Saturday, September 27, 2014

Imprisoned Felon Ron Weinland Threatens Ministers With Their Jobs If They Fail To Send In Spy Reports On Members

Ron Weinland has reportedly sent out he following to his cult ministers chastising some of the rebellious ministers because they are not sending in monthly reports on their members.  I have a feeling that this directive is coming more from loony Laura and money grubbing Audra than from the imprisoned prophet/felon.  Laura needs to know that the few remaining members left are tithing and being loyal so that Audra can add more money to her trust fund  the church checking account.  Laura has to get lots of money in the bank account so that when her felon husband is released from prison they can head over to Jerusalem so they can pretend to be the Two Witless Witnesses.

Elder’s Reports:
Some in the Church may not be aware of a requirement upon the ministry to send in monthly reports to the Church. Such reports are to reflect any concerns about a troubling situation that may exist in an area, perhaps some difficult trial someone may be experiencing, or to address some question of concern someone may have. Such reports are mostly to consist of a personal response from the minister as to the affects of current posts, sermons, or other things may be impacting their personal life. These reports are needful to help those in the administration of the Church to have a good sense as to the ongoing welfare of the Church and the ministry worldwide.

In the past, within the Worldwide Church of God, monthly reports were required of full-time ministers for basically the same purpose of keeping the headquarters of the Church informed and up-to-date concerning the Church and ministry. In my experience, it was always an unimaginable thing to hear about some in the ministry who did not follow that directive from headquarters. For me, it later magnified how these same men had a wrong spirit of service to the Church and did not stand fast for God and His ways within the Church. Such individuals reflected a variety of wrong thinking, practice, teaching, counseling, and service to God’s Church. That kind of spirit of neglect and/or rebellion reflects a spirit toward God that cannot be allowed to exist within the ministry.

Since some have been negligent in sending reports, they have either been reduced in their service within the ministry or have simply been removed from the ministry. The ministry needs to be aware of this, as well as the Church. Government, and the administration of God’s way of life, is a most basic characteristic that each member of the Body of Christ is to embrace and heartily live toward God, and most assuredly this applies to a minister. We are also now requiring that if both a husband and a wife are in the ministry that each one needs to send in a separate monthly report.

This is being written because some are still being negligent in sending in monthly reports and it needs to be understood that we are now WELL beyond any grace period that has been given too often to too many. It is for this basic reason that there will still be some who will be removed from the ministry if they do not follow through with this very simple request to respond as responsible servants to God’s Church. It needs to be taken seriously that we are in a most unique period of time in the measuring of the temple and God is moving the Church to be in the forefront of this process.


Anonymous said...

That's a lot of writing to basically say you will help us stick our nose in everyone's business OR ELSE.

"We are also now requiring that if both a husband and a wife are in the ministry that each one needs to send in a separate monthly report."

I can just see these couples collaborating to essentially say the same thing yet add just enough variation to not be obvious. How Ron expects anything resembling independent reports is beyond me.

Byker Bob said...

Who amongst us would not be attracted to a mentor who brought nothing but goodness and enlightenment into the lives of his acolytes? The leaders of Armstrongism are not such mentors. Not only that, but it gets worse! They use overbearing authority to enforce the elements of their managerial style which would normally cause most logically thinking people to jump ship and leave.

If we all look back upon our lives, we can see critical junctions at which more money would have resolved certain problems. This could include times when families had serious needs which went unfulfilled, causing family members to no longer have hopes, or vested interest in their families. Of course, in many cases, the parents were locked in limbo, because divorce was not permitted, but the kids were often lost in this process. In these situations, the churches had no concern for the sufferings or impoverishment of these families, only for what laws or doctrines might be broken by desparate people, and whether or not the corporate "work" continued to grow and prosper. As such, the leaders fed upon their own for the nourishment they "needed".

That gets back to the law behind the law. Pharisees are concerned with obsessive-compulsive keeping of the law, and can see nothing deeper. For lack of a better concept, you can keep the law, but in so doing, generate just tons of bad karma, and the consequence will always be much unnecessary misery. But, alas, in Armstrongism, only the legalism counts, not the effects that are actually caused by the "mentors". A member is required to keep a perfect attitude towards all ministerially induced evils and harmful effects, holding "God's" ministers (they are no such thing!) harmless.

Heavy-handed authority in Armstrongism is used to enforce those areas of the religion that are either inherently bad, or in search of a greater truth or concept. And, these are myriad!

Weinland and PKG are currently experiencing a reversal, or inward redirection of the karma which they themselves earned and generated. Rather than learning any lessons from this, they now expect people to complete the caged rat syndrome by turning on one another! They don't call it "ratting" for no reason!


Anonymous said...

"Imprisoned Felon Ron Weinland Threatens Ministers With Their Jobs If They Fail To Send In Spy Reports On Members"

Ok, here is my REPORT on Ronald Weinland:

R. Wineland utterly refuses to recognize the serious nature of his crimes against humanity and utterly refuses to take any responsibility for them. He exhibits absolutely no signs of any remorse or repentance whatsoever. He appears to think that what he has said and done is all a big joke, as if he is some sort of clown. He cannot grasp the fact that what he has said and done is not really all that funny (especially to those who took him seriously and thought his writings were nonfiction), and continues to laugh at everyone.

Recommendations: R. Wineland should not be granted parole or released early. Rather, his sentence should be increased by anywhere from 3 to 5 years at appropriate intervals. After 6 decades of this, increase it by another 15 to 20 years.

Anonymous said...

Ron Weinland should send monthly prison reports. This should include how many times he has to bend over in the shower or prison yard. Convict Brutus likes this action. He must not realize with his two witness power he could blast his way out. His wife could send monthly spending reports to the membership.

Anonymous said...

Ron Weinland wrote: "...We are also now requiring that if both a husband and a wife are in the ministry that each one needs to send in a separate monthly report..."

What? That's nuts! Talk about "lording it over" brethren ( & that includes the good and evil hirelings)!

If Ron Weinland were Satan, how would he do it? Yes, exactly, as Ron is doing it: lord it over others, put the thumb down on others.

I could go an ancient Good News article where HWA basically told the ministry to "stay out of their lives." The ministers were to guide and direct others for that short period of time they all attended services to insure things were done decently and in order.

There are 168 hours in a week. Assume 2 hours for services. That's when the ministry deals with people's lives...and not to lord it over them!

So that leaves about 166 hours. So Ron Weinland and his ministers/hirelings ought to stay out of the people's lives!

If Ron Weinland actually believed that God's Spirit led people in their a Christian's life that would be all the more reason the hirelings ought to stay out of the brethren's faces. Christians are supposed to be the workmanship of God's hands.............and that has nothing to do with Weinland's hands, or that of his wife/daughter!

For Ron Weinland: do you take the following verse literally?

"Remember them which have the rule over you..." Hebrews 13:7

And there are other verses like that one. Well, look into your marginal reference, because in that reference it says: "are the guides."

Ron, don't strive to fool us!

Ron, I suggest you set up a phone line so that your overlording hirelings can simply call 1-800-ISnitch if that is what you really want to force on your hirelings supporting your "prison ministry."

Stop "beating" the brethren. They're adults: not children! Well, even children shouldn't be lorded over the way you're striving to do it from some cell block!

And Ron I'm confident that you have some access to a cell phone! How do we know? It is virtually the ONLY style of communications prisoners typically use...CELL phones!


DennisCDiehl said...

The concept of "remembering the ones who rule over you" is a pathetic leftover from the false idea that anyone is over the spirituality or life of another.

While ministry tends to produce some of the most unrealistic, controling, self absorbed and uncritical thinkers of any profession, "being helpers of their joy" seems to have been a lost concept with COG gurus, elders, deacons and wanna be's.

No one really need look out for the spirituality of another nor has any right or sanction to rule over anyone else. No one religious belief system is "correct" enough much less has "The Plain" or "Real" truth to interfere with the lives of others or expect obedience to its leadership no matter what.

Dave Pack, for example, is an excellent example of the "epic failure" on just about all theological fronts. While clever, he is not intelligent evidently or he'd have not thought to be so foolish as to see himself in scripture. One need not obey anyone like that in anything as far as I can see.

"Know thyself" before one pretends to know another much less control them.

old EXPCG hag said...

My favorite song..."OH SHUT UP!"

k-baradanikto said...

Of course everyone should spy on everyone else. Even among secular governments, the best, most enlightened, most advanced, and most liberated countries routinely encourage mutual spying. Take North Korea, for example. It is a shining example of liberty,tolerance, religious freedom, technological advancement, etc. And it meets all the needs of its people, except for unfortunate episodes of mass starvation. If Weinland had a country, would it be like North Korea? Would he be Kim Jong Wein?

Connie Schmidt said...

How strange and bizarre is any organization that blames its "consumers" or "customers" and dares to dictate or to control them?

The burden is always on the producer/supplier to create a product that is wanted and beneficial to the consumer/client.

Weinland, and many churches of all stripes and denominations, have the service element of an organization TOTALLY upside down! It is WEINLAND that should be evaluated, scored, reported on, and monitored.


Anonymous said...

Here's a bit of irony-

Ron writes, " needs to be understood that we are now WELL beyond any grace period that has been given too often to too many."

What about the "grace period" members of the PKG have extended to Ron for all the failed dates in his prophecies?
When does Ron think that grace period ought to expire for himself?
He'd prefer that his own grace period be treated like a Hostess Twinkie- with no real expiration date expected.

old EXPCG hag said...

Yes, I was spied on and slandered in the Philadelphia Church of god by #1...Brian Davis (a so called Regional Director in the PCg) and others such as John and Dee Zoellner, and let's see, my local minister Larry Walker, and others behind the scenes. All spying and slandering little ole me and my little ole son.

They had nothing on me so they made crap up. It all got back to Brian Davis NEVER ADMITTING he was wrong and was the cause of the PCg having to shell out thousands of dollars for my court case.

Yes, this definitely happens...and you definitely NEVER get your side of the story heard in defense.

Satan is fully in charge in the PCg!