Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Harlequin Romance's Are Used By Satan To Lead COG Members Into BDSM

Those fun loving folk at the Philadelphia Church of God cult compound in Edmond, Oklahoma are weighing in again on sex - an ongoing favorite topic of Armstrongism.  This time Joel Hilliker is not happy with the Fifty Shades of Grey movie and books. The outward face that the personality cult tries portrays is one of extreme chastity, virginity and all things biblical.  All one has to do is join various Facebook groups and you will quickly see that the Edmond compound  is one big mess of adulterous and/or fornicating energized bunnies.

As usual with anything PCG publishes there is an immediate deluge of clap happy seals that jump on with praises and accolades for the godly information they had just read.

Redfox has this up on his blog from one of those readers:

There are also comments posted by people who seem to take this article seriously. Here is one of them.

I remember reading harlequin romances… these were just the start of wrongful thinking… being dissatisfied, thinking that this type of fantasy was what one should want.

Fifty Shades of Grey is what those type of novels lead to. Satan works on us a little at a time to twist our thinking.

Thank God that He opens our minds, shows us what wrongful thinking is, how to avoid it and that He will heal our minds if we yield to Him and put forth our best effort. 
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Anonymous said...

I did not have sex with that women!

Please stop accusing me!

Anonymous said...

The reason Flurry, Hilliker and Meredith can't stand these kind of books is because they portray VIRILE, MUSCLE BULGING, THROBBING, MASCULINE men. None of which seem to exist in PCG and LCG. All I see there are limp emasculated milquetoasts.

Anonymous said...

Ouch! That hurt!

Anonymous said...

Um Vickie...can I have the handcuff key back please?

Anonymous said...

I guess we gotta forgive them. You see, in their little world of academia, similar syllables are used, often across diverse languages, to "prove" or "trace" things. Any name with "dan" in it over in Europe indicates that the tribe of Dan meandered through. The root syllable "sab" means to Armstrongite scholars that the Waldenses kept the sabbath, not that they wore sabbots as other more learned scholars would share with us. Ishtar becomes "Easter", and here is an especially weird one: applying Ebonics to "Isaac's sons" makes them "'saac's sons", or Saxons!

So, they see the "har" in Harlequin, and note that this is also the first syllable of the word harlot. In their world, this makes perfect sense!

If the Germans ever accidentally "learn" stupid things about themselves from studying Armstrongism, maybe they'll come over here and continue Dr. Mengele's experiments, giving some of these charlatans sex change operations!

Anonymous said...

"...one big mess of adulterous and/or fornicating energized bunnies."

No kidding, just like at AC, regardless of whether it was the liberal years, the "on-track" years, or whenever. On campus, off campus, gay, straight, you name it.

It was true then, and, given Flurry's devotion to all things Herbert, I have no doubt the atmosphere at Incest College fosters it now.

James said...

The writer you quoted wrote 'Thank God that He opens our minds,...'

Did God appear before her or him?
What they heard is second hand 'knowledge' supposedly told to their prophet, who by the way runs this church circus that makes profit of their foolish narrow thinking.

Anonymous said...

Not many will argue that 50 Shades is a very good example of film making, but it's interesting to note that it did its biggest opening weekend business in bible thumping states like Mississippi, Arkansas, Kentucky and Alabama.. it must really scratch a fundamentalist itch.

Anonymous said...

50 Shades of Grey: Taking the PISS out of the "Still Better Than Twilight" meme.

Connie Schmidt said...


"50 Shades of Dismay"

Redfox712 said...

Thanks No2HWA. When I saw that comment I just knew I had to bring it up.

Anonymous 12:44, that's a great thought. It deserves to be used against them again.