Monday, October 6, 2014

Gerald Flurry: When You Sin You Ram A Spear Into Christ's Side.......

Dumb things posted on Gerald Flurry's Tumblr page:

God the Father handpicked you Himself. That’s so incredible it could make a person faint!
—  G. Flurry, Colossians booklet, p.8
When you sin, you ram a spear into Christ’s side. …If nobody else ever were to enter the Kingdom of God but you, Christ still would have subjected Himself to that gruesome execution.
—  Gerald Flurry, Repentance Toward God
Flurry's purchased of a condo in Jerusalem that is apparently directly tied to PCG members salvation!  Say what????????????  Talk about justifying spending hundreds of thousands of dollars so that Lil'Stevie can have a place to stay when he is visiting PCG students at the dig.
This work in Jerusalem is tied directly to our salvation and our reward in the Kingdom of God. We can’t think of it as being merely interesting or fun. Our being involved in what God is doing there has a lot to do with our salvation!
—  Gerald Flurry, The Key of David, p.125


Corky said...

Religious fanatics should not be allowed to tinker around with valuable sites of antiquity. There is no telling how much knowledge has been lost because of such idiots destroying discoveries that don't agree with their beliefs.

old EXPCG hag said...

Mean while back at the funny farm...

I wonder how many PCg members and their kids are going hungry or about to be kicked out of their homes or not being able to afford this or that because they are funding MCFLURRY'S BIG ADVENTURES?

It is a SIN to rob from the poor.

Gerald go find you a big ol spear!!

Anonymous said...

Almost as silly as a former WCG minister named Larry out in Arkansas whose wife and daughters are prophets, so he says. They say Christ is still on the cross being crucified because of sin!

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that Gerry says such things, but at least he's given Baby Jesus more than 2 months to stop crying over it before it's Santa time!

But seriously, it's important to know that Jesus really isn't jealous like his Pops, and is happy to share equal billing with Santa (and possibly Rudolph) during Christmas season.