keep the word of God to the death, joining the many martyrs of the past.  That is when the fruits of this warning work will become evident.
Dave Pack was not able to do a mass conversion of the Churches of God at the Feast of tabernacles 2013, so what makes Malm think he will do the same?  Thousands will immediately start keeping the law while continuing to ignore Jesus as they already do.  What a lovely world that foretells.....NOT!


Anonymous said...

Of course that have to be Church of God members. What an idiot!

Corky said...

It's never about the return of Jesus, is it? It's always about "The Great Tribulation" and how they are going to escape it.

Anonymous said...

If there are so very few Christians (market share of less than 1%) than the death of Jesus was a waste and the "plan of salvation" was flawed in a major way. Do you think that God, who loves the world, would come up with a plan where only a small minority would be saved? Would God, all powerful and all loving, have an exclusivistic plan where only a few would be saved? Would he allow Satan a great victory? I don't think so. It is by grace through faith, not works or correctness of theology, or following a particular leader of a splinter group of the COG, that saves people. Based on the little knowledge that people have, if they acts on that knowledge, I believe they are saved. Do members of LCG believe that members of PCG or RCG are saved? I believe that more people are saved than COG members think, even if their understanding is flawed and they are in the "wrong group." What a shock it will be when some people realize who will be with them in heaven.

Anonymous said...

"I will build my Church..ok, it won't be much and most of the planet will either ignore me or get it all wrong but I want everyone to come to my truth just the same. I just can't seem to make anything work!"

Right Corky. For all their desire to make it into the Kingdom, the spend a lot of energy hoping they won't have die. However, everyone of them will die like everyone else before them.

Byker Bob said...

The problem is that instead of considering all people who love God, and love Jesus Christ to be Christians, some people attach criteria to, and evaluate what these people do in attempting to please the members of the deity and to express their love. That is spiritual cannibalism.


Anonymous said...

Based on the divorce rate, a few hundred seems high.

Secular-Humanist-Buddhist said...

"There is Auschwitz, so there cannot be god." --- Primo Levi, Auschwitz survivor.

Britain W. Stevenson said...

To me, it all comes down to love your neighbor as yourself and all the rest of Christ's teachings, if you are a true Christian. Your Godly spirit is what is going to last through eternity...not winning the annual PCG Pine Car Derby Race, Brian Davis.

Anonymous said...

"The holocaust made it difficult to believe in God; made it impossible to believe in man."
Holocaust survivor