Friday, May 30, 2014

Timothy Kitchen Solves The Reason The COG Had/Has So Many Poor In It

Timothy Kitchen, HWA idolater and Pharisee, did not like the post yesterday about HWA and his lust for money.  Forget what you ever thought you knew about the reason for the poor in the church.  Even Herb himself was not this insulting!

...blessings came to people who were right with God. People were poor, because of their personal sins, and at times they were poor for character building, and for examples for others who were weak in the faith.


Anonymous said...

If this is true then James Malm must be a horrendous sinner!

Byker Bob said...

There really is no excuse for having a mindset like the Kitchen family apparently has. Maintaining it must involve a lot of practice, discipline, and self-delusion.

Tim will never be credible in reversing the mindsets of people who believe differently from himself (if that is indeed his goal or motivation) mostly because he quotes a revisionist, white-washed version of the so-called golden years of WCG, and those of us who were actually present during those years know that he does not have his facts straight. He's taken the official PR approaches which were served up by the administration in the mid 1970s, and he's put them on steroids. It's doubtful that even HWA would recognize such exaggerations.

Tim, keep fantasizing about what you want to happen to us now and in the future. Personally, I don't hate HWA, and am not bitter towards him. I hope God does forgive him, and let him in the Kingdom. If I see him polishing the Pope's sandals, I'll even help him and offer some encouraging words.


Connie Schmidt said...

Nothing worse than a FILTHY KITCHEN!

Ed said...

This is not surprising. Armstrongism has always had simple answers to complex problems. There is,(was) a booklet of simple answers for every question people have. This is what made Armstrongism appealing to some people that where, (are) looking for answers to lifes most important questions.
However life is not that simple. Life is complex. The issue of poverty is a complex one. That is why those who believe that there are always absolute answers to every question tend to be judgemental.

Black Ops Mikey said...

All those billionaires out there must be seriously righteous.

Gain IS godliness!

At least in the cults of prosperity religion. What a sinner was Mother Teresa and how righteous is Bill Gates.

For that matter, the ruler of North Korea must have quite a lock on righteousness and have no sin at all.

What does Kitchen have to say about all those Arab Islam Oil Sheiks following Mohammad?

Wait! What?

Haven't we had this discussion before?

Next you'll be telling us that disease is a result of physical sin, when Jesus said it wasn't.

If you can't stand the heat, stay away from Kitchen!

Tim said...

You clearly do not understand what I said, or you purposely twist what I said(I believe the later). I said "People were poor, because of their personal sins, and at times they were poor for character building, and for examples for others who were weak in the faith"

3 points here.
1) Because of personal sins
2)For Character Building(meaning lessons to be learned for spiritual growth)
3)For examples for others who are weak in such areas of the faith.

You are bumbling around not even paying attention to details. Again, proves what I said before.

Byker Bob: I truly want to know where Jesus said so.

Anonymous said...

Pervert Armstrong always bored people with the same sermon over and over about two mythical trees. And he always oversimplified all of life down to two ways of living, the way of giving (to Pervert) and the way of get (the example Pervert set). Because that was all that mattered to him. It was all that simple. You give, and that allows me to get. There's one way for all the dumb sheep, and there's another way for me. Simple. The reason why Pervert Armstrong was not poor is because he used confidence to steal wealth, not because of some cosmic joke "blessing" him. Not because he earned it. It's because he was a thief. You can't say he wasn't. If you think he wasn't, then you don't think Bernie Madoff was a thief either. The only difference is Bernie got caught and sent to prison for his for crimes.

Cindy said...

Tim, there was no bumbling or lack of attention. Your points were addressed sufficiently, but I see you cannot answer back to those statements. Can you answer a question for me, perhaps? Why would a living, caring, forgiving, merciful Creator allow His People to suffer? To not be able to feed their children? To not see proper doctors or dentists as needed? To keep the People poor, while the people in charge were wealthy beyond any of the common folks' wildest dreams? I would like to hear your answer to Mother Theresa being poor and Kim Jong Un being so rich. Does God really care about money that much, that He would use it as an instrument with which to judge character?

Tim said...

Cindy: Are you not judging Character by money? I never did. God put people in positions to be humbled to where God can use them. I do not judge them. Yet you are here judging Herbert W Armstrong. What a hypocritical attitude and action.

S, Galloway said...

Tim Tim Tim.

I know you either likely mean well, or you just don't give a shit about people in poverty. But your three points are so off its laughable, and so easily disprovable, a child could do it.

however I am going this the fun and easy way, by posing a series of questions.

1. Where in the Bible does it say being poor is a sign of sin?

Answer it doesn't, just as being ill isn't a sign of a sin either. Jesus blew that idea away with 95% of his teachings...You know the parables and stories of Jesus, that your the Cog movement as been steering members away for decades? "blessed are the poor" "give away your possessions and follow me" etc. Guess you've never been allowed to read any of that in the acceptable reading portions of the Bible.

2. Where is being in poverty supposed to equal character building? What in the hell does that offer a child who has no food, or a refugee who's been driven away from their home and living in squalor in a camp of 10,000 other refugees. What does it help a couple with a disabled child, where the medical bills keep piling, and "oh damn" the sole bread winner got laid off?

The answer...To state being poor is character building is a humungous vat of bovine offal. First of all this aromatic pile of excrement is not even a Christian principle, but a false theology said by the rich, to justify their wealth, as well as to have the poor stay that way, by contributing to the wealth of the rich. This has been the mindset of the COG groups, that horrible dishonest health/wealth gospel.

3. How does being 'weak in the faith" contribute one iota to one's financial state? What do the two have to do with one another?

Answer, not a single thing. Some of the most compassionate, loving people I've known, who's faiths are a beautiful thing to behold have had very little in the way of personal possessions. While some of the biggest douches I've met in Christianity have been rich, and with positions of power.

So why are you teaching this toilet fodder? Probably because you are rich, and are getting your income directly off the backs of your impoverished parishioners.

I spent the first half of my life in the original religion that your group has tried so hard to copy. I am thankful that Armstrongism should be extinct within my lifetime.

Tim said...

Sandra, Sandra, Sandra.
I do not have to answer #1, but Herbert W Armstrong. Which I find is could advice and sound advice.
Read the Personal of the February 1981 of the Good News - Is it wrong to be a cultured individual?
I would post it here, but it would be too long, and probably wouldn't be allowed by the owner.

It would be foolish to answer the rest of myself.(They are answered in the article I refer above)

You said "So why are you teaching this toilet fodder? Probably because you are rich, and are getting your income directly off the backs of your impoverished parishioners. "
Again, you assume. I am not rich. I do not have a "following", or group, or church as you assume.
Why are you so careless in all these comments and posts? How can anyone take you as an authoritative figure on the matter if you are careless in what you say?

Cindy said...

And again, Timothy, you reply without addressing the actual questions. Try answering the questions posed to you without trying to refocus on whatever you think I am. I'd like to hear what you actually think instead of you trying to insult me or get under my skin. That won't work. Want to try again?

Black Ops Mikey said...

Garner Ted Armstrong had illegitimate children through his date rapes. The women in the church had to keep quiet and were forced into welfare with the Armstrongs not even acknowledging the children. The children grew up in poverty.

Now then.

1. The children were because of the Armstrongs' personal sins, but I doubt that is what Kitchen was striving for because it wasn't the children's fault;

2. The children were robbed of character building as a result, being shunned by their biological parent and grandparent, forced to live in poverty and knowing that they were the product of those "righteous" Armstrongs;

3. They are really examples of faith for others who are weak in such areas because the Armstrongs were weak in faith toward God (more accurately, faith was nonexistent in them, being that they were filled with the works of the flesh and not the fruit of the spirit, one of which is faith) and it just goes to show you that weakness in faith sometimes makes other people (usually the family members) poverty stricken.

Kitchen is 1 for three on the last one.

Not a passing grade.

And if the Ambassador Report is right, Herbert Armstrong had some illegitimate children of his own. Are they living in poverty too? Or did they just conveniently die because of Herb's neglect to take responsibility for his heinous acts?

And if Kitchen has his way, we won't learn one darned thing about the lack of faith and the consequences from it by his blaming the victims.

Note that the Armstrongs themselves didn't suffer poverty for their lack of faith -- another major fail of this perspective.

allegro63 said...

First of all, my name is not Sandra.

Second of all, why should I read an article from a magazine that was published the year I graduated from high school? Dont you have something more recent, like from this century?

Of course being, what I suspect is a minister, I am somewhat surprised that you refer to a 30 year old magazine article instead of the Bible, but hey whatever floats your boat. So, you get minus points failure to actually contribute anything to counter my claims, and extra minus points for being lazy about it.

Second. Yep, touched a nerve there didn't I? Must have hit a bit too close to home. Again, minus points for non addressing of the issue.

Black Ops Mikey said...

I am not rich.

Must not have the faith to be rich, then.

Or maybe not diligent enough.

Anonymous said...

"I am not rich"

Apparently there is major sin in your life....or you have not learned your lesson yet.

jdog9205 said...

So dick, I mean Tim. What if some one who is rich gets sick? You can't be diligent yet sin!!! It is an oxymoron, emphasis on MORON, just answer the questions before and not COG the answer!!!

old EXPCG hag said...

I was destitute while
>in the church<.

I became wealthy only after leaving >the church<

Thanks Brian!!

Anonymous said...

"Tim" seems to only answer the females.

Maybe "Tim" is unable to deal with real women in real life.

Ron said...

I had it out with Timothy on facebook. He said I was going to suffer plagues for not accepting Armstrong as the Elijah! He said the Devil had me and I was an instrument of Satan just like the British-Israel Church of God! I never knew how obsessed he was about a man! Tim NEVER sided with me against real unrighteous people but once I post an anti-Armstrong video, he comes to my facebook wall and posted remarks against me! I blocked him because I can't stand a blaspheming Pharisee!

Anonymous said...

My personal opinion is: Armstrong was NEVER God's instrument. For pity sake, he stole J.H. Allen's words and produced his version of the same book! All his doctrines came from G.G. Rupert! Every prophecy Armstrong stated failed! Armstrong was a salesman and every gullible individual bought into his pitch!

Tim Kitchen and all who act like him (i.e. a bunch of puffed up self-righteous hypocrites) will not be in the Kingdom of God! They have all committed the unforgivable sin by standing up and calling those who are trying to live right children of the Devil.

I follow Jesus Christ -- not some self-styled prophet. I will believe what the Bible says and if it reveals to me that there are three in the Godhead, I will accept it. The word "Trinity" isn't in the Bible -- nor are the words "God Family"!

I will also use the title "Reverend" even if people like Tim use Psalm 111 against me! "Holy and reverend is His name" -- evidently we can't be "holy" either! "Reverend" means "honor or respect." All TRUE ministers should be honored and respected (which Timothy Kitchen seems to NOT understand)!

I'm done. I will follow Christ and obey His words. I'm not going to be a copy-cat Mormon by following men and believing I'm going to be a god! Armstongites seem to forget that Satan said, "You will be as God..." BLASPHEMOUS!