Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Living Church of God's 10 Year Anniversary of Terry Ratzmann Shootings Approaching

The pictures that sent Bob Theil into meltdown mode because "so-called" Christians 
put up filthy pagan crosses to commemorate LCG's dead.

From a reader here:

March 12 of this year will be the 10th anniversary of the Brookfield shooting near Milwaukee, where LCG member Terry Ratzmann became so unhinged after hearing an LCG sermon that he went and got his gun and shot seven LCG members dead before committing suicide.

I hope some major media outlets are planning to commemorate this anniversary with coverage of the LCG cult, exposing its racism and its abuse of women and children and the elderly and vulnerable, all so Meredith and his family can live comfortably at the expense of the dumb sheep who keep sending money.

Remember, it's not the ministers who are sending in the money to perpetuate Meredith's racism, sexism, white superiority and insane biblical fundamentalism. It's the thousands of LCG members whose tithes and offerings make this possible. They are the enablers of this racist entity, and the blame finally lies at their feet.

So, I hope the major media cover the anniversary and do it with some good investigative reporting. Remember LCG spokesman John Ogwyn, who lied to the media and said LCG members like Ratzmann were allowed to seek doctors' care? That is the same John Ogwyn who died a few months later of an MRSA infection that any doctor could have easily treated, but that Ogwyn left in God's hands because of his cult's doctrines. How will LCG explain that away? Sure, they will lie, but facts speak louder than lies.

It has been well documented that Ratzmann was upset over one of Rod Meredith's sermons. Immediately after the shootings when word spread about Ratzmann's reaction to the sermon LCG scrubbed it from their web site.  Rod Meredith has always been known to run off at the mouth without thinking first.  His remaining months in the Worldwide Church of God was spent defending himself against a lawsuit for defaming Leona McNair in front of 700 some ministers of the WCG in Tuscon, Arizona.  The court ruled against him and the church had to pay Leona McNair a large settlement.


Byker Bob said...

I wonder if any lessons at all were learned by LCG from this horrifying episode. The typical historical response of Armstrongism, when people reacted unfavorably to draconian rules and enforcement, was always to tighten things up and make them even more strict, thus exacerbating the problems. They referred to this tightening as "getting back on track".


Anonymous said...

Ditzel doesn't say which sermon this was that was scrubbed from the LCG website after the shootings.

I like how he calls out Meredith for shamelessly and manipulatively monetizing faith by tying financial support for specifically HIS organization with a (false) guarantee that "the Creator will
certainly 'be there' when you desperately need Him." Bullshit. If there ever comes a time when you "desperately need" a "strong hand from someplace" what you'll really be doing is kicking yourself for having foolishly believed these stupid guarantees.

Isn't this really just a tailored version of Pascal's wager, possibly the worst christian apologetic ever.

Anonymous said...

Tens of thousands have been scared and negatively affected by armstrongism. Terry Ratzman was just the first to react in the tragic way that he did.

The LCG and the WCG will never admit that their abusive mode of operation was atleast part of the reason why he snapped.

The LCG puts the blame on Satan. By doing this they completely shift the blame away from the fact that they contributed to his mental illness. Not surprising. To admit that they are partly at fault would also be admitting that what they teach is in error which they will never do.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I never see any of the smug "Get over it" comments on the Ratzmann mass murder threads.

Redfox712 said...

I had also read that John Ogwym refused medical treatment.

This is what was written about John Ogwyn's sickness by a LCG member updating people about the situation shortly before John Ogwyn's death.

I have removed names of LCG members who are not well known.

[Quote begins:]

"Updated on 6/12/2005 11:04:59 PM CST Mr. Ogwyn's condition has taken a turn for the worst. Family is on their way to Texas to be by his side as they do not expect him to make it beyond the end of this week. (6/12/05) Please continue to pray for Mr. Ogwyn and that God's will and purpose will be done. Thanks -- More information will be posted here as it is provided. -- [LCG member's name]

"Updated on 6/12/2005 11:26:36 PM CST This update was passed to us via an email message: Greetings all, I just received an update from a friend, that received a call from [name], .... Your prayers are greatly requested, and would be very appreciated. I've heard reports from one friend in particular, who heard that he had a staph infection. His blood was most likely poisoned because of the infection. I received the update tonight at 8:40 PM approx. You all know, only God has the ultimate power to fully heal him. Apparently, he isn't taking doctor prescribed drugs, which may be a good decision on his part. But again, please keep Mr. Ogwyn in your thoughts and prayers throughout tomorrow. Warm regards -- [Name of LCG member.]

"Updated on 6/13/2005 1:14:09 PM CST I received word from one of LCG's Ministers which states that Mr. John Ogwyn has given permission for an urgent prayer request to be made. (I have also received many messages listing specific condition of Mr. Ogwyn; I am waiting until further, more specific information before passing those on; I have been told that further information will be given early this evening after Mr. Ogwyn himself has been spoken with.) To this point, here is what has been released by one LCG minister who spoke with Mr. Ogwyn: Mr. John Ogwyn's condition has become exceedingly serious, to the point he has only a very short time to live, unless God intervenes to heal him completely. He has put himself entirely in God's hands and he requests our fervent, urgent prayers for God's miraculous healing intervention. Further information was said to be forthcoming later this evening..."

[End of quote.]

What a waste. What a terrible decision that was made.

Ironically while returning from the funeral of John Ogwyn another LCG minister, Glen Gilchrist, was repeatedly bitten by a spider and thus contracted the same infection that killed John Ogwyn. Thankfully he survived.

He did this by going to the doctor. His first three rounds of treatments failed but still he tried and taking medicine worked and he survived. However he has since passed on last year.

Don't do what Ogwyn did. Follow Gilchrist's example in this matter.

old EXPCG hag said...

I remember hearing this come across the news. I don't believe I was in the church at that time. I think I attended my first service soon after this. Maybe same month. But I remember thinking..."I wonder if that is one of the WWCOG offshoots". I had no clue I was right, I just sensed it was.

These so called "True Churches of God", with their greedy prophets and hateful ministers, don't seem to "get" you cannot treat people like >S..t<, and not expect some "low self esteem" spokesman's club future member, or X member, to not go off the deep end because of whatever reason it was.
The fact is...Jesus spoke of reconciling with your enemies and being peace-makers and going to your brother to make peace. None of these offshoots do that. They only talk of punishment through ostracizing, because the pea brained ministers are TOO PUFFED UP to be humble like Jesus taught they are SUPPOSE to be.
Just focus on the old testament, that will get you into the Kingdom of God, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

I have several cross necklaces from my childhood that I stopped wearing after listening to the WCG blather. I left the COG world years ago, though I still keep the Sabbath and Holy Days at home with my family. Last year, I took those necklaces out of a drawer and started wearing them again. They were precious to me as a child and represented God's love for me. It feels good to wear them again. So glad I'm out of the COG fear zone. Even though I wasn't wearing those crosses at the time of the Ratzmann meltdown, I remember cringing at the LCG response to the crosses put up at the site of the shootings. What a lousy (but accurate) picture the LCG presented to the world.

Black Ops Mikey said...

It makes you wonder if more is coming.

Anonymous said...

The Ratzmann murders were indeed a horrible occurrence.

However, the number of deaths that day are only a small drop in the bucket compared to the number of deaths that have been a result of people being bitten and infected by the Armstrong bug and it's anti-doctor doctrines' faith healing nonsense.