Saturday, September 6, 2014

David C Pack: If You Do Not Send Me All The Money In Your Savings Accounts You Will NOT Be In The Kingdom of God!!!!!!

Here is a video from Michael Venish that has an excerpt from one of cult-meister David C Pack's sermons where he tells his gullible followers ...everything you own, including your savings accounts belong to me.  You must send it in or you will NOT be in the Kingdom of God.

The excerpt starts around  3:30.

David C Pack is NOT happy that some members refused to give him their savings account money and tries threaten them with eviction from the Kingdom of God.

How anyone could let this narcissistic abusive miscreant make such threats against them and sit there is beyond me.

I look forward to the day David C Pack is sitting in prison.


Byker Bob said...

Note to RCG members: If David C. Pack has this type of power over the Kingdom of God, then "salvation" is in reality Hell. Unfortunately, this means that torment in hell actually does last for eternity.

There is a better way. Get out, now.


Anonymous said...

Poor quality in presentation, appearance, delivery, and content.

Who exactly watches this stuff?

Black Ops Mikey said...

But you will be in bankruptcy court.

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed! This man is a devil playing God (of this world, not above..of course). Anyone read the comments? Jimmy Tibbs2 months ago

Hello Mr. Venish, my name is Jimmy and I had the pleasure of meeting you a couple of years ago. I used to belong to the Restored Church of God and no longer attend. I was called into that organization 07. My question to you is, is god still calling people today? I'm not sure where I stand at this point. I look forward to hearing back from you.

This man was called into "that organization"....first lie...."Is God still calling people today"..second lie. Seven years in the cult and this is what he learned from Packism. What happened to the gates of hell will not prevail? COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE...There is no foundation of the SAVIOR in Pack's organization..HQ...Wake up people! Pack is NOT fit to lead anyone...Has no good report and does NOT meet the qualifications to guide anyone into the truth. He is a mocker closing the door to anyone not agreeing with him and keeping many from entering into the kingdom, when he himself is not entering in.

Unknown said...

I wish VENISH could make Pack ...VANISH!

Assistant Deacon said...

I just love how all of these "true churches" just beat the hell out of each other. In Jesus' name, no less.

And yet, people keep lining up to jump ship from one to another. What are they thinking? Why are they so afraid to think for themselves, live their lives, and, if they want a relationship with God, just maintain it on their own?

The WCG splinter phenomenon has been a circus and a spectacle for a quarter century now. Seriously, folks, wake up and move on.

Anonymous said...

"Poor quality in presentation, appearance, delivery, and content."

Is this supposed to be an ad hominem? Calling attention to his poor production values in no way serves as an argument to discredit what he has to say.

If you want to ridicule his production values, by all means, go ahead. We ridicule Bob Thiel's production values all the time. The difference, of course, being that Bob Thiel purports to be trying to reach the general public with an earth-shattering message (haha) with his videos, while Venish is up to something totally different.

"Who exactly watches this stuff?"

COG people. You have to be to understand what he's talking about.

EX-RCG said...

Very few watch Mr. Venish's videos. I doubt that he has more than 50 people in his group.

I am a former member of PCG and RCG like him and will NEVER go with his organization!

Byker Bob said...

Memo from Mephistopheles to David C. Pack, Gerald Flurry:

Gentlemen, as the Feast of Tabernacles approaches, I want you to announce to all of your members that hereinafter, as a requirement for continued membership in good standing, they are to make you trustee on all of their financial accounts, with the further condition that if they should ever leave or be disfellowshipped from your organizations, they agree to forfeit their entire accounts to you. Further, they must authorize you, at any time, to electronically withdraw whatever moneys are needed for your work, from these accounts soley at your discretion.

The only method by which they can cirucumvent this edict will be by agreeing to volunteer for the Lake of Fire. Either way, I win!

Best Regards,
Louis Cypher

Anonymous said...

David Pack told people to "anoint their eyes" and join his Restored Church.

Many people claimed to have "anointed their eyes" and joined David Pack's Restored Church.

Did they accidentally "anoint their eyes" with crazy glue and fasten them tightly shut?

Maybe it is time for everyone to OPEN THEIR EYES to what is happening in David Pack's Restored Church.

Anonymous said...

Check out Benjamin Dickmann on YT...Left RCG and giving many reasons not to join the cult.