Thursday, March 12, 2015

God's Mightiest Chief Pharisee and Leader of the ONLY True Work is Facing Dire Financial Issues

God's only true end time work carrying the ONLY true message to the deceived and lost brethren of the Churches of God is suffering major financial issues.  In spite of being the only man on the entire earth giving the TRUE warning message and CORRECT biblical interpretations, no one is sending him money to support his work.  Because he spends every waking hour of every day writing his theologically bankrupt bullshit he has no time to get a real job, thus he has to rely on handouts from gullible followers.  He has even resorted to publishing his "understandings" in book form for people to read.  Apparently hardly anyone one is buying James Malm's book.

By the beginning of May some major expenses are coming up; not the least of which is the renewal costs of our web hosting dedicated server.  At the same time the income for the past months has been well below our basic needs and our debts are piling up.
As events are being fulfilled we are facing a financial wall.  

I want to explain that the books are not being published to make money and I expect a royalty cheque in the neighborhood of only around  $100 sometime in May.  Most of the price is taken up with production costs, and the numbers sold are very low at this time.  Everything in the books; has been, is, or will be, published at the sites.  The purpose of publishing the books is:
1.   To make available as comprehensive a resource as possible on any subject, to save people from having to search through many different posts for information on the same subject.  
The Chief Pharisee then resorts to a typical COG avenue stream.  Let the sheeple use tithe money to buy the books.
2.   To provide a personal written copy for easy immediate access. 
Please visit the Books page  for links to CreateSpace.  And as these books are solid biblical sound doctrine or prophecy, it is absolutely appropriate to use tithe money to purchase them.  
Even though the book is made available tot eh public no one is buying it.  No one cares.  His topics have no relevance in the 21st century on how to live a life in this confusing world. Like UCG, LCG, RCG, COGWA, etc., the focus is on out dated literature and understandings of Herbert Armstrong dreamed up in the 1930's.
3.   To make the material available to the general public who are suspicious of “free” offers.  
The books are now available on Kindle.  This is intended for the general public as I would like the brethren to have a personal printed copy. 
Just to reenforce the martyrdom status of the writer, he mentions how much he has had to work and struggle to get this vital information out to them.  Its all an act of charity and good will in order to save souls from eternal damnation.  So buy my damn books and send me money!
These books have cost countless hours of hard work and like this blog, are not a money making enterprise. 
When simple persuasion does not work, its time to bring in looming death and destruction from war and violence.  That will scare the crap out of the sheeple and cause them to send in money!
Right now as events are unfolding towards a Mideast peace push beginning after the UN General Assembly meetings in late September; the high probability of a peace and safety deal triggering the tribulation is fast approaching, 2 Thess 5:3. 
Make no mistake; Almighty God will complete his warnings before he acts! 
Now is the time for the true believers to step forward, with check books in hand, to support this mighty work!
Right now we all have an opportunity to show God how dedicated and supportive we are.
While thousands of brethren regularly visit us and are receiving a solid warning; only a very small number actually provide any support, and many of them have suffered to help:  May Almighty God bless them greatly and crown them with glory in the world to come!
Please support this work of warning with your payers; and remember that your generous financial help is urgently needed.


Connie Schmidt said...

For the sake of transparency and accountability , (which Malm demands of everyone else), where is his audited statement of income and expenses, and a copy of his own personal tax return.

For someone to declare a glorified blog to be a "work" worthy of support and to solicit donations for such is truly a joke!

Perhaps Banned should start soliciting donations!

Black Ops Mikey said...

Yet someone else who neglected Jesus' admonition to count the cost....

Byker Bob said...

Financial emergencies are not any sort of criteria by which one might identify the "true" ACOG. All of them share this perpetual emergency concept which was pioneered by old Herb himself!

Hey James: Let go, let God.


Anonymous said...

“God's Mightiest Chief Pharisee and Leader of the ONLY True Work is Facing Dire Financial Issues”

Herbert W. Armstrong spent about 52 years constantly badgering his followers for more money to do what he claimed was the one and only true Work of God. Supposedly, spreading HWA's prophetic guesses was God's idea and appointed Work. Unfortunately, none of the time periods or dates that HWA came up with and set ever seemed to work out.

James D. Malm criticized HWA for always asking for more money, as if it were wrong of HWA to ask his followers for financial support. Now (surprise, surprise, or maybe no surprise at all) James Malm is constantly asking his own followers for more money for his own little Work to help spread his own silly prophetic guesses. James Malm rebelled against HWA and left the WCG in 1985 while HWA was still alive, and now wants to draw away former WCG members to follow and financially support himself. The idea of thinking for himself got him and his wife out of the WCG while HWA was leading it, his wife into that “sacred names” nonsense, the two of them divorced from each other, and him into “calendar confusion.” It would simply be wrong to support someone like James Malm and his ungodly bumbling around.

One problem with handing over good money to just any self-appointed leader who comes around is that you never really know where things will go in the future. One extreme example is the people who wanted to support Gerald R. Flurry in doing what he had told them was the one and only true Work of God. They ended up supporting an alcoholic who wanted everyone to think that he—rather than Jesus—was the prophet referred to in Deuteronomy 18:17-19. They also ended up using good money to support “That (False) Prophet” in editing and changing HWA's writings, and in breaking up families and friendships, and thinking that they could pass this off as doing God's Work. On top of all the fornication and adultery in the PCG, many PCG members want to divorce and remarry in the PCG and pretend that they are doing it for God. PCG members need to read Malachi 2:13-16, where God says that He hates divorce, rather than Gerald Flurry's Malachi's Message book that he copied from the writings of Jules Dervaes, revised half a dozen times over the years, and now claims is the little scroll mentioned in the biblical book of Revelation that was delivered by a mighty angel. In fact, Gerald Flurry's book very well might have been “delivered” by a mighty fallen angel, also called the Devil. To financially support Gerald Flurry is tantamount to supporting Satan.

Another extreme example is the people who wanted to support David C. Pack in doing what he had told them was the one and only true Work of God. Eventually, the burden of all the tithes, and offerings, and building fund donations, and continual fundraising, got increased even more by everyone being told to turn over their houses, retirement plans, and savings accounts, with the glib assurance from David Pack that life would go on and that this would not make them a pauper. The problem with this is that David Pack has been totally wrong before, such as with his August 31, 2013 prophetic guess that he tried to read into and out of the biblical books of Haggai and Zechariah. David Pack should repent of deleting his own book called I Will Send Elijah to Restore All Things that proved that HWA was Elijah, just so that David Pack could now suddenly claim in early 2015 that he is Elijah. David Pack should immediately stop calling his own followers “idolaters” for wanting to believe what they had always believed up to this point. And David Pack should certainly stop yelling that God is a fool if He meant what He said in the biblical book of Malachi rather than meaning what David Pack's convoluted interpretation of it says He meant. Is it right to support raging, crazy people in a serious downward spiral?

Anonymous said...

James Malm wrote: "...As events are being fulfilled we are facing a financial wall...Right now as events are unfolding..."

What events are unfolding and being fulfilled? Why not cite a couple of things (using scriptures) to prove some fulfilled events?

The only thing it appears that will be fulfilled is that James Malm is not being a very good stewart of whatever finances his "God" is allowing him to have.

When did God ask James Malm to do anything? We've heard warnings and fear religion for too many years already!

Well, maybe James gave an example by writing this: "...the high probability of a peace and safety deal triggering the tribulation is fast approaching, 2 Thess 5:3..."

Oh, just a weasel worded "high probability?" That is meaningless. We can say we're one more day closer to the establishment of God's Kingdom and be more right saying that.

Besides 2 Thess 5:3 does not exist. Did James mean I Thess 5:3 and let's use another verse for context?

I Thess 5:2 For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night.
:3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

The context for that "peace and safety" that James may have been thinking of will not happen until :2 is fulfilled regarding the Day of the LORD...and that won't happen until AFTER Satan is loosed from the bottomless pit and again deceives the entire world.

So, James, why the rush? You are misusing the scriptures and do not the timing of all events tied to the Day of the LORD.

But James says: "...Right now we all have an opportunity to show God how dedicated and supportive we are..."

Of course, James would say that b/c he believes we can impress God with lots of zeal. Supporting James will not impress God and show God anything worthwhile.

If James wants to impress God, then keep your financial house in order like a good steward, stop threatening us with false understandings of prophecies and their proper timing. Well, no, that still would not impress God. God already knows it is "God or mammon!"

James exposes on his blog his thinking and still likes to not display opposing thoughts, but there are sealed Firstfruits that exist that very easily see through what he is doing; however, James will continue to do what is right in his own eyes...$mammon$-permitted.


Byker Bob said...

I feel sorry for the people making extreme sacrifices for these groups. I mean, if you are retired, and are bored, and actually want to go back to work in your mid-70s, by all means do it. But don't do it just to be able to send money to the various Armstrongish headquarters! How are you going to feel in the future when these charlatans are held accountable for being false prophets and for preaching a feary scam-gospel involving British Israelism? Actually, you'll feel ripped off like the rest of us felt when we learned there is no Britsy Claus.


James said...

Giving money to a false prophet is just as much as a sin as rejecting Christ.

And the tithe slaves of armstrongism are indeed the fools to fulfill the prophecy that says 'He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him.' John 1:11

Chuckles said...

James Malm out of desperation uses the old HWA tactic of saying things like " now is the time to show God How dedicated and supportive we are", what does he mean now is the time, what does he think we have been doing all along by our prayers and living Gods way of life. Doesn't James realize that God knows whether we are supportive to his (not Malms) cause, and dedicated by the way of life we live, but Malm puts the old show God now brethren by giving money, now is the time you can prove to God where you stand, another guilt trip to put on the people, it's an intentional tactic and phony to me, if God doesn't already know where we stand, the giving of a few bucks isn't what's going to show him. Malm needs to realize people maybe don't give to him because they can't afford it, or maybe don't believe him, or are being very cautious of what he is saying, maybe can't handle the guilt Malm puts on them or the burden of what "he" expects from them, maybe some are just not seeing it as Malm sees it, whatever the reason people aren't sending him money should give him a hint something is wrong here, but one thing for sure is wrong is trying to make people think we can now prove to God where we stand by sending in money, there are lots of reasons why people don't, and besides, if this is Gods work then why doesn't he bless it so the money does come in? If God wants his message to get out then God will make sure it does and not by going into debt, that just proves its not Gods message but is the interpretation of James Malm.

Anonymous said...

One thing that stands out about Malm is that he has to be in total charge, no one is right, just him. He self righteously puts down other churches and especially other church leaders to make them look bad so he can steal away their people, its something he constantly does because he thinks only he is right and everyone else is wrong. He can never bring himself to admit when he is wrong but will twist things around where he does not accept responsibility. All comments he allows are only the ones he can comment back on to make himself look like hes got the answers, but other comments from people who challenge him wih good comments themselves or comments where he cant answer he just deletes, afraid someone else other than him has something to say. Iron sharpens iron but no one else except him has any knowledge or truth or understanding, and he hates anyone else except himself to receive any attention when it comes to knowing Gods will. How can he possibly think only he has the truth, only he is the one God reveals the truth to, there is more HWA in that man than at first is realized, just a plain sel righteous egotistical know it all who can't stand anything other than what he has to say. He has turned many people away from God by spending his time running others down instead of simply preaching the gospel. He has made Gods way somewhat of a burden and living it to the letter of the O.T. Including his boring F.O.T.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with both Chuckles and Anon2:18.

There's three assumptions that James Malm has uncritically accepted, both of which I think are fatally incoherent:

1a) There's a deity out there who makes it a priority to watch you and see if you've succeeded in jumping through an undefined set of hoops. If you can't enumerate this list of hoops, then you're probably in a heap of trouble. (Knowing this is Rilijin 101.)

1b) The deity is watching especially closely to see your performance on the most important hoops. Which ones are the most important ones will be decided long after you're dead and gone. (Who knows, maybe it's even all of them. You should probably assume this will turn out to be the case.)

1c) Many of these hoops are rituals, like being at certain places on at appointed times, and giving undefined quantities of government-issued bills to certain people. (Robots are better suited to performing them than people.)

2) There's an deity out there who is omniscient, and yet, from one day to the next, he has *no clue* where you stand. He is constantly suspicious and harbors great doubts about your allegiance and motives. You must constantly allay these doubts by jumping through hoops. It's best to begin each day in prayer, the purpose of which is to try to convince the deity that you're not actually an atheist, which is a conclusion you should assume each morning that he settled on while you were sleeping.

3) Neurosis = righteousness.

I think that James is very sincere. I also think he's not very intelligent and so becomes extremely misguided very easily. I assume he tries extremely hard to walk the walk. Is it not a given that he will fail? How can one succeed at achieving incoherent objectives? But he's too dumb to notice that he's chasing his own tail here (and abjuring this upon others too). He seems incapable of learning from his own experience that religion, as he has formulated it, can do nothing but create hypocrites. It doesn't help matters that he's so blind to how profoundly egocentric he is.

If in order to get a golden ticket to Yahweh Wonka's Chocolate Rainbow & and Lollipop Factory I have to be infinitely neurotic, then I guess I'll have to be content to pass. I'll try to keep my curiosity in check as to what I'll be missing out on.