Monday, June 16, 2014

E W King the Ex-Hari Krishna, ex-Church of God Member and Leader, ex-Prophet and Authority on the Mind is Now the Father of Modern Beatnik Music

The craziness coming out of Eric King continues to astound.  He has jumped from one fundamentalist cult to the next several times.  He has declared himself a prophet, a leader of the end time true church, as qualified to delve into the mysteries of the mind and much more.

A few days ago E W Kings prophetic utterances and Church of God malarkey disappeared from the public view.  In its place a new movement appeared.  Eric is now considered the originator and godfather of the "Modern Beatnik" movement.

Here are quotes from an article about King and his music.  It also points out a new facet of King.  he was once a Hari Krishna.  Obviously King has a deep need for a spiritual identity is is searching for something that has meaning to him.  Not fining that need met in the Hari Krishna's, Seventh Day Adventists and Armstrongism, perhaps he has finally found his soul nourishd with music.

Beatniks are known for their antimaterialistic stance and search for truth by understanding the human spirit. It is true that the early first Beatniks were fairly conservative and highly intellectual. It is said that the title "beatnik" simply means one who has been "beaten-down" [metaphorically] by a non-acceptance of society. Usually the Beatnik feels that mainstream society cannot understand him or her and thus rejection. This is why Beatniks find shelter by hanging out with other Beatniks.

In early 2001 Eric William King started forming a very basic acoustic sound with his guitar which has now become known as "Modern Beatnik". Eric played in a band after he dropped out of High-school. He played hardcore punk in garages and backyards. He was once a Hare Krishna. He traveled through the United States by himself on a Greyhound bus when he was only sixteen, running away to his sisters who at the time lived in Florida.

The term "Modern Beatnik" was used among friends as early as 1984. Eric started the MODERN ACOUSTIC BEATNIK SOUND.
It is easy to see why King found Armstrongism appealing.  Armstrongites have always felt "beaten down" by the world and Satan.  They are martyrs for the truth. Society has ever really has accepted them.  They are tolerated and praised as long as they are doing a few "good works" but within a few months or years their impact is nil.  Armstrongism has always felt marginalized and has taken delight in that.  They deep down love the rejection it brings. It legitimizes their "understanding."

He began to teach the Bible in his late twenties. He has been married twice. His second wife passed away at a young age. He started a highly controversial "Worldwide Church of God" ministry on October 7th of 2011. His ministry is now only open to members. He works with animals and plays his guitar to this day and offers his music to the newly and highly controversial movement known as the Modern Beatnik Movement or Moby~Nik for short.

Eric dresses plain, sometimes like your standard Beatnik and sometimes with a cowboy look. He sometimes talks about his Cherokee heritage mixed with UFO's and the Bible. He is definitely an interesting "cat" ~ groovy to say the least.

I have a sneaky suspicion that the web site and this "author" writing about King is none other than King himself.  If it is not him it is one of his acolytes writing what King has told him to write. It was easy to see on his world prophecy site that he wrote about himself and even commented on his own comments.

Someday, this messed up guy may truly find peace, but I have a feeling we are going to see even more strange things transpire.


Black Ops Mikey said...

What's next with this unstable guy?

Human sacrifices?

Anonymous said...

I say congratulations to Banned for exposing this whack job and for wearing him down until he quit. One down, many to go. DCP next please. Thanks Banned for your tireless efforts to run these frauds out of town.

Anonymous said...

This guy is a classic "searcher". Perhaps if his wife hadn't died he would have slowed down although it's hard to say for sure.

Byker Bob said...

He hasn't gone Goth yet.

You get the feeling that he is trying to discover or find the real Eric King. And yet, he would seem to be seeking to be known as a leader. It's almost too painful and embarrassing to watch.

Anyone ever hear of any punk rockers who later went to Ambassador College and became ministers? Or, like, Beatniks, man? It almost reminds one of the old oft repeated Rod Meredith joke about the beatnik seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time, and proclaiming, "Dig that crazy ditch!"


Connie Schmidt said...

Hey... what the Heck!...

If GTA could be a "minister" and also be a singer on the TV show HEE HAW , then why can't King be a Prophet and also be a "Banjo Billy" also?

Come on! ... fair is fair!

Byker Bob said...

We need another major meltdown to watch! We're coming up on the one year anniversary of the Dave Pack fiasco, and it's time for some other clown to pull some big triggers!


old EXPCG hag said...

Good thing he dropped the "I am God's prophet!" thing, and came to his senses.

I think he might become very successful now that he's a Beatnik...derp!

Anonymous said...

Folks, it true that watching "major meltdowns" is most fruitfully accomplished while watching Christian TV! Those Christian TV clowns can be relied on to show themselves as cons rather regularly.
There's no need to look up any COG leaders- who are slackers at best at the meltdown game.

But, that doesn't mean that checking out the nuttiness of COG leaders can't be fun, too!