Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Is Your Beef Stew Making You Idolatrous and Wicked?

The Church of God Chief Pharisee, James Malm, ever on a quest to control his followers lives is now telling them how to cook beef stew.

When we make a soup or stew we should first slowly cook the meat, and then strain the blood from the broth through a cloth before adding the vegetables. 

God uses a stew made of choice meat, which in the cooking becomes full of oozing blood and floating scum which is not strained off and the stew of fine meats is polluted; as an allegory of the apostates.  We the spiritually called out were called out and made the choicest people to the Eternal, only to become polluted in our own idolatry and wickedness.  

When questioned about his legalistic nonsense, the Chief Pharisee responds:

I have never heard of such a thing–is there a scriptural reference to validate this practice? My understanding has been that rinsing off meat that has been properly drained of blood after slaughter with water (along with trimming off excess fat)was all that was required prior to cooking it.
Also, what about roasted or fried meat? Since some of the offerings that were cooked in such manner were granted to the Levites as food, that would seem to make this practice okay for preparing food.
Jacksonville FL

We are specifically commanded never to eat any blood in several places. That would certainly include the straining off of any blood [the dark clumpy pasty mess that comes off slow cooking meat.] that came out of the meat in cooking. Especially when today’s meat is not fit for consumption and all we can do is wash it well and then scoop off the bloody scum at home. Certainly we can roast or fry meat, but we should make sure to wash it well and to cook slowly so the blood will come out; as for the sacrifices those animals were killed by cutting the jugular and allowed to bleed, while modern slaughter involves striking the head with a hammer, or even electrocution and strangling [fowl] all forbidden by God. James


Anonymous said...

Damn! I need to make more beef stew! I'm missing out on more fun stuff I never knew about! I like being "8icked"

Sweetblood777 said...

And don't forget to wash your meat with Sunlight dish soap. This ensures that you will only eat vegs like me.

Anonymous said...

There is no other moniker in the cog universe that fits better than calling Malm "Pharisee". It hits the hammer on the head and knocks the ball out of the park.

James said...

Just buy a can of the stuff and cook it!

Should you use wood, propane or just some cheap ass coal could be debated at a later date, when Malm decides what is gods will!

Connie Schmidt said...

Sounds like Malm should start his own online cooking show! ...


This could generate all types and manner of "COG REALITY" Shows.

The evening viewing could include a COG Makeover show called ... "Church of God Impossible"

Followed by Marcus Lemonis intervening and investing in floundering COG business models in his show that would be called "THE PROPHET"

Anonymous said...

There's a scripture that applies to James Malm:

Job 38:2 Who is this who darkens counsel by words without knowledge?

Now Malm proves he has no knowledge even about cooking! I guess he must eat a lot of take-out...

Blood exists in only a couple of place—the circulatory system and the bone marrow!. There is no blood in meat. If there is, medically, that's called a hematoma (bruise) and that would make for a substandard piece of meat indeed. I have literally never seen this in the supermarket. And the quantity of blood you'll find in the bones is for all practical purposes, insignificant. Even when making a bone broth, you'll find no blood in it. I know, I make bone broth all the time, usually using beef neckbones.

Even with our rushed modern slaughtering, the traces of blood that might remain in whatever blood vessels might be present in any particular cut of meat (usually run next to the bone) is pretty minimal. If there is any it may ooze out during cooking, but it turns very dark, almost black, and is easily identifiable. Blood actually tastes pretty nasty, if you ask me. As a rule of thumb, if there's no bone in your meat, there will be no trace of blood.

What Malm thinks is blood ("the dark clumpy pasty mess that comes off slow cooking meat") is actually just the cellular fluid (cytoplasm) that contains the organelles, so it contains a lot of protein. When it first emerges from the meat it's "juice" (au jus—think of a French Dip sandwich) but when cooked longer turns into a brown spooge. It's still just part of the muscle tissue, and easily distinguished from blood! Like the fool that he is, he doesn't know the difference, and is possessed by his arrogance to tell us all about it. I guess Malm thinks eating a French Dip is the devil's work? What a ding-dong!

When Malm writes about the bible, nobody can "prove" he's full of s#!t, because it's all in the distant past, supposedly in the future, or supposedly taking place in ethereal realms. But every time he writes about real stuff, in this case biology or cooking, he usually manages to put his total ignorance on display for all to see. In this post, Malm did not disappoint!

So relax, Malm is just an idiot, unquestionably demonstrating, once again, that he has literally no idea what he's talking about. Given such gross ignorance he displays about the real world, how much confidence should we place in all the metaphysical mumbo-jumbo he usually writes about? None at all.

Anonymous said...

I think Jesus covered this topic already in The Sermon on the Stove?

Anonymous said...

There goes my best roux...

Corky said...

In that case, I reckon Kosher pork chops are out of the question, right?

That reminds me, have you ever seen how Kosher beef begins...the most horrific slaughter house method you will ever see. There still may be videos of it on YouTube...warning: be prepared to be sick.

Chuckles said...

Thanks for the explanation on what really isn't the blood Malm thinks it is,

Chuckles said...

Malm is getting people so confused as to what is okay and what is not he has some living in fear, now they live in fear of getting a drop of blood in what they eat, especially on the Sabbath in a restaurant. Also, how does he expect anyone to get around having restaurant food at anytime, or food anywhere else if we know it probably has blood in it, IF we believe what Malm is saying?

Anonymous said...

James Malm does not realize the so called blood in beef he sees is not blood as someone mentioned, even though the juices may be red, that's why we don't see the same in white meats such as pork chops or other white meats, he really needs to study more as to why the juices in red med appear to be blood.

Anonymous said...

James wrote:

Should you use wood, propane or just some cheap ass coal could be debated at a later date, when Malm decides what is gods will!

Sorry, James, the Israelites didn't have propane or coal. Your choices are wood and dung!

And speaking of dung, that's a good description of Malm's blog.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Malm is obviously obsessed about the "bull" that's in his mouth!

The COGs sure do seem to attract those who want to micromanage others' activities.

(And to such a culled target audience, it's sheer genius for the the COG 'leaders' to teach them that they'll one day be rulers and kings over others.)

Byker Bob said...

Isn't this just too much? Apparently, you must be a chemist in order to analyze elements of your beef stew, but God forbid that you apply genetic science to your British Israelism!


Wo Fat said...

extra fat(was).
Is that the plural of fatwa with the parenthesis added by mistake?

Anonymous said...

One of Malm's followers posted a link to a Jewish website that lays out all the rigamarole about "koshering" one's meat. Apparently, the Chasidim (pious ones) labor under some of the same misconceptions about large quantities of "blood" permeating through their meat (even after they've slaughtered it in the prescribed way, presumably) which then must be purged and purged and purged. How is one to know when you've gotten all this "blood" out? Isn't this "blood" going to just keep coming and coming and coming? Ah! Right! That's what the ritual is for. To tell you when you when it's okay to stop, and simply acquiesce to eating your piece of blood—sorry, I meant, meat.

Somehow, I have a feeling that James has started to "realize" the Chasidic Jews are "on to something" and has begun to read their websites and take his cues from them. I think that's where he got this idea too. I think it's only a matter of time before Malm starts becoming explicitly hasidic save where the bible denounces specific practices, although, depending on how you read it, it might not be condemning, say, phylacteries in general, but only the "enlarging" of them.

What's really happening here is that Malm is succumbing to the same human impulses that the Pharisees did, and so he's falling down the same rabbit hole they did millenia ago. If I have to fall down one rabbit hole or another, I'd prefer to fall down one that's a little more pleasant. The Jewish rabbit hole seems like a miserable place to spend the limited time one has to be alive.