Friday, May 9, 2014

If A Women Does Not Wear Her Veil In Church Then Cut Her Hair Off!

James Malm is back with his veils for women in his cult as they pray or study the Bible.  Because he is a literalist it is necessary that women have their hair cut off if they do not wear a veil when they pray.

Paul taught that:
1 Cor 11:5   But every woman that prayeth or prophesieth with her head uncovered dishonoureth her head: 6 For if the woman be not covered [will not cover her hair], let her also be shorn: but if it be a shame for a woman to be shorn or shaven, let her be covered [cover her glorious hair in humility].
Women ought to cover their glory [hair] with a veil, modest hat  or cloth when they pray or prophesy, as a sign of humility that they are subject to their fathers or husbands as an example for the angels; that as the angels are subject to authority ,so are they, as Paul instructs.  And if they refuse to do so, they are to have their heads of glorious hair shaved off, as Paul also instructs.

Lest you think he is joking he adds:

I know that there are some who would wish covering women’s hair away, by saying it was a particular custom of that day.  To do that is no different from wishing the teachings of Nehemiah away concerning the Sabbath with the same reasoning.  If this were merely a local custom for that time; it would not be recorded as instructions for God’s people.
This is what he expects his women to wear when praying or reading the Bible at church and at home:

Why does Malm expect this of his women?  Because they set an example for the angels.  Angles will be impressed by their humility and it demonstrates that the women are submissive.

The second question is that:  If women are not praying or speaking in the meeting why do they need to cover their hair?  Paul says it is to set an example for the angels, of willing submission to their husbands, as an allegory of willing submission to Christ.

Katakalupto, the word that refers to the covering a woman places on her head, is composed of the prefix kata-(‘down”) and kalupto (“cover”). This is exactly what a scarf or shawl does — it hangs down from the top of the head and covers the woman’s hair.

...God uses the woman’s naturally long hair to show that He expects the woman to cover her head with a scarf or shawl, and He uses the man’s absence of long hair to show that the man should not be covered with a scarf or shawl hanging down over his head like a woman. 5 This is why Paul appeals to nature in the preceding verse (“Does not even nature itself teach you?”). 6 The man’s short hair need not be covered but the woman’s glorious hair should be covered as a sign of humility when appearing before God.

...if the woman refuses to wear a scarf or shawl, she should also remove her natural covering, her hair. In other words, she should wear both coverings while engaged in religious activities or none at all.

Malm also makes the claim that COG women in India all covered their hair until 1988

In India in 1988, all the isolated COG women wore headcoverings.

“When the Apostle Thomas brought the gospel to India in the First Century, he taught that the woman’s head should be covered,” they explain, “and they have been doing it ever since. Pastors in India never need to tell the women to cover their heads. The women know the Bible tells them to do it, so they do it.”

Malm ends with this:

Those women who do not wear a headcovering only because “nobody else does it” may think they are being humble and spiritual by refusing to draw attention to themselves. The sad truth is that preserving their reputation among their peers is more important to them than obeying the will of GodThe Role of Women In Church

Its easy to see why he is a divorced man now.  With this legalistic nonsense forced on his wife and his obscene preoccupation with writing two blogs he has no time for women. Legalsim has totally warped the mind of so many men in Armstrongsm.  If they are these kinds of tyrants in this world who would want to live under their rule on some planet in the kingdom?


DennisCDiehl said...

DennisCDiehl said...
But the good thing that once one can get it through their heads, it doesn't matter what any Apostle taught about any of this because that's just his opinion none of which, especially the angels part, he can prove in reality, you can get your life back and make your own decisions.

Where does he (Paul) come up with angels learning their own place and humility from women on earth? Pretty lame. Paul was not the greatest one to speak of how to be humble it seems. He uses the "I" "Me" and "MY" more in the NT than all of the others combined. He brags humbly about himself and claims specialness all the time that he can't share with anyone but he wants you to know if he could he would share it....but he can't. He should have just not told us he went to the 3rd heaven He didn't...

These are not instructions "for God's People." They are Sharia Law for Church just made up to keep women in their place as usual. Paul didn't "allow" women to speak in Church because "the woman sinned and not the man." Plain Truth is that no woman sinned and the story is mythology. One cannot make literal rules based on mythic behaviors of made up women.

Genesis 1-3 is clearly designed to tell the nations around Israel that "you worship earth, air and fire, animals, veggies and minerals...our God made your gods." (Chapter 1) Chapters 2 and 3 are designed to dethrone women and goddess worship (matriarchy) to be replaced by patriarchy and the Priestcraft along with temples and sacrifices. All women get out of Genesis three is to have babies painfully (nothing new there) and say "yes lord" to their men.

Besides nature tells us the opposite. It is a glory to the man to have long hair if you go by lions and Native Americans :)

So who cares what Paul said about women in church? Why is it that all the advice to women is from men and single men at that?

James Malm needs to move to the sultanate of Brunei. He'd feel right at home there with his female followers who must be brain dead to follow this fool. Malmite husbands need to liberate their wives into the 21st century. Or the wives just need to do it without permission :)

Byker Bob said...

Shoot. There was a time when I used to offer select women $1,000 to shave their heads. I wonder what James Malm would do if some of the ladies in his congregation showed up having voluntarily balded themselves. I'm certain even that would not shut his ridiculous mouth. He'd probably take it upon himself to issue some crappy edict or prohibition in the opposite direction. Isn't he the one who once wrote that one of the roots of today's social ills is that men stopped wearing hats?


Anonymous said...

The sad truth is that James Malm, at some point between his normal (profligate) youth and his doddering (clouded with fairy tales) old age, made the stupid assumption that there's a book written by the finger of god, instead of by men, like every other book. It's a semi-popular mistake. Many first make this mistake when they are children, because they have idiots for parents, so it's an understandable one. Others choose to make this mistake as adults of their own volition. IMHO, these ones are the real imbeciles. An even more rarified set think that god has sent them to read this book to everyone else as though we couldn't all read it for ourselves, if we felt like it. Some of these people are bad people, but they are the ones who at least have some smarts, with the capacity to make sure their own bread is getting buttered. I'm not praising this, but you at least earn a point for raw survival skill. The dumbest yet are the well-meaning. Good intentions count for something, but I'm not sure for what, and certainly not a point. Getting the right answers counts for a lot more. James Malm gets the wrong answers at every turn because he's not smart enough to recognize nonsense when it bites him on the ass.

A) There aren't any gods. And if there were, they aren't "using" the length of our hair to "show" us anything. "Nature" doesn't tell me anything about what the length of my hair "should" be. My hair is not like my arms or my legs. I decide what length my hair is going to be, not "nature" and not god. Hair stylists are not prophets. If my hair stylist started telling me what length god wanted my hair to be, I would find someone else who was willing to cut my hair the way I asked. Besides, you shouldn't trust someone like that to hold scissors behind your back.

B) There are no angels. And if there were, they certainly wouldn't be taking their cues from our "example." I mean, just wtf? :( (frowny face = negative points)

C) Preserving your reputation should be more important to you than "obeying" the "will" of the gods. If it isn't, you're at least an idiot, if not dumber.

D) Is James Malm sexist, or what? Seriously not good for your reputation...just sayin

Corky said...

Because of the angels...Yep, you see in Genesis that angels hooked up with earth women who gave birth to giants and caused God to destroy the earth with a flood.

It's that hair, I'm tellin' ya, the irresistible to the angels.

Anonymous said...

Who ever cuts your hair determines if a man or woman has long hair. If a man did not cut his hair it would become long. Would he have to wear a covering? Should the covering be used if the hair is 6 inches long, 6.5 inches long, or 3 feet long? What if you have cancer treatment and your hair falls out?

Anonymous said...

I remember a new man that attended Sabbath services for the first time. He came to church dressed in a t-shirt and blue jeans. One of the decons pulled him aside and told him he was to come to church dressed in a suit and tie. I never seen him at church again. He made the right decision. For those men who like to tell us how to dress and what women should have on their heads I say f----y-----.

Anonymous said...

One thing I've never completely understood, and, I'm sure there is a perfectly good explanation. Why does the special, close to God relationship known as the Nazarite vow include long hair?

if a man living in Old Covenant times were seen going to temple in long hair, people would probably have looked at him in admiration, assuming the long hair had a holy purpose. Imagine if some of these people were transported ino our era via time machine. At first, they'd assume that the bikers and rock stars were all specially sanctified. After those guys said a couple of words, the time travelers would realize they'd made a poor judgment.

That's why I've always believed that statements in the Bible about hair are cultural or national identity issues. You don't hear Jimmy Malm telling his members to look like the Hassids, who still observe these old customs. Anyone in Armstrongism has learned to parrot the dogma about there being no New Testament command changing the sabbath, yet they freely change eternal commands about various other laws. To accomplish this, they categorize laws as to type, and then parse certain categories out. Well the law was one single body, and the parsing or picking and choosing is a man-made construct. The Bible says that if you keep the law, unless you keep the entire law, you are under a curse.

Vivian said...

If that bastard walked up and told me to cut or cover my hair he would never be able to father children again! What an arrogant patriarchal prick!

Connie Schmidt said...

Malm needs to cover his mouth!

old EXPCG hag said...

2014 at 5:57 PM
Vivian said...

If that bastard walked up and told me to cut or cover my hair he would never be able to father children again! What an arrogant patriarchal prick!
May 9, 2014 at 6:13 Pm



This is as bad as Wayne Turgeon, (Gerald Flurry's son-in-law, of the PCG), not letting the young ladies at Armstrong College read from the Bible during his class. He said only the young men could do this. I know. I was taking "Teachings of Jesus" from him on- line and heard him tell the class this. I got real disinterested after this. I don't think I finished the class. Who cares! What are you going to do...disfellowship me Wayne??...GOOD.

James said...

Malm doesn't cover the issue of pubic hair. Is it to be curled or straight? Should a women or man be concerned about the length?

Sounds crazy? Well it should. People who are looking for a place in the bronze/iron age can find a home in Malmism. Personally I think the flat earth society might be more amusing.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

NO2HWA said, "Its easy to see why he is a divorced man now".

MY COMMENT: Nail meet hammer!

What woman would want this delusional whack job anyway?


Black Ops Mikey said...

Man cannot live by incompetence alone, but some people may make you doubt that aphorism.

Anonymous said...

Such class Vivian, such class.

Anonymous said...

Anon3:04. I bet you are one of Flurry's emasculated men. Clueless and ball less .