Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Elijah Passover Pack: Zechariah Came to Point the Way to Me!

Imagine being the worlds most important human to ever exist.  Imagine having all scripture written in such a manner to foretell of ones coming.  I'm not talking about Jesus or any other biblical related dude.  I'm talking about Elijah Passover Pack, a man soooooooooooooo significant that scripture foretells and shadows his coming into the world and his earth shattering ministry.. 

And recall that I said some weeks ago that the ancient prophet Zechariah carries out a type of my duty in this regard. This point grows in meaning because the prophet Zechariah's now seen to be a type of the final Elijah. I knew he was sort of typing what I was to do; well now I understand my role and therefore the greater sense of what he types. Certainly his fourteen-chapter book – now think about this – is foundational to the final Elijah's message.


Anonymous said...

That's nice, too, Dave.

Now will you shut up and come celebrate Mardi Gras like a real human being?

old EXPCG hag said...

2 words...