Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Fred Dattalo Opens His Home So Seniors Can Experience What Being A Privileged PCG Minister Is Like

Fred Dattalo has been struggling to recover his damaged image after contributing to the suicide of Janet De Generro.  Dattalo, Culpepper and Flurry all contributed to this woman's mental breakdown because of PCG's abominable and abusive "no contact" polices and then covered up that she had committed suicide.

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Fred has a long history in the Church of God in trying to be seen as a relevant person in the hierarchy.  He was employed in Pasadena for many years in Accounting and then jumped ship to be with Rod Meredith when the Global Church of God was started.  Then when Global imploded and Meredith took all of its money, Dattalo jumped ship to Living Church of God.  Then when Meredith did not pander to Dattalo's magnificence he jumped ship to Gerald Flurry's personalty cult.  There Dattalo quickly rose up the ranks.  By this time Dattalo knew what to say and what not to say in order to advance.

In his new found position of power in the Philadelphia Church of God, Dattalo has had a heavy hand in making the lives of PCG members as miserable as possible.

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Now Dattlo is in charge of all the financial records of the Canadian PCG members.  He closely monitors who is giving and how much.

Now PCG is trotting Dattalo out as a warm and welcoming man who opened his backyard for the senior PCG members in his area.  From the picture taken in  Dattalo's backyard it is very apparent that he does NOT live in a small house considering the size of his backyard.  Being high up in the PCG certainly has its rewards!

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old EXPCG hag said...

This is the truth>...The more innocent, loving and Christian you try to be,(because you learned it somewhere else, not in the PCg), the more they hate you...OR is it >THE DEVIL< HO HO HO! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
Everyone needs t write a book on their experience. Too bad Janet De Gennaro cannot.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again! Those that mock God's servants had better be prepared to give an answer for your lies.

Byker Bob said...

These splinter-surfing ministers should raise questions in the minds of all members regarding both loyalty, and the depth of the inspiration that they claim is coming to them from God, when they themselves couldn't pick the "right" (there is none) splinter the first time.

The problem is, the splinters are all to one degree or another social clubs at this late date. The leaders are treated as were high party members and oligarchs in communist Russia. Also, everybody knows how many times the prophecies have been revised and failed, so the sense of urgency has been largely muted.

Like the anonymous poster above, I don't believe in mocking God's servants. It's just that there aren't any amongst the leadership of Armstrongism.


Anonymous said...

Oh, we're ready to give answers for any lies we may have told about "God's servants," all right.

Let's get started:

1) Please produce this "God" for deposition so that he may establish those whom he recognizes as his "servants."

2) Please produce the libelous statements we've supposedly published about those persons such as this "God" shall name.

Given that this "God" or these "servants" exist, I'm 100% certain we've never mentioned any of them, let alone mocked or told lies about them. In fact, I'm pretty sure this site does not spread lies about anyone, although it does ridicule the ridiculous, which is fully deserving of ridicule.

Also, please be aware that at common law the establishment that the gist of a statement is substantially true constitutes a successful defense against a defamation charge.

Motion for summary judgment, your honor?

Anonymous said...

Having a few older members of your deception group over for 1 afternoon, showing them doing "fun" stuff, and then trumpeting it online like it was a huge event of some kind . . . . Oh, puh-leeze!

Must also be a RARE event. Has anyone ever TALKED to these people about their life experiences, sought their wisdom, given them Scripture-mandated honor instead of just handing them a deck of cards?

You're not honoring ANYONE here, Fred, 'cept yourself. All the "honor" in your world goes to "ministers" who have soaked themselves in what HWA and Jerry have said. You only did this to ego trip about how great YOU are.

Loving God, please help these seniors find a REAL church soon!

Redfox712 said...

Good on you, No2HWA for bringing up that post on your blog.

I always remembered Fred Dattolo because of this article he wrote in the March-April 2000 issue of Tomorrow's World about the importance of fathers. It struck a chord with me.

Then I heard from Bob Thiel's website that he had left and joined PCG.

And to see that he seems to have played a role in isolating that PCG member who later came to such a tragic end was disappointing to me.