Monday, February 23, 2015

Are COG Women Dressing Ungodly In Church?


I love reading comments by those deeply entrenched in legalism.  When a mind is mired in legalistic bullshit it pictures normally dressed women in church into the picture to the left. There are some in Armstrongism that would still prefer that women be dressed in potato sacks, prairie skirts or burka's.

I saw this “turning the head to sin” first-hand, in our “former affliation” with one of the COG’S. One of the “Deaconesses” dressed very suggestively, by showing cleavage & skirts/dresses, half-way to her thighs. Her example spread to a large number of the ladies in that congregation. I even heard one conversation, where one of the ladies said to this “Deaconess”, “OH, I didn’t know we could wear that (Patterned Hosiery”, (which are considered “sexy” & tend to draw men’s attention to a woman’s legs”) to Church”! Next Sabbath, that lady was wearing the same, besides many others “caught on”. I talked privately to the Pastor’s wife, regarding these problems being addressed by her husband. Her answer was “He is not a confrontational minister”. Thus, the problems spread.

The comments by D ring very true to what I’ve seen happening in recent years amongst the women. The more of the world women dress, the more they are encouraged by peer popularity to dress like that. Sabbath services have become a fashion show for some. Not only showing off their latest expensive outfit but also showing off their bodies. Ive witnessed open mockery by women on other women who aren’t dressed as they are, or who aren’t as thin as they are. It’s outrageous and is actually getting worse. The ministry tolerate and turn a blind eye.


Connie Schmidt said...

Sorry Daphne (the poster on Malms Blog who complained about women wearing anything other than a "Prairie Dress" to church). We as women have learned how to think, read and express ourselves. Notice it never is men who complain about this kind of thing, but rather JEALOUS women who have let themselves go, and have the fashion sense of "Broom Hilda". No Daphne, making all the other women "ugly" won't help you to appear better "by comparison".

You wonder why so many COG youth just simply walk away. Let the young glory a bit in being young. Time will solve all of Daphne's concerns, but let a flower in bloom have its day of glory. The days of age and gray come way too soon.

Huge problems in the world to be addressed, and true involvement that can help are ignored, while someone worries about whether some gal has a pattern in their stockings, wears pumps, or bright lipstick. Hey, get some perspective on life!

"I Am COG Woman"
based on the Song by Helen Reddy

I am COG woman, hear me roar..
In numbers too big to ignore
And I know too much to go back an' pretend
'Cause I've heard it all before
And I've been down there on the floor
No one's ever gonna keep me down again
Oh yes, I am wise
But it's wisdom born of pain
Yes, I've paid the price
But look how much I gained
If I want to,.. I can WEAR anything
I am strong
I am invincible
I am COG woman

Anonymous said...

Is that a picture taken during Feast of Unleavened Bunns?

Anonymous said...

As usual this site grossly misrepresents the situation.

Beth said...

This site distorts nothing! I've heard theses exact same whiney comments for decades while part of the church. Connie is right that it is usually other miserable women who are the ones complaining. Put some make-up on and make yourselves attractive instead of being professional bitcher's about silly topics when you look like tired worn out battle axes. You do nothing to glorify God when you dress and look miserable all the time.

Anonymous said...

And it's always a slippery slope too. It's always, "OM- IT'S GETTING WORSE. WHY ISN'T ANYONE STANDING UP FOR THE TROOTH®" Everything's always balanced on a knife's edge and threatening to fall over into abject chaos. If something "confrontational" isn't done, and quick, next week the women will be showing up to church naked and performing "acts" upon the disciples during the sermon.

Anonymous said...

"As usual this site..." (which I am drawn to like a magnet) "...grossly misrepresents the situation."

NO2HWA said...

LOL! They supposedly despise this site and me, yet they spend more time on here than they do on their own church website! They love the titillation.

Byker Bob said...

There is an element that the whiners may not be considering. By dressing down, hiding everything in bulky, clunky clothes, and not wearing makeup, women can unknowingly appear to be part of the lesbian subculture. The type of attire that would deliberately turn men off, or cause them not to even look is actually preferred in large segments of that community. Why should straight Christian women be forced to create that impression of themselves?

I don't know to what extent ACOG women are involved in careers these days, given the need for extra tithes and offerings to prop up dying splinters, but in corporate Americana, be you male or female, you had better learn to dress for success, and to relate, so that you are trusted and promotable. There are generally accepted standards for business formal, business casual, and casual Friday. These often dictate wardrobes, and keep men and women from going to extremes. The "chicks" in the above picture, as an example, would be sent home from a professional environment to change even on casual Friday! The associates in Victoria's Secret don't even dress like that.

It's what's in the heart, Pharisees! Not how you whiten the sepulchre.


Anonymous said...

Site does NOT grossly misrepresent. There really is a pharisaic bunch who have always demeaned and faulted women for nothing at all really.
Most women in the CoGs dressed very modestly and neatly. Never in over 40 years as a member did I see any woman not decently dressed, etc.
that other blog is a disgrace and the commenters are nuts.

-A said...

These people spend more time finding fault with others, fishing out the speck in others eyes than they ever will removing the beams from their own.
What I notice is they are forever pointing the finger at other people and yelling sin sin sin.
Hypocrits, gossips and evil judges.

Britain Stevenson said...

They want you to be blah... mentally, physically and spiritually.
It's to protect themselves from what they might be tempted to do.

Anonymous said...

Regarding how I present myself in public (which would be condemned by the COG hags as "too sexy"), my husband always says that he didn't marry a dog and he doesn't expect me to look like one.

Anonymous said...

The all-time, self-appointed, chief critics of how COG women presented themselves were HWA and GTA, which pretty much nips that discussion in the bud.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Aren't Herbert Armstrong and Garner Ted Armstrong still alive?

You'd never know they died by the stance of the various ACoGs.

[If you're not convinced, go to; does that man ever shut up!!??!!]

All the old doctrines are still in play -- especially the ones have been changed back and forth over the years, even while they were still alive.

Former Union NJ Lady said...

Women in the church always took enormous pride in looking plain, having super long unkempt hair and no makeup. Yes, it was a source of pride, arrogance and self righteousness.
There were unspoken contests as to whose dresses were the most modest, whose hair was longest, plainest, etc.
There was pride in who used carob instead of chocolate, whole wheat vs white, homemade breads, cookies made from whole wheat(gag) and etc.
It actually fostered pride and self righteousness in some.

Former Union NJ Lady said...

I have to say also that there was always an underlying distaste and dislike for women in the CoG.
"YOU WOMEN" was the start of many sermons telling women how awful they were.
I always noted that in his autobiography HWA listed the names of his sons,then just threw in that he had 2 daughters as well.
It said a lot about the attitude toward women.
I was shocked in a married couples lecture series that they revealed things about Mrs. Armstrong's sexual dislikes. I was horrified that anyone would talk about someone else like that.
Evidently they felt it okay because they got it from Mr. A himself.
No decent man talks about his relationship with his wife.

Anonymous said...

I don't think they love it that much because they are trying to cover up the titillation.....literally!

Thou shalt not have cleavage in the Church of God!

RSK said...

Heh, this site misrepresents, or Malm's site misrepresents? The link is in the text for any to follow along with themselves.

James said...

The graphic below really does represent what was taught from the pulpit. What a sad and disgusting church the wcg was and as the others continue to teach this shit.

Mish-Mash said...

Hey Former Union NJ Lady!!!
I'm one too. I go by the name Mish-Mash. Don't know why, just thought it was a fun name. What years were you there? I was there from the 70's to 82. Left for a while. Came back, like a dope in the 90's. Moved out of state in 2000. Dabbled in the splinter groups in Pennsylvania. Left in 2005. Done with that !

Former Union NJ Lady said...

I was in the Union and Middletown congregations from 1986 to 1992 but was in the church from 1970s

Anonymous said...

From the tiny URL:
" (not just the incest, but dropping off GTA in downtown LA, leaving him to find his way back to Pasadena alone without money and how he was responsible for Richard David Armstrong’s death after Richard David had warned his father to straighten up)."
So, let me get this straight, Richard had warned his father to straighten up and fly right?

Anonymous said...

I would not be at all surprised if the women adulterers in LCG aren't the ones being blamed for the offense. You know, the men are blameless against the seductive offense of a skirt that falls above the knee or patterned tights! If women didn't have those blasted hips and voluptuous breasts, men wouldn't be so drawn to sin. Who's in favor of putting COG women in burka's? All in favor...

Anonymous said...

"Who's in favor of putting COG women in burka's? All in favor..."

Aye! I am all in favor of putting COG women in burkas. It will hasten the demise of these krazy kults.

Byker Bob said...

Skirt hems above the knees was supposed to be a gateway to new levels of lasciviousness. By now, you would think all of the church ladies would be regulars at nudist camps, to listen to all of the self-righteous complaints from over the years.


Anonymous said...

if a dog could talk wouldnt it be obsessed with being sexy? God Commands us to put off our natural physical obsessions and become spiritual;

the obsession we have with the pursuit of all things physical, whether it be material wealth or the showing off of our bodies will follow us to our graves where it belongs...

each of you have proven that things that pertain to the grave is your preference...

Anonymous said...

“Are COG Women Dressing Ungodly In Church?”

In the local UCG congregation the preferred style seemed to be women in pants with men's haircuts. Not too sexy. Much more ungodly than the way UCG women dressed was the way many of them thought, talked, and behaved. The complete lack of decency of some ignorant, rude, crude, noisy, gossipy, slanderous old slobwomen in the UCG made their lack of fashion sense seem downright unimportant by comparison. Putting lipstick on one of those pigs would not have helped.

There was also a noticeable tendency for the men's fashion in the UCG to be “lazy modern slob” with one real weirdo even claiming to be unable to wear a necktie because it bothered his neck too much. One would try to be understanding and sympathetic toward his predicament except that the demon-influenced moron always went out of his way to be a pain in the neck to other people.