Saturday, March 7, 2015

David Passover Elijah Pack: I Am A Type of Christ

David Elijah Pack Our Passover

Around the 50:00 mark in sermon 2:

Elijah actually does restore all things, thus creating a second powerful parallel with Christ. So Moses compares himself to Christ – you just read it. The best way to see this is that Moses directly described himself as a type of that prophet – read his words, this means Mr. Armstrong would be as well. Mr. Armstrong would be a type of that great prophet. If Moses was so is Mr. Armstrong. Just think of the many millions of people – what we just read there in Acts who would hear Christ – the many millions of people everywhere who heard his voice, his words. How then is Elijah, who does an even greater work, in an even bigger world not coming in the same way? So that Mr. Armstrong and Mr. Pack, if you will, come side by side, with Mr. Armstrong taller; he should have been six-seven, and I'm five-seven, that part's not right. How is Elijah not also a type of that prophet? But this is just another way of saying both men are types of Christ. No wonder these men are talking together with Christ in the transfiguration. They work together in a unique way at the end of the age. Christ is an apostle and a prophet, that's what it says; there he's called a prophet, you know in another place he's called an apostle. Both of these two men – these final two apostles, unique in all history – are both also apostles and prophets. See the parallel?


Brian said...

And there it is - the Pack as Christ comparison that several predicted

Byker Bob said...

Naw. Dave is more like Jupiter Olympus, or Antiocchus.


Michael said...

Pack.. on his way up the ladder!
(skipped evangelist)
(skipped Moses)
Christ (now just a "type of" but soon to be the real deal)
End of the line, Pack!

Unless of course, he's willing to take that next final step up... :-)

Anonymous said...

Next he'll ramp it up to, "You all know that I'm Joshua, and Elijah, but is it possible that I could also be the long-awaited prophesied Messiah? I don't know. Could I be? We'll just have to see. It would certainly explain a lot of things. It's just interesting.