Saturday, August 16, 2014

Imprisoned Felon Ron Weinland Loses 25 Ministers and Makes New Endtime Prediction

Sitting in a Federal prison has given Ron Weinland lots of time to rethink his strategies and message.  Weeks go by now while he struggles to come up with something relevant.    With two weeks of deep mediation behind him, he has come out that his god has been cleaning house in preparation for the end of the age to start in December 2015

Ronnie feels that his god has been cleansing the outhouse temple, which has been happening with the recent resignations of 25 ministers.  This also includes countless members who have left, including his own mother and sister.  Ronnie feels this "measuring" by his god cleaning his temple (Weinland's cult) to be God's mouthpiece when the end times hits, which he declares to be December 2015.
The Church now has only 16 months remaining in the prophetic 42-month period for measuring the temple. As stated in the last post, this measuring process first involves a primary focus that is upon the ministry, which includes those who are to be cast out and “not measured at all.” Thus far in this period, there are now 25 ministers who have been cast out of the court and given over to the gentiles.

God has primarily worked to remove those who are in the ministry, who have not been serving Him in spirit and in truth.
Ronnie claims that more ministers have left than member so far, which is a total fabrication of facts.  Now that these ministers have been removed his impotent god is ready to clean house with the members of Ronnie's cult.

In the time remaining within this prophetic period, God will continue working within the entire Church, which still includes the ministry, to bring to light those who choose to refuse to fully worship Him in spirit and in truth. Although this process has been working first and foremost within the ministry during the first two years of this period, God has begun to more fully manifest others who have been lingering in the area of the court, or becoming lukewarm in the temple, who are to be removed and/or chastened for doing so. Yet it needs to be mentioned again that the equivalent percentage this is happening to, within the overall church, compared to what has been revealed within the ministry is far, far less, and even when some are exposed, God is granting them to receive more mercy and grace through being chastened and thereby giving them the opportunity to repent, rather than being removed from the temple. If chastening does not bring swift repentance and change, then they too will be removed from the temple and cast beyond the court and directly to the gentiles. 

Things are moving so swiftly in Ronnie's cult that he has to get his wife ready to fulfill her roll as the second witless witness of the two Wienland Witless Witnesses. Once his cult has been cleansed of the evil ones then God will smile favorably on them and they will loose no one else.

Before a final “great work” is to begin, that work being accomplished during the final 1260 days, the Church is first (now) to receive a final cleansing as well as a final refining. This refining is a process for being prepared and fitted for each person’s participation in that work. There truly is good news in the midst of all this, as once the measuring of the temple is complete, from that point forward, very few will be lost during the rest of the way to Christ’s coming – and potentially none at all!
Indeed, God’s purpose for measuring the temple is so that His Church functions in stronger unity and purpose to support and uphold the truths He has given it, especially in the fulfillment of events that must come to pass before His Son is established as King. We are to live, reflect, and speak this word (logos from God) in harmony in God’s purpose and the work He will do through His two witnesses. 

Ronnie can't understand the fact that ministers and members have left because of his false teachings, attitude and felonious activities.  Its their fault not his, so it has to be his god that is cleaning house.

With any luck they will have all left by the time Ronnie leaves prison.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps he keeps writing these letters so that he can use them to get paroled early on the basis of severe mental illness.

Anonymous said...

Ron Weinland had 25 ministers???

I thought his group was too small to have that many in good times. So, how many does he have now?

Byker Bob said...

According to the people over at the Ronald Weinland False Prophet blog, Weinland ordained a lot of elders himself. These were not the old guard AC grads that all of the other splinters seem to prefer. Also, unlike some of the other splinters, Weinland actually did bring in unknown numbers of new people, members who had never been part of WCG or splinters. This became obvious following Ron's failed prophecies, when some of those who had not been WCG members began going back to study up on HWA, thinking that that would take them back to "the truth".

Weinland has been responsible for the total disillusionment of some well-intentioned people. One of them told me that when Weinland prophesied that Jesus would return on specific dates, they actually had no doubts. They fully expected it, and arranged their lives accordingly. Some people would laugh at that, I know. I didn't. It is a level of disappointment that nobody should have to suffer, whether in the present or if you were class of 1975. It makes me very angry that people are still victimizing and manipulating people with false prophecy. That old Armstrong mold should have died in '75 when their three math equations proved to be totally in error.


Anonymous said...

Anyone that actually believes that any Godman from another dimension is returning to save us all is delusional and not thinking it through.

It's just a story and a badly written one at that.