Friday, July 11, 2014

Germany's Blitzkrieg of Brazil in World Cup A Foretaste of Germany's Blitzkrieg of US in WWIII

Leave it to a diehard Armstrongite to find a comparison in Germany's humiliating defeat of Brazil last week in the World Cup to wanting to see their desire that Germany will invade the U.S. and put citizens in concentration camps during their hoped for WWIII.

The author writes:
When I read about the four German goals in seven minutes against Brazil, I thought of the term blitzkrieg. Today, I put the word blitzkrieg into a Google search, and apparently many others shared my view.  Here are a few of the many headlines in the news this week about it:

World Cup 2014: Brazil versus Germany = Blitzkrieg

Soccer Blitzkrieg

He continues:
As far as blitzkrieg goes, consider the following biblical prophecy:
3 For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction comes upon them (1 Thessalonians 5:3)
In WWIII, I expect that the Germans will lead a type of blitzkrieg against the USA, the UK, and other Anglo-Saxon descended nations.  It will be based upon technology, coordination, intelligence, and deception.  I believe that because of the espionage incidents with the USA, that the USA will feel that it will have to kowtow to German requests for military technologies, trade agreements, political arrangements, and espionage information, which will put Germany and much of the rest of Europe in a position that to rise up and become the successful military power that the Bible prophesies it will become in Revelation 13:1-4 and Daniel 11:39-43.
The author feels that Germany is a crafty manipulating country working behind the scenes to future domination of the world.

  He ends with this:
While beating Brazil in the World Cup is not particularly a prophetic matter, the strategy employed is consistent with German actions in the past and what is expected in the future.
Thanks to Bob Thiel for this idiotic display of Armstrongite fantasy.


Anonymous said...

Five headlines you Googled = a revelation? Oh, puh-leeze!

Ah, the Armstrongite obsession with all things Nazi . . . . It just never stops. Appropriate though, since Nazi will always be a good adjective for how the "ministry" acted and treated people.

Anonymous said...

Bob Thiel continues to prove himself to be a false prophet and he is no representative, or ambassador, for Jesus Christ of His Father. How do we know that?

Bob wrote:
"...As far as blitzkrieg goes, consider the following biblical prophecy: 3 For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction comes upon them (1 Thessalonians 5:3) In WWIII, I expect that the Germans will lead a type of blitzkrieg against the USA, the UK, and other Anglo-Saxon descended nations..."

What does Bob know about WWIII? Bob quoted verse 3 of I Thess 5, but using context what did verse 2 say?

:2 "For yourselves know perfectly that THE DAY OF THE LORD so cometh as a thief in the night."

A huge part of the Bible makes mention of that "Day of the LORD," which is all about God's wrath and is concerned with the 7 Seals, which aren't poured out until AFTER Satan is loosed from the bottomless pit and causes WORLDWIDE DECEPTION once again!

But Bob Thiel wants us to believe that the Day of the Lord events are tied in with some WWIII.

Bob's theory is junk food and built upon sand.

If Bob Thiel were a prophet of God he would agree with God's real prophets and not disagree with them by saying the ridiculous things he says about the Day of the Lord especially in regards to its timing.

The 7 Trumps, on the other hand, are the wrath of the Lamb and they occur to tear down Satan's control, dominion, over the kingdoms of this earth to prepare Satan for his 1,000 year pit-stop.

Comment was also made that: "...Thanks to Bob Thiel for this idiotic display of Armstrongite fantasy..."

Well, I suspect HWA was ignorant of the specific timing for the Day of the LORD event...just like Bob Thiel currently is. And yes, virtually all of the xcogs share in the same fantasy to this day.

Time will tell...


Connie Schmidt said...

Thiel, as always , copying and pasting stories and then adding his poorly researched commentary.

Had he done some homework, he would have discovered that on the German Soccer team there are two Polish players, Klose and Podolski.

He would have also found on the team Sami Khedria, who is Arabic and Jerome Boateng who is BLACK!

Unless the "Assyrians" are a "Mixed Multitude", Thiels commentary is moronic and dimwitted.

Byker Bob said...

Fine. But it seems as if a future war is necessary in order to make this "prophecy" come alive. The Assyrians will first need to rise up and defeat the Germans, and then run them out of their own nation, supplanting them. The Germans in Germany are cousins of the Anglo Saxons, in fact the British royal family was widely known to be German themselves, right up until the 1920s. Germans are not even distantly related to Assyrians. The idea that they are is an original with HWA, a preposterous one at that!


RSK said...

Dee Dee Ramone must have been the sole apostle of his era when he wrote "Why Is Everybody Always Against Germany".

RSK said...

"The idea that they are is an original with HWA..."

Actually, it was Edward Hine, 1825–1891.

Richard said...

Considering Germany only beat the USA 1-0 in group play, the "blitzkrieg" may not be as near as some claim.

You'd think COG's would give the Obama Administration a little credit this week for spying on Germany -- the presumed prophetic right country.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there are still some neo-NSDAP around in Germany, but...

A) Kaiser Wilhelm and his pre-WWI sabre-rattling had as much to do with his own personal insecurities (a withered arm) and family slights (from his cousins, George V and Czar Nicholas). While WWI was not started by the Germans, it was the perfect excuse for German aggression and the opportunity the Kaiser needed to force other members of his family to finally accept or at least respect him through a realization of imperial ambition. Instead, his aggression backfired, his reign was disaster, and led to the abolition of the monarchy in 1918 and a life of exile in the Netherlands, finally passing in 1941 prior to the German invasion of the Soviet Union.

B) Following the affront to German pride that the Versailles Peace Treaty was, Adolf Hitler proposed to accomplish largely the same goals that Kaiser Wilhelm had. Hitler's sentiments regarding the Jews largely echoed the Kaiser's, as well as commonly-held European sentiments of his day, including freemason, Zionist, and even more bizarre esoteric conspiracy theories. Hitler, however, went much further, elevating the mythos of a proud, superior, and once-unified "race" of "Aryans" who had supposedly lost their paranormal abilities through mixing with the other "bestial" races (we're all one species, otherwise "interbreeding" would not produce fertile offspring). Tabloids had been floating around Germany for decades espousing different versions of all these ludicrous ideas and more. But Hitler and the other party leaders were gullible people like that, and dreamed of "purifying" the (imaginary) "Aryan race" (as though such genetic "re-purification" were possible) who would then, obviously, dominate the planet using their restored paranormal abilities. This is why the Nazi's believed they could not lose. When the Allies began beating the Germans due to the breaking of the Enigma codes, the Nazis thought we were beating them using the occult, LOL. Step 1 was to exterminate the Jews followed by the Slavs, and expand eastwards. Eventually, all the "bestial" races would be exterminated, leaving only "Aryans." Following the successful invasion of Poland, Kaiser Wilhelm sent a telegram to Hitler congratulating him, and obliquely asking him to restore the monarchy. Hitler thought Wilhelm's telegram idiotic. But Hitler badly underestimated the Russian people's traditional defense of their homeland using scorched earth tactics and the Russian winter, repulsing the Germans at the Volga. Wilhelm would not live to see Germany fail once again to force the Soviets or the British monarchy to bow to Germany. The Potsdam Treaty was successful where Versailles failed because it divided Germany into sections occupied by different nations.

C) It's been nearly 70 years and three generations since then. The Cold War is over. In western civilization at least, "empire" and racism have become uncool. The rise of methodological naturalism is pushing aside beliefs in the paranormal and occult. Popular secular humanist values are becoming increasingly "green," "fair-trade" and anti-war. German pride means something different now than it did then. And Germans are proud and respected once again, since they hold the European treasury in Frankfurt and are the most powerful single member of the "U.S. of Europe" that Kaiser Wilhelm had dreamed of in 1940.

Thiel is soooo ignorant. Armstrongist's antiquated wet-dreams about a continuation of an (extinguished) 20th century European conflict leading to an "apocalyptic" WWIII are just silly. Fit for a comic book perhaps, but not much more.

Anonymous said...

Germany has 80 Transall C-160 transports. These can carry about 8.5 tons of equipment or 93 troops. Thus 7,387 troops could be on our shores at any moment.

Germany has 7 Airbus 310 tanker/transport jets. These can carry fuel or 214 troops. An additional 1498 troops could be on our shores.

A total of 8885 troops could attack. 177 per state. If they attack Great Britian and Australia at the same time, we would have less to worry about.

Germany has 0 aircraft carriers or long range missiles.

The greatest risk would be if German soccer players boarded a Luthsansa flight into New York and proceded to kick soccer balls at unsuspecting US citizens and knocked them out. The takeover would be complete.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Booby strikes again, this time with stuff about the Church of God Seventh Day (in another post):

FWIW, I am currently reading the new book, The Journey: A History of the Church of God (Seventh Day) by its Robert Coulter. Let me simply state that CG7 has history of governmental issues.

Yes. Governmental issues, such as dealing with Herbert Armstrong which occupies an entire chapter of Robert Coulter's book (he essentially labels Herbert Armstrong a liar) and the book debunks the whole idea of church eras, demonstrating that the CoG7 from whence WCG sprang originated in the 1800s with absolutely NO apostolic chain of provenance.

Along with the proof that British Israelism is rubbish, espoused by kooks, Booby Thiel has absolutely no foundation to stand on except the foundation of sand rapidly being eroded and washed away. The entropy began for his little group long before he formed the group.

Corky said...

HWA's dream of ruling the world was so much different than Hitler', wait, maybe not. HWA used to have temper tantrums when his generals disagreed with him too. And, everybody has used the word "gestapo" when referring to the home inspections of the old WCG.

HWA and Jesus were going to rule the world with a rod of iron...with the help of the resurrected bible saints and glorified Armstrongites, of course. Yep, they are to be kings and priests for a thousand know, taking that long to force the world to see things their way.

But, finally, they get to destroy Gog and Magog AGAIN at the end of the 1,000 year reign that were already destroyed at the beginning of the 1,000 year reign - Gog and Magog are as hard to kill as the Amalekites that had to be completely wiped out (several times) by Joshua.

Of course, as archeologists know these days, Gog and Magog were the Lydians - they being referred to in the ancient Assyrian records. But, the writer of "the book of Revelation" didn't know that, so ACoGers are still looking for the Gogites to arise to power at the coming of Jesus and also at the end of the thousand year reign.

Confused? Not as confused as Armstrongites are, I assure you.

Byker Bob said...

Bottom line is that nations need reasons to go to war. Generally, they are protecting critical national interests. Following the Kaiser's defeat, the victors required that Germany pay reparations for WWI. Since this was not even within the realm of possibility, the Germans got their presses going, and began printing up unsecured currency with which to pay. This set off hyperinflation, causing horrendous economic conditions for the general population. Enter Hitler with his Aryan superstition, and a distressed populace became all too willing to sign on.

It is not unlike the way in which HWA took and manipulated masses of distressed and insecure people, causing them to abandon common sense and to take on irrational habit patterns, some of which entailed calloused and indifferent treatment of disbelievers and other outsiders.

Some leader of the communist persuasion once stated that if you want to start a revolution, you need a dissatisfied population with whom to work, and it is imperative to make the status quo appear to be as bad as possible. Both Hitler and HWA knew this, and used it successfully to make their followers willingly deviate from the civilized human habit patterns which are prompted by higher ideals.


Painful Truth said...

The U.S.of E. is a farce.

Assistant Deacon said...

Well, the Netherlands blitzkrieged Brazil in the consolation game, which should elicit some Habsburg references and other solemn warnings from Thiel.

Redfox712 said...

What an idiot. How foolish it is to use the result of a soccer match to spread fear inducing false prophecies that Germany will soon conquer America and Britain.

It is dreadfully pathetic.

Connie Schmidt said...

Thiel must have overlooked the prophetic significance of the 2012 German Olympic team winning Gold Medals in 8 man rowing, Dirk Schrade in Equestrian and the Gold for the German mens field hockey team!

Anonymous said...

If only the German team was known as "The Meathooks"!

Anonymous said...

LOL! If that had happened both Thiel and Meredith would have given holy dispensation from on high so that all their followers could watch the match

Anonymous said...

Thiel probably doesn't even know how to set up three deuce carburetors with progressive linkage on a 348 Chev, so who cares whatever else he has to say?

Anonymous said...

Thiel probably doesn't even know how to set up three deuce carburetors with progressive linkage on a 348 Chev, so who cares whatever else he has to say?

Maybe the family members of those caught up in his church?

It's all good, though, since in The Kingdom we'll find that Jesus' favorite hobby is whatever we want it to be, and all family members will be miraculously and wonderfully reunited - no matter what kind of dicks we were to each other in this life.

Anonymous said...

Why Velvet! Was that you???