Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Feast 2014 Behind the Work Video: Go Therefore and Make Dumb Videos

If you have time to waste on another Bob Thiel video then check this one out.   Fast forward through it to see the clips he films at different exotic locations around the world.

This has to be one of the most pathetic and sad Behind the Work videos ever produced by a Church of God in it's seventy some years of existence.

It appears to be filmed with his camera phone and a hand held video recorder.

Gone are the days of extravagant Feast videos being produced by money rich Church of God's!  This homemade version starts in Doubly Blessed Prophet and world renown Mayan Authority Bob Thiel's garage studio which features his crooked bookcases and bathroom door as the backdrop.

No expense has been spared!


Anonymous said...

In a world of 7 billion, this is sad. It bespeaks a powerless Deity who simply cannot get the attention of humans...

Anonymous said...

It's mind-boggelingly craptastic!

Makes me yearn for the days of his bromance with the Baron.

I'm guessing that he couldn't find a guy to hook up with during the Feast that equaled his lust for the Baron(An imaginary and extraordinary love that includes crooked bookcases and strange background noises while sweet sweet manly love is made).

Byker Bob said...

This is the cycle. Some social misfit begins to feel compelled to be the end time prophet or apostle who can actually clean Armstrongism up, and get the right combination so that all might flock to him. But, alas. Our misfit actually reaps a harvest commensurate with his abilities. He then whines that nobody will listen or support him financially.

The problem is that this cycle is totally predictable, right from the very beginning. Expecting supernatural help due to the keeping of fulfilled Old Covenant rituals from another dispensation, the misfit anticipates spiritual enhancement of his abilities that never seems to materialize. But, they never give up to pursue something for which they might be better qualified. Most of these guys probably couldn't even lead a successful PTA newspaper drive, let alone do some miraculous end time work.

LCG is not a successful church. Its work is largely invisible. A stream can rise no higher than its source.
What makes Thiel believe that the tools he learned there would bring any greater success?


Lake of Fire Church of God said...

I like the toilet shown at 19:14 into the video. It reminds me of 80 years of Armstrongism, and all the wasted time, effort and financial resources thrown down the old toilet. How appropriate!


James said...

Lots of mold in those Kenya videos. Lots of mold and Bob didn't quote the bible as to what should be done. Instead he wallowed in moldy building to preach a message of bullshit.

How do those lungs feel Bobby boy?

Anonymous said...

That had all the excitement of an early morning community affairs program with none of the education.

BB, it is indeed a cycle. Yet none of these great leaders have the perspective to see the trail of failure that awaits.

Anonymous said...

Are those bookcases really crooked or an optical illusion, or perhaps the result of an alien vortex???



Anonymous said...

LOL @ Ronco's observation about Bob's allegedly crooked bookcase!

Have you seen the commercial for the Zoomies eyeglasses?

Well, I have it on good authority that the COG-QVC will soon emerge, taking America by storm with their amazing flagship product- "Thieliez" eyeglasses that make Double Dose Prophet Thiel's home furnishings to seem uncrooked.

And as we speak, Mr. Thiel's team of engineers are working on perfecting the amazing "Thieliez" earhorns which will filter out strange background noises.

My sources tell me that Mr. Double Dose will stay in form by DOUBLING THE OFFER, offering TWO Thieliezes for only 3 low payments of $19.95 - plus your eternal adoration and agreement to wear "Thieliez" at all times.

As the Jews say, "WHAT A DEAL!"

NO2HWA said...

Have you noticed that you can even see the top of a trash can in this awesome video? It's to the left of the Prophet's shoulder.

Anonymous said...

When I read the headline, I thought this was going to be a post about UCG asking more members to make more dumb videos about sock puppets that make UCG look bad.

Instead it turns out to be about Bob Thiel, who apparently is not asking for any help in the Looking Bad Dept. because he doesn't need it. No one else need apply.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Mr. Thiel's trash can and toilet will handle the double doses of trash and poop that Thiel dispenses.

After all, you don't want Alfred P. Doolittle or Ed Norton mad at you, do you, Bob?

Fictional characters to deal with Bob Thiel's fiction - it's a perfect fit.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

This video is very entertaining and hard to take serious. Early on in the video, even Thiel seems to be containing his own laughter. Later, went he is at the conference in Kenya, he waves his hands and arms so much that he looks more like Pee Wee Herman than Herbert Armstrong.

More seriously, after reviewing his “news of the work” video, I have a more fundamental question for Thiel. He spends a lot of time talking about how his Continuing Church of God franchise is doing the work of the Great Commission. He also spends time talking about the administrative matters of his Church. I’m confused - I thought his commission was to be the first and only Armstrong Church of God Prophet?

From my long distance recollection of the WCG teachings, a Prophet doesn’t run the Church (or, in this case “a Church”). From this video “news of the work”, it appears Thiel doesn’t know what his real commission is – running a church organization or being a Prophet free of the administrative “duties” such as producing booklets which he mentions and separate role from the Great Commission. A true Prophet in WCG tradition (even though HWA said there are none) wouldn’t be involved in fulfilling the Great Commission. He would be solely prophesying.

Am I missing something here?

Lake of Fire Church of God

NO2HWA said...

Thiel has to have control over all administrative duties in his personalty cult. No one and I repeat NO ONE has been doubly blessed as he has and therefore are not capable of making doctrinal or administrative decisions. Thiel has set him self up as pope/dictator of his personality cult that is similar to Gerald Flurry and Dave Pack in its power structure.

Minimalist said...

At 50:19 into video a divine wind stirs at St Peter's Vatican undoing the prophet's Carefully Coiffured Comb-over turning him into a Mohegan! On-camera damage control doesn't work, but no time for a retake!

Anonymous said...

Nothing against the people of Kenya, but being a feather in the cap of a church's global outreach is hardly impressive. It's like saying your band is big in Micronesia. It's nice and all, but it's hardly a sign that you are doing significant work.