Saturday, November 29, 2014

Imprisoned Church of God Felon Demotes All of His Elder's

Imprisoned Church of God felon Ron Weinland has sent out a missive to all of his ministers telling them they have all been demoted.  Weinland's personality cult has lost numerous members and elders since his imprisonment and because of his failed prophecies which have lead to a drop in income and continuing exodus of members.  His glut of ministers and elders is no longer needed. Many elders and ministers have already left and others are ticked that Weinland has placed his batty wife Laura and his money-laundering daughter Audra in a higher rank than all the other ministers of the cult.  In those lofty positions all the elders were instructed that Laura and Audra had to approve their sermons prior to preaching at the feast and at other times.

Like all the other filth that comes from Wienland's mouth, his god supposedly is speaking these things to  his cult.  His god sees a need to get rid of the chaff so money can be diverted to Audra and Laura - the Anointed Ones.  Money being spent on these ministers is now needed to take care of Laura and Audra's trips around the world preaching the message of Jesus and grace felon Big Daddy.

This letter is being sent to you to inform you that you are being moved from the role of an elder to that of an associate elder. This is rather new for the Church, since our history coming from Worldwide has been different. During those days, an ordination, or specific office in the ministry, was viewed as a life-long placement. However, in this time that is now before us, there is a different design and purpose in what God is working, and we are simply to learn from it and support it. God has specific reasons for these changes and the streamlining that is taking place in the ministry. Some of that will be mentioned here, but other matters will be learned as you go forward.
At this point, there are right at 40 ministers being directly affected by these changes and reorganization, with the likelihood of a few more that will follow. So we are sending most all of you this same letter concerning this specific change, although there are a lot of others who are now being fully removed/retired from the ministry.
Weinerdude choking his chicken

Weinland and his band of Merry Women are weeding out the chaff so that those few loyal men and women left can be placed in positions of leadership over the ENTIRE world when their thing they call Jesus Christ returns to whip the world into shape. Those advance in years are being relegated to the gutter because they will not be able to cope in Weinland's world to come.
As a whole, God is now preparing and training a group within the ministry who will become quite active as we go into the final stages of this end-time and they are primarily being readied for responsibilities once the Millennium is established. Many of you have issues with health and/or age that simply restrict you from carrying out certain duties. This may also restrict you from being able to serve in what is coming.

In other words, all of that pandering you did to the Weinland's in order to establish your position in the church and thte kingdom to come was worthless.
In a few cases, it is simply a matter that the need for your service as a minister does not or will not exist where you are located. This also means that the need for some roles within the ministry are not now needed for the same purpose that existed several years ago and for what God was teaching and molding within the Church. Many things have changed since this process of a widely expanded ministry began.
Some the people Weinland had in positions of leadership are being removed because they are bringing embarrassment to Audra and Laura for not being submissive.  This will be a time to now reflect on their grievous sins against the Anointed Ones.
Yet for a few of you, this is a matter of your need to more deeply examine yourself and the example you have been living that reflects upon the ministry. Ministers are indeed held to a higher standard of responsibility and example in what is reflected in our life to others around us. It is a matter of striving to be on greater guard in all that we do, say, and administer in our responsibilities toward the world around us, toward the Church, and also our personal families. Over the next year, this will be the time to make the necessary changes that have been put off or ignored for too long now.
No matter how hard or diligent a minister was in  Weinland's cult makes no difference now.  People like his son Jeremy can kick you to the gutter so they can hove the power and prestige.  You are all nothing more than worthless chattel for the Anointed Ones.
In other cases, the change in one’s role may simply be a matter for the need of stepping aside so that others can be inserted who need the experiences that can only be gleaned, learned, and molded into a person by serving for a period of time in the ministry. This is God’s work in us and it is by His design.

Some of the extra rebellions elders will be getting MORE than this letter from the Witless Witness.  A stern rebuke is coming from the Anointed Ones striking down the rebellious sinning men and women who will not bow in the presence of Audra, Laura and Weinerdude himself.

 Everyone being moved from the role of an elder to that of an associate elder will be receiving this “form letter”, although, some few of you are being given more than this letter. For those receiving more direct correction where it is needed, you know some of the primary matters that must be addressed and changed in your life. Others will need to genuinely examine yourself before God to see it there are things that you need to address and change. Although there are still some of you who have consistently been moving forward and growing spiritually and the change for your role in the ministry is simply a matter of some of the other reasons listed, and not primarily of a matter of correction.
Even though we are treating you all like shit at this time we want you to know WE LOVE YOU and APPRECIATE YOU!
Lastly, is a matter of great importance to Laura and myself. We have loved working in a more direct manner with you due to your being in the ministry. In a short time, we have been through much together. We are so thankful for all the support and service you have given to us and God’s Church. That does not change simply because you are no longer in the role of an elder, but that of an associate elder. You are in God’s ministry and yet have much before you concerning service you can render to the Church. So again, thank you!

We continue to move forward together as a family. As there is still so much that is before us as a Church, and for Laura and myself, we need and are requesting your continued prayers and support for us and the Body of Christ.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Weinerdude still had as many as 40 ministurds willing to bow to a convicted felon and his greedy wife? I wonder how many will be left in the aftermath of this?

Is this full-scale implosion?

Anonymous said...

"Yet for a few of you, this is a matter of your need to more deeply examine yourself and the example you have been living that reflects upon the ministry. Ministers are indeed held to a higher standard of responsibility and example in what is reflected in our life to others around us."

So I guess convicted criminal Mr. Ron Weinland is out. Bad example.

Anonymous said...

I am sure it is all just a balancing act of maximizing income as long as you can before full collapse.

NO2HWA said...

Ah, but you've got to remember - in Weinerdudes eyes he's innocent and the big bad meanie government is picking on him because he is god's true minister.

R.L. said...

Forced retirement?! Sounds like he's borrowing from UCG about 4-5 years ago. Or from any numbers of corporations in recent decades.

Anonymous said...

If any God of the COG's is now "moving.." "inspiring" "wanting us to.." etc, this God needs some serious counseling and meds. Never able to make up its mind or be consistent in teaching more than a few splinters and slivers at a time.

It's all quite psychotic

Black Ops Mikey said...

We continue to move forward together as a family


Connie Schmidt said...

Ron Weinland condemns himself by his own spoken words...

Anonymous said...

Not all elders were demoted. Mike at False Prophet Ronald Weinland has a ministry page with the most recent information available.

Byker Bob said...

I will never understand what the circumstances behind the beefcake picture of Ron and his rubber chicken might have been, let alone why it was allowed to survive long after he reached a certain prominence in his career! Most self-respecting people and their allies or close friends destroy such pictures and burn the negatives!

But, then again, we're talking about a person who took little precaution in his fiduciary responsibilities, and has largely destroyed his ministry, as he pays the penalty for it, and as his false prophecies continue to fail. Why would anybody follow a careless person who preaches an anal retentive message? That is a horrible combination, and would be the epitome of non sequitur.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha, looking at the list from the link Anon 9:38 posted leaves one pressing question: Are all members elders? Talk about padding the ranks. What a hoot.

No sympathy here. Anybody who casts their lot with a complete farce like Weinland deserves this kind of idiocy. What a bunch of loons.

old EXPCG hag said...

This guy is such a blow-hole...and a blow-hole in prison on top of

Fighting over positions, demoting, disfellowshipping for stupid stuff, no wisdom or sound judgment, all these so called splinters' hierarchy of the WWCOG do.

They need to >GO TO CHURCH< hahahaha!

Corky said...

"Final stages..." Hell, I thought "the church" went into the "final stages" back in 1970. Wasn't that the final "gun-lap" back then? If not, I reckon HWA was wrong.

I bet that back in the days of HWA and GTA that nobody thought they would be listening to the words of a convicted crimina. It would be funny, even hilarious, if it were not so tragic.

Anonymous said...

If someone made a TV show about Weinerland and his church, making every bit factual and true-to-life (but change the names to protect the convicted), it would still wind up being as much of a farce as Get Smart.

Following this comedy of errors, it has become like one of those shows that's been on the air too long and tried to reinvent itself too many times. For each season finale, they pull a plot twist that makes you think, "There's no coming back from this, the show must have been cancelled," except that next season, there it is, back on the air.

The hardest thing about writing good stories is development. But not only has this show been thoroughly developed, it's been all but written for us.

Season 1: End Time Profits
Meet the Weinland family, the ministry (Keystone Cops), and their fundy membership. The characters are so ridiculous, hilarity cannot help but ensue. In the season finale, Weinland declares that, he, his wife, and their two children are each prophets.

Season 2: The Root of All Evil
Weinland grapples with the fallout from having decided to test the credulity of his followers by making his family into prophets. In the season finale, "God" talks to Weinland and he makes a big prophecy...

Season 3: Money For Nothing
...Which clearly flops. Weinland attempts to bluff his way out of the "Great Disappointment." In the season finale, Weinland makes another even bigger prophecy...

Season 4: Give Unto Caesar
...Which also clearly flops. While trying to grapple with the fallout of an even greater disappointment, Weinland gets served by the IRS and has to stand trial for tax evasion. In the season finale, Weinland gets convicted and sent to prison...

Season 5: What God Has Joined Together
...Leaving his wife in charge of a cult that disrespects women. Meanwhile, Weinland has to grapple with his new prison husband, and his mother severs ties with him. In the season finale, Weinland fires all his ministers...

Season 6: ??? If I've learned anything from TV, it's that the show can ALWAYS keep going. You would think that in real life, nobody would put up with this type of garbage, but you'd be wrong! Stay tuned, the sixth season promises to be as good or better than anything that's gone before!

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Thank you Mike at False Prophet Ronald Weinland for publishing “the Loser List”. I had to check the Loser List to see if I knew anyone by remote chance from my 1960s & 1970s WCG experience. No one I ever knew on the Loser List.

We know the sheep are dumb, and that God calls the weak and base things, but the brethren in Felon Weinland’s COG-PFK must be the dumbest of the dumb sheep tithe slaves.


Black Ops Mikey said...

Niche programming.

Black Ops Mikey said...

There are infinite variations in the possible names for the Church of God.

The latest one is the Felony Church of God.

The URL is available.

Black Ops Mikey said...

There are infinite variations in the possible names for the Church of God.

The latest one is the Felony Church of God.

The URL is available.

Anonymous said...

Ron Weinland wrote: "...This is rather new for the Church, since our history coming from Worldwide has been different. During those days, an ordination, or specific office in the ministry, was viewed as a life-long placement..."

Ron where did you get those ideas from? It was only a life-long placement....WITH STRINGS ATTACHED!

One string was that once a minister left the WCG organization their credentials were left behind...they were no longer considered to be ministers.

You did leave your credentials behind back in Pasadena, did you not?

What does that make you today?

And you want to demote others, some of whom, did the same thing as you????


Anonymous said...

Weinland threw his lot in with the wrong cult. Look at this article about Canadian PCG ministurd Fred Dattalo, who hosted Canadian seniors for an event at his home.

Seventeen Seniors Share Food and Games

Some backyard, huh? How many non-ministers in PCG can afford a house with a backyard like that?

Byker Bob said...

Apparently, HWA felt that he got to retain his credentials, and that they were life-long, even though he left COG-7. Now it appears that we have some sort of unbroken chain of people who have followed HWA's personal example in refusing to leave their credentials behind. If validity of credentials is key, this is another indication that we were part of a bogus movement which should never have even existed.

The practical application in the ACOGs seems to be that if you think you are an apostle, a prophet, or some sort of "special" end times channel, whatever rules the group which ordained you imposes are inconsequential, and are able to be overridden or transcended.

Well, let's see what Weinland's demoted elders do. They could either accept the demotion and remain or fade, or decide that they have something transcendent to offer and start one or more new splinters. Demotions are never pleasant, so we can know that this is a major speed bump in their lives.


Black Ops Mikey said...

Seventeen Seniors Share Food and Games

Were they all of the PCG seniors in Canada?

As for "We'll have to do this again some time", they will probably have to wait until next summer when the weather's warm enough.

Allen C. Dexter said...

Ordinations are no big deal. I got one from an interfaith group and later found I could get several online. I have a few in my file, including a humanist and atheist ordination. Anyone can set up a legal non-profit religious organization and ordain anyone they choose to ordain, including themselves.

Anonymous said...

An "ordination" is a meaningless thing. It's an act of performative utterance, but even there it has problems. If I can get ordained online, then I can pronounce my cat "ordained to office of preaching evangelist," lay hands on him while talking to myself, and the whole 9 yards, and it carries just as much weight as if Herbert Armstrong laid hands on me himself and gave me a triple-dose of holey spirits. So what? It's more meaningful that a couple is "pronounced man and wife" in a marriage ceremony recognized by the state, or if the umpire pronounces someone "out" in a baseball game. At least these pronouncements are recognized by authorities that can be shown to exist. The problem with a religious "ordination" is that it's supposed to indicate you're recognized by an authority that cannot be established to exist, let alone established as recognizing your "ordination."

And anyone who is distributing "atheist ordinations" is not doing that cause any favors by lending support to the mistaken notion that being a "non-believer" is just like being a "believer" or that atheism is a religion, when it isn't. It's not even a worldview. It's just being honest and consistent about one's epistemology, and declining to pretend to know things one does not know. Contrary to opinion of fundamentalists everywhere.

Anonymous said...

"I will never understand what the circumstances behind the beefcake picture of Ron and his rubber chicken might have been, let alone why it was allowed to survive long after he reached a certain prominence in his career!"

'Rubber-Chicken Ron', and his chicken-choking proclivities can be understood in light of God's wisdom and prophecies.

You see, it's hard to get by in prison unless you can provide 'special entertainment' for some hardened criminals.
In fact, Bubba in 'cell block #9' likes the chicken-choking picture, and hardly a prisony day goes by without Bubba calling to Ron, "Hey Ron, let me see you choke your chicken again!"

In retrospect, we can see that early in Ron's career, the Holy Spirit had moved Ron to choke chickens in preparation for the End Times of Ron.

I almost wrote that the Hand of God was evident in Ron's mighty end-time work, but it's actually the hand of Ron that's the mover and shaker.

PS: Is it Ron's profile I read on Christian Mingle dot com? : "I enjoy choking my chicken, long walks on the beach, and jumping the shark by making up crazy shit so people will send me mo money."

Anonymous said...

I often read posts in which the writer makes a joke about Ron being abused by Bubba in prison. Is the federal pen he's in a place for hardened criminals or those of the white collar variety? Aside from the loss of his personal freedom for 3+ years, I wonder if Ron is all that uncomfortable. Is he in prison or Club Fed?

Anonymous said...

Read Orange Is the New Black, or watch the Netflix series. Piper Kerman did her time in Danbury FCI. Ron Weinland is doing his time in Terre Haute FCI. Ron's experience is probably about like Piper's.

Anonymous said...

11:15--- You may want to read up on prison rape. There is a lot of information on the net. From what I've read, the majority of prison sex results from coercion, not out and out rape. Also, the guards are just as much to be feared as fellow inmates. It's not a good place to be.

Just because Ron is in prison, it isn't automatically guaranteed that he would be raped, or coerced, but probability of something happening is greater on the inside than in the freedom of normal life.

The prison systems have been cracking down (no pun intended) on prison sexual assaults since a new federal law went into effect in 2003.