Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bitter Bob of the Improperly Named Continuing Church of God Calls Flurry A Liar

Bitter Bob Thiel is striking out at Gerald Flurry  trying to discredit him so that members will jump ship to Bob's personalty cult.

Thiel is trying to use his miraculous and unlimited knowledge on prophecy to disprove Flurry.  Of course this will not work as every single COG splinter group leader, including Thiel, thinks their interpretation of prophecy is correct.

Meredith discredits Thiel, Theil discredits Meredith, Flurry discredits Pack, Pack discredits Flurry, Thiel, Meredith, UCG, COGWA and everyone else, Thiel discredits Pack, Thiel discredits UCG, UCG makes dumb videos and does worry about discrediting anyone.  On and on the cycle goes.

Gerald Flurry’s prophetic sequence is in error.  He has many prophetic errors and people should not rely on his prophetic interpretations on many matters.  He will be proven wrong on many points and people need to realize this. Another false PCG prophetic pronouncement related to the Arab nations

Who's telling the truth, who's a liar? 

Actually, who really cares what these morons think any more!  None of them have ANY credibility.


old EXPCG hag said...

It doesn't matter what any of them interpret the scriptures or keep the holy days...They are all missing the point anyway.

Connie Schmidt said...

There is a difference between calling someone a "liar" or "Incorrect".

Liar implies KNOWINGLY giving false information. Incorrect means accidentally or innocently giving false information.

The problem in most COGs is that they do not preface prophetic scenarios with disclaimers like "Some believe" or offer much of a variety of thought on the issue. Most prophetic ideas have several schools of thought, and it would be enlightening for the arguments for each to be made available "one stop".

Part of the problem is the attitude about what prophecy is for. If the agenda is that it is to give you "insider knowledge" as to timing, then your attitude is all wrong about it, and you will likely go down many "rabbit trails".

Prophecy is really about a few simple concepts and we should be humble about it. 1) God is in charge 2) we should be repentant people, close to him at all times 3) That God has a plan, no matter how screwed up life may seem in the present.

There it is, prophecy in a nutshell!

EX-PCG/RCG said...

It sounds like Bob is upset that not enough people are coming with him.
This is the same tactic that others have used (such as Flurry & Pack).

When all else fails they attack all the other groups and leaders.

I thought that people would know we are God's people, by how much love we have toward other. Not about how BIG of work we are doing (as we condemn others).

Byker Bob said...

Back when my ex and I used to hang out at the dirt track stock car races every Saturday night, we were there to see the fast cars with the big engines, like the winged outlaw sprints, the late models, and the modifieds. After their heat races, these cars had to cool down and be prepped for the main event. So, the track had a bunch of small, slower cars run their events as the big cars were being prepped.

Many fans would not remain in the stands while these cars ran, but would use the time to visit the restrooms, obtain refreshments, etc. On one particular evening, as I saved our seats while my wife took a leak and got our refreshments, I remained in the stands and watched the small cars. She returned shortly thereafter, and asked , "Hey, who won?" My reply was, "It doesn't matter". She laughed for a long time over that one.

But, reality is, Bob Thiel, James Malm, Eric King, the Kitchens, Ron Weinland, and Dave Pack are the ministerial equivalents of those small cars. What they say, think, preach, and do is often amusing, but in the greater scheme of things, they really don't matter. That is why ACOG splinter members find it so easy to resist their poaching. Mass movement into their mini-cults just ain't gonna happen. Not now, not ever.


Bernie said...

I'm glad I'm out of this confusion . Fortunately for me I noticed the danger early and left the cult . I was with UCG and then COGWA. I was about to join RCG before I realized I was being deceived.

Anonymous said...

BB wrote: "...But, reality is, Bob Thiel, James Malm, Eric King, the Kitchens, Ron Weinland, and Dave Pack are the ministerial equivalents of those small cars. What they say, think, preach, and do is often amusing, but in the greater scheme of things, they really don't matter..."

BB, your entire post was interesting, including that conclusion. It reminded me of a bunch of airplanes at a busy airport all wanting to land at once, but cannot and instead must remain in a "holding pattern" until the aircraft is allowed to land. It doesn't matter who lands first, second...or last. So long as their aircraft doesn't run out of gas while they're in that "holding pattern" they are okay.

All of those individuals you mentioned and countless others just seem to be, also like those little cars, going around in if in some "holding pattern."

They all, like spiritual babes, seem to drink the same spiritual Milk, eat virtually the same spiritual Junk Food and have very little spiritual Meat to interest anybody...


Lake of Fire Church of God said...

No2HWA said, "Actually, who really cares what these morons think any more! None of them have ANY credibility."

MY COMMENT - So true!

I don't know how anyone can stay connected to the Herbert Armstrong Church of God movement given its tainted history. How can anyone think that the Deity works through this group, and this group only is beyond me at this point. The Church peaked in the 1970s, and its been downhill ever since.

All these splinter groups have accomplished nothing on their own. There is no size and scale compared to the old Worldwide Church of God. Their leaders are trying to replicate a business model that doesn't work today and has been exposed for what it was - a Fraud!