Monday, July 28, 2014

Straitway Life Ministry: Another Splinter Group Claiming To Have ALL The Answers

In the first few seconds of Brother Dawid's video you will immediately see that he places his significance upon the law by having illustrations of the temple and the ark.  Like most in Armstrongism the law trumps everything.  Just another confused dude spouting hot air.   At least he has a straight backdrop unlike Bob Thiel.  Why do all these know-it-alls always look and sound batshit crazy?


Anonymous said...

"Identify Fake Christians Who Follow Another Jesus."

"...Are you a real Christian? Are you a genuine Christian?"

Oh my! You can't get any more fundamentalist than this.

This is exactly the point of view that turns warm and fuzzy family traditions into terrorism, wars, and genocide and makes religion into perhaps the most potent destructive force on the planet.

Connie Schmidt said...

Lets hope that "Straitway Life Ministry" does not eventually devolve into...


PS- Got to love the "over the road" trucker look this guy has for his video, including both a cowboy hat and a baseball cap that says "YAH" on it!

James said...

The guy is full of shit as a christmas turkey.

Legalistic bullshit!

Byker Bob said...

The more the crazies and relative amateurs come out, the more ridiculous the movement looks.

Counter to popular thought, Armstrongism is not a message that can carry itself. Thing is, you've got to be capable of scaring people, like Vincent Price or Bela Lugosi, to rake in the serious bucks. Can't be a nice guy beatnik, gentle massage therapist or salt of the earth redneck truck driver and actually convincingly use economic depression, the Germans, weather patterns, disasters, and disease epidemics to scare people into building you an empire. Numero Uno reaction to Ol' Hog Jowls was always fear!

Gosh A-mighty folks, HWA could be equally as frightening as his idol, Adolf Hitler! Nobody who has followed him has mastered the ability to act unpredictable and possessed, but yet to convince people that such behavior was a manifestation of God's power, i.e. to be a flaming wolf in sheep's clothing! Had just one person been capable of credibly scaring the crap out of people with regard to splintering, and then gone on to rule with an iron fist, there wouldn't be an ACOG 700 Club of splinters!


Anonymous said...

I think brother Bob Theil should have a cowboy hat on his shelf.

Anonymous said...

He may think he is exposing myth and fiction but he also is promoting it.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Dawid is smoking Da Weed?