Sunday, February 8, 2015

Elijah Baghdad Dave Pack and His Difficulty In Leading By Example

It has been reported here and on other sites, including several Facebook sites, about Elijah Baghdad Pack's blatant hypocrisy in setting the example for his membership.  Elijah Baghdad Dave has been telling his members for many years now that everything that they own does NOT belong to them and them they need to sell it, mortgage it, or cash it in and send it to Elijah Baghdad Dave's HQ.  The broad majority of the membership did just that a few years ago.  Now, Elijah Baghdad Dave is doing it again.  He wants them to send them every penny that they can.

The question being asked now is "Will Elijah Baghdad Dave do the same?"  Elijah Baghdad Dave owns his home free and clear. Its in HIS name, not the Restored Church of God.

From a comment by Richard on a previous thread:
Thank you Ronco for doing the look up of the public land records on the title ownership of Pack's home. Then this indeed is scandalous on a couple of levels which is why I asked the question.

First, the obvious is that he is not following the example of God's end time Apostle Herbert Armstrong who owned nothing other than his suits, but controlled all WCG owned assets including his personal residence. To my knowledge, HWA's death did not probate a will because the WCG owned everything including his home.

Second, it is also obvious that Dave Pack is a hypocrite asking his members to mortgage homes and sell assets to fund "the work" of his RCG fear religion business. Dave does not lead by example and is unwilling to do what he threatens his membership with eternal damnation to do.

Third, and perhaps most telling regarding Pack's motives, is that his home titled in his own name would be insulated from any RCG bankruptcy proceedings should it occur. Unlike HWA, Pack has separated his home from the Church.

Not only does Elijah Baghdad Dave own his own home free and clear, many of the ministry do so as well.  Not a single one of them have mortgaged their homes.  They have not sold their homes either.  They also have not cashed in any retirement plans they have.  They keep every dime they earn when their sheeple below them struggle to survive.

Because Elijah Baghdad Dave has NEVER lead by example, what makes him think that hundreds if not thousands of COG members are out there waiting to jump ship to his superfantabulous personality cult?  Why would any COG  member, in their right mind, join up with Elijah Baghdad Dave?  No one can believe a  thing he says!


Byker Bob said...

Let's just hope this makes the membership of RCG ask a few basic, incisive questions.


Anonymous said...

"Elijah Baghdad Dave Pack and His Difficulty In Leading By Example"

When a church member re-mortgages his house or takes out a bank loan to give to the church, he NEVER gets ANY of it back. In fact, he will be expected to give EVEN MORE later. Even if he supposedly just loaned the money to the church, he will be expected at some point, for one reason or another, to turn the loan into an outright gift. If he falls upon hard times and becomes destitute and unable to give any more money, then he has fallen away and become an unprofitable servant.

When a self-appointed church dictator makes a big exemplary show of re-mortgaging his house or taking out a bank loan to give to his own church, he ALWAYS--one way or another--gets ALL the money back.

Byker Bob said...

An additional thought. If the information from the public records is current and correct, then this shows an abysmal lack of commitment on the part of Dave towards his own ministry. There always were a preponderance of "orators" with the right words working within Armstrongism, as opposed to committed spiritual guides.

I know of a pastor, his wife, and all three of their adult, married children, who pulled the equity from their homes right along with the members of the congregation to build a new church facility so that the church no longer needed to meet in a high school auditorium. That is leading by example, and defines commitment. Of course, that church is a non-denominational Protestant church, not an ACOG.

The real Elijah was sometimes fed by ravens, and lived in a cave. His work led to a very tenuous and unstable lifestyle, and rendered living in a McMansion impossible!


Mark Wolfe said...

Pulled directly from David Pack's autobiography, Vol. II, chapter 42 entitled "United Church Forms-House of Health Inc."

After Dave's father, Randall Pack died, Dave inherited his father's health food store. Dave comments about this:

"Overseeing this business from a distance presented unique challenges. At first, Mr. Pack contemplated selling the store in order to simplify his life. This would generate a single sum of money, a large portion of which he could possibly donate to the Work—under certain circumstances. He explored this through a formal appraisal and discussions with a business broker.

"However, after considering that selling the business meant letting go of his parents’ legacy—a fixture in the city of Greensboro that had enriched the lives of many thousands—as well as jeopardizing his son’s job security, Mr. Pack decided against it. In addition, the added source of sustained income would further enable him to support the Work on an ongoing basis, as opposed to one large offering from its sale."

Dave comments further:

“I did consider for a time going off salary to help the Work, but I was never able. I was constantly reminded that this was practically my duty. Yet, in 25 years, I had never had a savings account. Now I had a very little money, and I was being pressured to no end to give most of it to headquarters.

“THIS WAS ONE OF THE MOST UNGODLY THINGS A PERSON COULD DO TO ANOTHER HUMAN BEING-AND IT WAS COMING DIRECTLY, AND SOLELY FROM THE LEADER OF THE CHURCH, MAKING THE PRESSURE EVEN GREATER(emphasis mine). He was also trying to get me to invest in gold stocks in South Africa so I could give more to Global. The man even told the church I was going off salary in order to put extra pressure on me. But the laborer is worthy of his hire, and that is the way it remained.”

Anonymous said...

Looking at Davey Boy's home on Zillo it shows that his home has depreciated since he bought it. Exactly like his church. Its shrinking just as his income is shrinking.

Anonymous said...

Question was asked:

"...Why would any COG member, in their right mind, join up with Elijah Baghdad Dave?..."

That's just it! That's the point! There appears to be only one way one could ever join up with Elijah Baghdad Dave (and his Pack of lies!):

He/she would not be in his/her "right mind!"