Tuesday, February 10, 2015

UPDATED: Rod Meredith Drives Out Last African American Members From Charlotte Church After Calling Them Pickaninnies and Other Derogatory Terms

The Living Church of God headquarters in Charlotte continues its downward spiral.  Everything that has been happening regarding the implosion of the Living Church of God HQ staff (and church) is tied directly to Rod Meredith's actions and words.

Rod Meredith has had a long history of saying racist and bigoted things, particularly when it comes to race.  The idea that he is STILL doing this in 2015 is disgusting beyond belief.  The report below states that Meredith refers to African Americans OFTEN as pickaninnies, that children of mixed marriages are BLOBS with no identity, and that whites will rise before blacks in resurrection.

I should say that I am shocked at his racist bullshit but I am not.  Its sad that a leader of a church in 2015 would be saying such things, particularly one who "claims" to follow something he calls "Jesus."  Because Meredith is a follower of the law and Old Testament rules and regulations he has no place in his heart for anything in regards to new covenant understanding.

Galatians 3:28The Message (MSG)

28-29 In Christ’s family there can be no division into Jew and non-Jew, slave and free, male and female. Among us you are all equal. That is, we are all in a common relationship with Jesus Christ. Also, since you are Christ’s family, then you are Abraham’s famous “descendant,” heirs according to the covenant promises.

Galatians 3:28Common English Bible (CEB)

28 There is neither Jew nor Greek; there is neither slave nor free; nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

Galatians 3:28New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

28 There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus.
This is the report I received:

There are now officially no black members left in the 225+ Charlotte LCG headquarters congregation. Apparently they found Rod Meredith's blatant and recurrent racially derogatory remarks to no longer be tolerable. He has referred to blacks as "pick-a-ninnies" multiple times during sermons. He preaches that whites will rise before blacks in the resurrection. He preaches that inter-racial marriage is "not good" and that the children on mixed couples are "blobs" with no identity. He preaches that God made blacks different from whites and gave them different strengths such as an ability to be more athletic while whites are typically more intellectual. He states these hateful, ignorant "facts" as if they are scientific and widely accepted. He truly believes in white superiority. Rod Meredith's history of racism is well recorded. It's no wonder that his church is whiter than Wonder bread. Yet, he fancies himself a "Christian". How is being a total racist letting Christ live in you Roddy? Wake up. It's no longer 1950. Your ignorance and hate are no longer acceptable

Why does Richard Ames and the REST of the ministry stand by and let him say this stuff?  Why don't ANY OF THEM have the where-with-all to stand up and say this is wrong?  Every minister in Living Church of God that does not speak out against Meredeth's racism is complicit with him.

UPDATE: The following response was received from an LCG member in Charlotte:

Well as often the case with the internet; social media... this source writes in absolutes as if it was true. It is not. Although it doesn't surprise me to see postings and comments leaning 'against' the general-COG in general But this post is but an outright fabrication. Here in Charlotte we've been holding steady numbers with a consistent diversity. Unless of course this all happened in the last two days. And although I've not heard every word spoken by Dr Meredith, I've not heard those words in all the years I've attended locally. This headline and its supporting post would be too easily dis-proven with the slightest research enough to ruin the credibility of those who use this outlet in support of their leanings. Not that it really matters. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

March 12 of this year will be the 10th anniversary of the Brookfield shooting near Milwaukee, where LCG member Terry Ratzmann became so unhinged after hearing an LCG sermon that he went and got his gun and shot seven LCG members dead before committing suicide.

I hope some major media outlets are planning to commemorate this anniversary with coverage of the LCG cult, exposing its racism and its abuse of women and children and the elderly and vulnerable, all so Meredith and his family can live comfortably at the expense of the dumb sheep who keep sending money.

Remember, it's not the ministers who are sending in the money to perpetuate Meredith's racism, sexism, white superiority and insane biblical fundamentalism. It's the thousands of LCG members whose tithes and offerings make this possible. They are the enablers of this racist entity, and the blame finally lies at their feet.

So, I hope the major media cover the anniversary and do it with some good investigative reporting. Remember LCG spokesman John Ogwyn, who lied to the media and said LCG members like Ratzmann were allowed to seek doctors' care? That is the same John Ogwyn who died a few months later of an MRSA infection that any doctor could have easily treated, but that Ogwyn left in God's hands because of his cult's doctrines. How will LCG explain that away? Sure, they will lie, but facts speak louder than lies.

Anonymous said...

This is "scientific fact" where does this douche-bag get such idiotic rational from? I have heard more racist comments made in Church of God circles than I ever have in the community around me.

Anonymous said...

I teach Psychology at a local university. Let me quote from our textbook,"Everyone agrees, however, that each person is distinct, even though the human genome is 99.9% percent identical for any two persons." Need I say more? We are all more alike than different.

Byker Bob said...

Someone should throw spitballs at the back of his head while he is making such remarks! I can't even remember the last time I heard the term "pickaninny".

Clearly, this is a man who needs to be made responsible to a real board of directors. Third in charge for all eternity my ass!


Anonymous said...

It appears that Rod, and Dave Pack, and all that august company are reaching a level of delusion that hasn't been plumbed before.

The WRONGNESS of these statements, as mentioned, should easily be observed by anybody with any capacity at all to THINK. More so, even, that what any of them were saying last year.

Oops! I forgot. These are COG people who think they're a special kind of special.

Anonymous said...

I am shocked, but not surprised, because I always find racism to be shocking, even from people I already know are racist.

Pervert Armstwrong was born in Des Moines, IA in 1892, into a Quaker puritan background, 4 years before Plessy v. Ferguson would mandate "separate but equal" and 9 years before the official end of the Victorian Era and the Guilded Age. He turned 62 in 1954, the year that "separate but equal" was struck down as unconstitutional by Brown v. Board of Education, and 72 when the Civil Rights Act was passed. While not a whites-only church, he maintained Ambassador College as a whites-only institution until his hand was forced. He lived another ~21 years after that. Do you think he stopped being a racist in the twilight of his life? His final book, MOTA indicates otherwise.

Rod Meredith was born in Joplin, MO in 1930, into a Methodist background. He turned 24 the year that Brown struck down "separate but equal" and 34 the year Civil Rights was passed. I guess Rod turns 85 this year, and today he seems as unreconstructed as his mentor ever was, but with less of an excuse.

Both of these guys were/are racist to the bone. I think HWA saw a lot of himself in RCM, and that is why RCM was in the position he was in WCG. HWA used him as his bulldog, to carry out his will instinctively. I think that HWA exiled him in 1980, not for the reasons stated in the letter, but because RCM was getting "too big for his britches." As HWA's health declined, there was a lot of intrigue surrounding those trying to position themselves as the next pope of WCG, and RCM thought he was a strong contender. Having been passed over, for whatever reason, the die for Global was cast. I am surprised it took as long as it did for him to crown himself with his own homemade triple-tiara.

I don't know why anyone who wasn't white would have followed HWA. I don't know why anyone who wasn't white would leave WCG to follow RCM. Race isn't something I think about that much, and it wasn't one of my reasons for leaving, but it's just one more thing that makes Armstwrongism untenable. There's just no apologetics that can excuse this garbage. I don't think I ever could have joined WCG as an adult. In the late 90's I went with UCG, as RCM was unpalatable, but I don't know why I needed such strong reasons to leave Armstrwrongism as I did. I should have left much earlier.

Anonymous said...

Well as often the case with the internet & social media... this source writes in absolutes as if it was true.

It is not.

Although it doesn't surprise me to see postings and comments leaning 'against' the general-COG in general But this post is but an outright fabrication.

Here in Charlotte we've been holding steady numbers with a consistent diversity. Unless of course this all happened in the last two days. And although I've not heard every word spoken by Dr Meredith, I've not heard those words in all the years I've attended locally.

This headline and its supporting post would be too easily dis-proven with the slightest research enough to ruin the credibility of those who use this outlet in support of their leanings.

Not that it really matters.


Anonymous said...

It may not even be his specific commentary that turns people off. It's annoying, as a "person of color" to hear someone keep trying to throw us metaphorical bones about it, whether its positive or negative. We were born with our skin as you were born with yours... yet we're just people trying to handle life's business like anyone else.

Byker Bob said...

12:19, I hope to God that you are right! It would be just awesome if Armstrongism had fully repudiated all racism, both overt and subliminal! It would be difficult to understand how this could be possible, unless they dumped British Israelism, but one can only hope!

If indeed you are going to lump all mixed race children into the amorphous blob category, then you must include Manasseh and Ephraim in this, since their mother was Egyptian! Also, Gershom, and Eliezer, the sons of Moses and Zipporah! The problem in Armstrongism is that things which should have been perfectly obvious were either glossed over, or redefined, to conform to the prejudices and beliefs of Armstrongism's inventor!

On the GTA thread, we were discussing how the doctrines destroyed people's self esteem. Why is this important? The Bible tells us to love our neighbor AS we "love" ourselves. You can't spread love around that you don't feel yourself. Out of the abundance (reservoir) of the heart, the mouth speaks! It makes me sick to think that some multi-ethnic children would be forced into a life-long pattern of self loathing, not by cruel kids at school, but by their church, and minister!

Like I said, 12:19, I truly hope that you are the one providing the accurate report. I have trouble believing that, though, because it is generally racists who cannot see the obvious racism surrounding them. And, Armstrongism is a racist cult! Other racists study the booklets.


Anonymous said...

The original post mentioned 225+ in Charlotte LCG. That alone is surprising, as when I was last there the attendance was well into the 260-270 range most weeks. One way or another, there has clearly been a big drop in Charlotte LCG attendance since last year.

Anonymous said...

12:19 maybe you didn't hear these thing because you had drifted off to sleep as a result of the repetitive, predictable, boring sermons but multiple others can confirm that Meredith has in fact said these things. Why don't you ask your Charlotte LCG friends if THEY heard them? I suspect they will confirm the truth. Just because you live in a bubble, doesn't make your version of the truth reality. Lemming.

Anonymous said...

Annon 12:19 Which part of the story are you denying? a) RCM calls mixed children "blobs" b) RCM uses the word "pickaninny" c) RCM says whites will rise 1st (as recently as the Feast of Tabernacles in Florida 2014) d) there are no African Americans in the Charlotte congregation ("diversity" in your post perhaps took into account Hispanics and Asians?) or e)all of the above

Since you are a current member, can you please tell us all how many African Americans there are that consistently attend in Charlotte?

We'd all love to know but my guess is that you will shrink back into your pot of water and slowly boil to death.

Anonymous said...

We need to have Al Sharpton investigate this situation! Seems like there is a legitimate need for his services in this case!

~Miguel de la Rodente

Connie Schmidt said...

Come now, lets be balanced here!

RCM has not used the term "negro" or "colored" for more than 10 years now. Give the man a break!

Michael said...

As stupid as it sounds, I can recall as a youngster (entirely growing up in WCG) "understanding" that people on the African continent were descended from Ham and hence were under the "curse of Ham". or Canaan or whatever.

Looking back, I have no idea where that came from - was it some general racist idea from the 1960s, or was that also another dumbass WCG teaching?

Anonymous said...

From a pdf document online said to be from the December-January 2007 Ministerial Bulletin of the Living Church of God: "The Church teaches that interracial marriage is discouraged, but the Church will not automatically disfellowship those who decide to marry interracially unless they do it in a spirit of rebellion. Ministers are free to refuse to marry interracial couples as a matter of conscience."

"Spirit of rebellion" is the criteria for disfellowshipping people for marrying interracially? As in: they were advised not to by some minister and went ahead and married? Also, this policy statement to ministers does not say why the Church officially "discourages", solely on grounds of race, all interracial marriages, or what exactly is a "race", e.g. are Russians and English the same race, are Italians and English the same race, are Greeks and English the same race, are Baltic Caucasians and English the same race, are Spanish and English the same race, are English and Irish the same race, etc and etc.

Anonymous said...

Spirit of rebellion is a highly subjective label, totally left to the discretion of the ministry. And, I doubt that the label is reserved for extreme cases normal people associate with rebellion, because extreme rebels just leave without batting an eye! No, they define spirit of rebellion downwards soas to cover and deny virtually every request for special exception. The rhetoric is left in place in the ministerial bulletin for the general public. Orwell, and all that.

old EXPCG hag said...

Meredith refers to African Americans OFTEN as pickaninnies, that children of mixed marriages are BLOBS with no identity, and that whites will rise before blacks in resurrection.

Add to that list the way all those twisted and perverted in their thinking, >OLDHAGS< school men have always viewed women >AS WHORES AND (SLUTS)< as Gerald Flurry once said about Princess Diana.
This whole "NO, you can't wear make-up!" thing was perpetuated by Herbert W. Armstrong because of his perverted way of thinking about women. He always based his conclusion on this matter based on the story Jezebel in the Bible.
He spoke highly of Abram and Sarai, but I guarantee you Sarai wore at least eye liner as this was common in those days especially in Egypt. And have you ever wondered why Joseph's brother's did not recognize him when they went to Egypt because of the famine?? Because Joseph wore eye make-up just like all the rest of Egypt! Once I asked a minister in the PCG if Joseph wore make-up. He shook his head an adament "NO!" I had come to this conclusion on my own just using common sense.
As is well documented in history...men were the first to wear dresses, wigs, make-up, carry purses, etc. Now days they have MEN teaching future Miss America's how to walk across the stage. Men design the high heels and dresses for women to wear. MEN are over leading make-up companies. MEN encourage women to dress like SLUTS. Men are the managers behind most of these singers like Beyonce and JLo (Jennifer Lopez). They are the ones encouraging the women to get on stage half nude so MEN will watch, in order to make more >MONEY<
So this whole whore/slut controversy seems to be founded in the eyes of men, not women...(as a man thinketh).
And ranting on all this...I would like to know why Abraham so eagerly went into Hagar and got her pregnant. Hagar had no say over the situation. Did Sarai hold a gun to Abram? Should I go on? I could.
I'm not against all men...
Just Jackasses!

Anonymous said...

I worked with and knew Rod Meredith. To be fair, I personally never heard him -- during that time, anyway -- obsess over racial things, or to make blanket statements as hateful as those offered in this post. That's not to say he might not have thought them. I just never heard them.

However, in the early days of Ambassador, when the church was still the "Radio" church, he chimed in along with many others who espoused the HWA positions on race. They were not only based on British-Israelism, they were based on prevailing societal norms that HWA experienced growing up. Those often, even typically, manifested themselves in the form of hateful thought and speech.

Those norms have been shaken to the core, and it's difficult for many older white Americans to wrap their brains around. To assume that the majority of Americans in the 21st Century will not be of mixed race is to ignore the evidence of history and the tide of change that is rapidly overtaking this country.

As Armstrongism fades from the scene, so, too, will the pronouncements of Rod Meredith and so many other of HWA's lieutenants. They will become a footnote in history. A different country is emerging, and their ways will no more be a part of it than those of the pro-slavery faction of the 1800s.

Black Ops Mikey said...

If we could just get rid of Neil deGrasse Tyson, then we could more easily defend that whites are more intelligent than blacks, although the number of adult whites who don't know that the earth takes a year to go around the sun or even that the sun instead of the earth is the center of our solar system is disturbing.

Thank God for racism!

But darn it all, it looks like Neil deGrasse Tyson will be back for the second season of Cosmos!

Anonymous said...

Its not as prevalent as it once was, but thats actually an older belief espoused by various Protestants.

Anonymous said...

12:19 here. With a few final responses.

Poster's "225+" number noted is actually a low number. I believe this past week they announced (as regularly is announced) attendance to be mid 250s... maybe 260s But shame on me for not writing it down.

And, I decided it would be more needful (at least this once) to not "shrink back" and "boil to death" ... at least not just yet...

Recalling exact numbers and individuals out of 225 (never mind 250+) is a bit challenging. But decided a little brainstorm between work assignments was worth the effort. Lemming or not, what follows is 'truth' based on names and faces I have the pleasure to see on a weekly basis. Again, of what I can recall in this little brainstorming session.

15 black brethren (I feel bad even having to write it out that way, because it is nonsense, they are just "brethren"!

While I'm at it, here are a few other facts I counted out in my little exercise (again, names and faces I get to interact with every week):

at least 7 interracial families. One of which the husband (a black man) is a regular 'right hand man" for Dr Meredith. Oh, and who Dr Meredith just recently (within the last couple of months) himself ordained as a deacon.

Additionally, since I did prefer the diversity term, I also recall at least 10 Hispanic individuals.

Now that being said, it does not trumpet high percentages by any means on a 225 attendance (much less on the actual 250+)... but it does indicate that the original poster's comments written in their 'absolute' language are not written in balance or truth. Even still, it has incited some responses that have swallowed the comments in whole... even to the degree that some of the respondents would rather attack anon 12:19 for contributing to the chain as an eye witness adding some truth & balance.

Your hate of racism is well seated! God created "man" - NOT just the "white-man" or otherwise. God also states that "He so loved the world", etc. RIGHT ON! Whether or not you care for "a" COG, or the greaterCOG scattered across the various COG world... whether or not you are an antiCOG, or HWA, or... or ...OR. YEAP, keep it up! Racism is ugly and it is wrong.

On a personal note: I appreciate the 'outside-looking-in" perspective on my 'bubble'. However, realizing that you're making your comments to a "time stamp", realizing we probably have never met, or exchanged pleasantries, never having shared a meal, or likely ever having had any interaction beyond this blog page.... Realizing I TRIED not to insight a fight, and that I was careful not to generalize the character of potential respondents... It seems you, 4:19, came out swinging and name calling. No, I'm no lemming. But if what I said above is true (and it is), why are you angry with me? No need to answer, I'm not sure I care, and I'm sure it will be seated in hurts and wrongs that you attribute to the COGs or HWA that I can't defend or argue... and for all i know are 100% very real for you. So, I wish you all the best.

Anonymous said...

12:19 it would be wonderful to believe you but unfortunately I know some of the African American people who left LCG for the reasons outlined in the original post. They also know the mixed black/white couple you mentioned (just ordained a deacon) so I guess there is at least 1 African American person in your congregation (slow clap, yay you). Why don't you ask him if RCM called his children blobs? He will confirm what you deny. I noticed you were hung up on the attendance number more than refuting the hateful racist things RCM has said. Take a poll next time you're at church. The racist statements outlined in the original post are common knowledge among your peers.I'm sure you know someone who can confirm he preached that whites will rise before blacks at the Feast in Florida. Regardless of attendance numbers the man you idolize is still just as racist as he's always been and everyone knows it but thank you for trying. As proven in the Leona Dorothy case, RCM followers and RCM himself are willing to lie, lie, lie in defense of him. RCM is literally known throughout all the COGs as a big fat liar. His entire church is founded on a lie. It's hard to trust anyone under his influence. If there are in fact 15 black members in the Charlotte congregation (which is VERY hard to believe - are you counting the babies?) it's hard not to feel sorry for them. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, your posts on this blog are counterproductive because they are often based on mere rumours and not facts.

If it has really been said in sermons, as you mentionned it… then it is easy to find such sermons since all Meredith's sermons at the HQ are released online. And then, the accusation becomes very serious and reliable.

So, please find and quote sources, real sources!

old EXPCG hag said...

As far as this guy referring o blacks this way...this way of racist thinking also gets back to all the old hag men running the offshoots because this is how that ignorant generation thought of blacks...just like the whores and slut rant I posted. Good thing they are all dying off.

Anonymous said...

"Rod Meredith was born in Joplin, MO in 1930."
On May 22, 2011, a highly destructive and deadly tornado tore through the city of Joplin, Missouri.
Will Bitter Bob claim this was because God was angry at Rod?
(I wonder, because of Bob's recent "flakey" conjecturing.)
Surely, we can forgive God for the 81-year delay in responding, since He's been so busy with other things like billions of fervent sports-team-related prayer requests.

Anonymous said...

LCG sermons are heavily edited by a team of headquarters employees prior to being posted to the web and not all sermons are posted. They are smarter than that! They have a point man (usually Don Davis or Dylan King) in the audience watching the time clock as the sermon is actually being recorded who is literally writing down the time stamps for each outrageous comment or off topic tirade so that its easier to edit in the end. There are members who record the sermons from their laptops while in the audience (they would be hunted down by the Gastapo if their actions were known) but they aren't likely to come forward out of fear and cowardice.

Does anyone have a link to the Leona McNair trial information?

Byker Bob said...

There is definitely a difference in perceptions amongst two or more members of the Charlotte congregation. Each party seems to be aware of factors of which the other has no knowledge.

In a closed system, where information is carefully controlled, and where there is a "correct" view mandated by the leadership, it is not unusual that there could be such a disparity amongst first party observers. In fact, that is what you would expect during a crisis. We have to remember, other blog entries over the past months have told of an internal crisis, an ongoing purge, and concerns about Dr. Meredith's health.

Racism is institutionalized in such a way that the average ACOG member does not perceive it as such. Most members would not think of using the "N" word, they simply believe that God has a natural order to things, due to their misunderstanding of the roots of Old Testament battles, and failure to realize that Jesus instituted any sorts of changes. Based on this, they teach that certain ethnic groups of today have Biblical roles for all eternity. Their misunderstanding means to them that God intends that the Anglo Saxon gentiles are eternally destined to be greater than all of the other gentiles. Not to worry! Every faith community extant today will probably experience "corrections" at the rez.
If not, their past activities indicate that the Nephilim are not racists, either.


Anonymous said...

I don't doubt this story at all! I heard Meredith say some whoppers while I was still in LCG. I worked around him in Pasadena and he said the exact same racist comments there.

Anonymous said...

My dad is NOT a racist!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

There are people who hold and express attitudes that are racist, yet don't recognize them as racist. Someone much wiser than myself once explained that if you really want to know if something is racist, you have to ask the one who is the object of the joke, statement, or act. This is very basic, in fact it is the only way that many people even realize that racism exists in the first place.

The ACOGs have always been careful not to go high profile with racism. It's not as if you would go to a Rod Meredith F/T and hear the hymn leader say, "Now, on the third verse, we're going to ask all of our Pickaninny brethren to sing! Come on, "you folks", let's really sing out!"

~Miguel de la Rodente

Anonymous said...

8:34 AM, can't you google it?

Google results yield things like-

McNair v. Worldwide Church of God (1987)

when doing a google search of "Leona McNair trial" (without the quotation marks).

Hey, I even made it clickable for you. Is that sufficient, or do you need more help?
(Egg on my face if it doesn't come through properly.)

Byker Bob said...

These opinions of various posters certainly run along partisan lines! However, it is difficult for someone who was such a visible, and unbridled part of the Armstrong movement to be an effective beneficiary of revisionist history. We've all heard of "shock jocks", like Howard Stern, and it seems like we had our own version of this in the WCG in the person of Rod Meredith. He would often go way, way, past the boundaries of good taste in articulating the weird viewpoints of Armstrongism.

Two areas that he could always be counted upon to wax graphic about were public examples of marked departure from pre-World War II sexual mores, and the "disgraceful" co-opting of modern day "Israel" by gentile peoples, ie, "the stranger amongst you". You could expect from Rod, and on a regular, incessant basis, ridiculous diatribes about Hollywood, about homosexuals, and about such signs of the endtimes as our "national disgrace" of having Tom Bradley being elected as mayor of Los Angeles. That there was no serious intellect behind this barrage of oration didn't bother the majority of the membership, since the church was largely anti-intellectual, another frequent topic being intellectual vanity whenever HWA was challenged. It was a "Rednecks Rule!" environment, just like the T-shirt.

At Ambassador College, it was ironclad in the 1960s that you did not in any way disrespect "Gawd's" ministers. Students in the dorms never would address Herbie and Teddy by the blatant HWA or GTA. It was MISTER HWA, or MISTER GTA. Yet, there was frequent open mimicry and pantomime of one outragious figure. Rod Meredith. Nobody ever did anything about the daily mini-skits in the dorms re-enacting whatever he had said in Bible class that day. One, that was performed in our dorm by members of the Freshman class, iirc, went something like this:

"Hollywood calls her a star. But she is really just a whore, if they told it like it is! They are glamorizing a whore! How many times has she been married? There's no love in those marriages! She has just allowed all of these men to masturbate in her body! When I see her on the screen, it makes me want to stick her head into the toilet bowl to wash the makeup off her face, and to slap her face and point my finger at her nose and to yell "Bad, bad, bad dog!!! No!!!""

When the Pasadena Public Schools were being integrated, I remember a sermon in which Rod had expressed concerns that the Feds could one day come after Imperial Schools and Ambassador College, because in the past there had been internal policy documents reflecting "God's way" of segregating the races, and that these were unaccepable to "the world". Shortly thereafter, the children of Black and Latino ministers, as well as those of some long-term loyal employees were admitted to Imperial and Ambassador.

An Italian-American buddy of mine listened in class to some diatribes from Rod about Italians, and after class, privately and respectfully went to the front to explain that these were not the sorts of things he had witnessed in his family while growing up. Rod was evasive, quickly making a switch to the topic or rebellion. No apology, no change. My buddy was deeply hurt by this. Unbelievably French, and Hispanic students who had attempted to point out the innaccuracy of similar blanket descriptions of the members of their races were similarly rebuffed.

So, excuse the heck out of some of us for finding this latest report not only credible, but also right in character with the man's long-term past public behavior over decades. To paraphrase the bumper sticker, "Racism is not a Kingdom skill!"


Anonymous said...

Oh, wait a minute. Upon further reflection, I guess my dad really IS a racist after all. Sorry about that. You guys are right. My bad.

Byker Bob said...
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Anonymous said...

In case anyone doubted, Jim Meredith is indeed being groomed for an increasing role in LCG's television efforts. Note his latest:

NCIS and Homosexuality

Christ reached out to prostitutes and Roman collaborators and others whom the Jewish and Roman establishments both considered to be scum. Would Jim and his Dad even recognize Christ if He appeared today? Would they approve of Him? Would they crucify Him?