Friday, April 17, 2015

Day of Fasting Declared Because "Famine of the Word " Is Here!!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The idiocy continues.  Fasting is the weapon of choice in Armstrongism by those that think it has magical powers. Their god is going to whip GCI's butt for this while it lets starving children die from hunger and Christian be slaughtered in the Middle East. God is more concerned about some idiots plagiarizing HWA's materials than these dying people. Idiocy at its finest!


Date: April 15, 2015


1. The Real Elijah TV
2. Herbert W Armstrong TV ARCHIVES
3. The Worldwide Church of God ARCHIVES

These channels, housed hours of video and audio content from our church- The Worldwide Church of God, under the leadership of Herbert W Armstrong, Christ's chosen apostle.

A Dr. Kenny Ryans, a media manager for "Grace Communion International" , has been reporting the videos on these channels as copyright infringement, and because of this,YouTube deleted several videos, and in order for the channels to not be totally removed, we had to switch all our videos to "private".

On Youtube, if you receive 3 strikes against your account, Youtube totally bans you.

Because of Mr. Kenny Ryans' actions, we received 2 strikes per channel, and in order to not receive a final and third strike, we had to close down the channels for the time being.

Now, In being notified from YouTube, that our videos were reported, they provided the email for Mr. Ryans. So we contacted him yesterday, asking for the proof of ownership.

Now, these works are made available under Fair Use copyright law, for research purposes and for the preservation of the works.

Now, we have not edited, nor have we changed any of the material, nor are we receiving any monetary gain from such works.

But because of recent actions, done by representatives of "Grace Communion International", our channels are now temporarily closed, until further news.

We do apologized for this grave inconvenience, as we do want to make God's Truth available for everyone to learn and grow from.

So far, we have had no correspondence from Mr. Kenny Ryans, nor from Grace Communion International.
And we do wish to do so as soon as possible, to get these things resolved.
I predicted it and here it is!

We are entering into the Famine of the Word.

This channel is about the preserving of the works, and literary, and video and audio productions of the "Worldwide Church of God, a unincorporated spiritual organism". We are apart of this church, and we wish to protect and preserve the teachings of this "Church". And we wish to make them available, for our fellow brethren worldwide. And this is protected under the fair-use provision of the copyright regulations, as defined in 17 USC 107.

Under Herbert W Armstrong, The Worldwide Church of God, was also attacked with attempts to muzzle the message they brought. God's apostle, Herbert W Armstrong, preached around the world, the true gospel of Jesus Christ, the gospel or good news of the coming Kingdom of God!

These fools believe that since they call themselves the Worldwide Church of God, an unincorporated spiritual organism, this absolves them of their illegal activity's.  Unincorporated spiritual organism?  Sounds like an STD!

GCI's actions is none other than a direct attack against wimpy god the father and the thing they call "jesus."  What an impotent god they must follow if it cant preserve its message after 1,980 years!
And we, The Worldwide Church of God, an unincorporated spiritual organism, support him in God's Work. And we are still supporting him today, and that is why we make such materials available. And such attacks, from Grace Communion International, is an attack, believe it or not, on "The Worldwide Church of God, an unincorporated spiritual organism", and if God's Church is attacked, then the attack is on Jesus Christ and God the Father!

Those pesky demons are behind all of this!  Never-mind the fact that they illegally did something wrong, its all Satan's fault.
This world does not know what spirits lead them to do such deeds. They actually think they are doing God's will to destroy, and to censor and to muzzle the true gospel message, which was delivered by Herbert W Armstrong, and supported by "The Worldwide Church of God, an unincorporated spiritual organism".

So continue to pray brethren. Pray even for our enemies. Pray that God can bring them according to His Will to a place, where He can bless them for obeying Him.

The god of Armstrongism is always testing the people. A law based god does that.  A grace based God does not. Its no wonder most COG members are worn out by it all!

Because time is short, and we are entering it seems, the famine of the Word. But if that is God's Will, it will be done. But, perhaps God is testing His People Again, to see if they really love Him and His Truth, and to see if they are truly backing and supporting the delivering of the true gospel message, which Herbert W Armstrong preached?!?! 

Nevertheless, Satan the Devil is ANGRY!

A week or so ago, we received a news article speaking of Pope Francis' words of knowing "he has a short time", and that he must work harder than ever. Satan the Devil knows he has a short time!(Rev 12:12)

And his men are working feverishly towards the Devil's goals, in destroying that true gospel message, and God's Church along with it. ARE WE ON FIRE FOR GOD BRETHREN? If the Devil and His instruments are working hard, WE OUGHT TO BE WORKING HARD AT GETTING CLOSER TO GOD! God alone will fight our battles. But we need to clean up our lives, and draw close to Him and He will then draw close to us as He promises in His Word.

He is watching our choices. We are truly being judged right now.

We all have fell to sin, and have found each of ourselves off track.

God corrects those whom He loves, and He allows calamities and trials and persecutions to come on His people, to test them, and to strengthen them. Faith is like a muscle, it must be used in order to grow and build. But unlike a muscle, we cannot work up faith, but it must be given by Jesus Christ. The Living faith of Jesus Christ is what we must have, and God has promised in His Word, that if we ask for faith, He will give us the LIVING faith of Jesus Christ.

We are not battling with human beings, but with spirits in high places, who do not want God's Truth made available, who want to see it destroyed, who want every single one of us DEAD forever. We have a large target on our backs. And Satan and his demons are zeroing on God's Church, and wanting to destroy us, any way he can. DO you have a sin you don't think matters? Satan will use that to destroy you forever, if you do not repent of that sin, and turn and begin doing it God's Way! The same is with us. We are in perilous times brethren. And we need to get each other back on track.

We are awaiting correspondence from Kenny Ryans, who reported our videos, and we are praying that God delivers us, and protects His truth.

Perhaps our job is coming to a close? You better make sure you have as much as these materials downloaded for yourselves if you want them. Because they are being taken down, as we speak.

Please keep us in your prayers brethren. You are in our prayers.

Please set aside a day for fasting, and take all of this to God. Examine yourselves and make sure you are on track with God.

Thank you. And may God bless.
In Christ's Service,
The Herbert W Armstrong TV ARCHIVES staff


Anonymous said...

This is fantastic! This crap is off the air!!! I going to buy some ham to celebrate tonight!

Byker Bob said...

British Israelism is truth??? Prophecy based on it is "God's Word"? Where is the fulfillment that would provide substantiating evidence?

At least Eric King is honest enough to acknowledge that much of his material comes from communicating with extra-terrestrials!

Too bad HWA wasn't arrested during WWII as an enemy of the public or traitor! He was just as bad as Axis Sally, or Tokyo Rose!

One could only hope that GCI would establish a copyright defense fund to financially assist Kenny Ryans in his work! I for one would be glad to send in a donation!


Anonymous said...

Even the letter said it was from "Herbert W Armstrong TV Archives".

Anonymous said...

"We're committed to preserving these videos because, you know, we're incapable of forming an original thought or doing our own messages."

L McGill said...

Anon@7:18. It doesn't take much energy to see that HWA TV is part of Why are you lashing out so? Even I, a dumb ignorant gentile woman can see that!

Connie Schmidt said...

The owner of the is listed on as this...
Registrant Name: Mark Scarborough
Registrant Organization:
Registrant Street: PO Box 1550
Registrant City: Independence
Registrant State/Province: Missouri
Registrant Postal Code: 64055
Registrant Country: United States

Is this one of the Sarcboroughs that have been in hot water with Meredith??

Black Ops Mikey said...

The Famine of the Word began when Herbert Armstrong started preaching on his own in the 1930s.

Anonymous said...

Amos 8:11 says: "Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD:"

Why do people have to lie so much and stretch the truth?

Amos was talking about a famine of "hearing the words of the LORD," and that has absolutely nothing to do with "hearing the words of Herbert W. Armstrong!"

The words of the LORD are abundantly available today, worldwide, and in virtually all languages in existence on earth today.

HWA! Who was he? He died in January 1986. So many individuals in the xcogs have stagnated or gone backwards since 1986. God's Church should have continued to grow in grace and knowledge, shouldn't they? Or, do people not hear those words?

"But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen." 2 Peter 3:18

How about that? The words of the LORD are still available, but who is hearing?

So many years have gone by since the death of HWA that his writings, and written words, are just so much "milk of the Word," and lots of "junk food," and very little strong "meat," so why preserve them? The hearing of the Word is still abundantly available.

Oh, so people want to fast now! Why? Are any "words of the LORD" available for us today? Does somebody really want their voices to be heard from on high?

"Behold, ye fast for strife and debate, and to smite with the fist of wickedness: ye shall not fast as ye do this day, to make your voice to be heard on high." Isaiah 58:4

Those are the words of the LORD given to Isaiah and, unless someone has a "hearing" problem, God is not interested in listening to any voice that only wants God from on high to hear.

So, maybe there really is a famine of the hearing of the words of the LORD, because people still want to fast to make their voices heard from on high...


Anonymous said...

Is this one of the Sarcboroughs that have been in hot water with Meredith??

It wouldn't surprise me if Meredith's people were behind the shutdown, or put GCI up to it. Meredith likes to lie about what HWA taught, so it must frost him when people can see and hear for themselves the many points on which LCG and HWA disagree.

Byker Bob said...

Things don't ever seem to end well for the extreme extremists of this movement. Some of them have the financial resources to archive much of the of the old HWA materials, and become fanatical about it. We all know what happened to Don Tiger, and now a new example has come along, the Scarboroughs. These people don't realize that by doing something the "official" splinters either can't or won't, they leave themselves open and vulnerable to the jealousies of some alleged leaders with powerful egos. Some have missionary zeal to the point that they don't care what happens to them personally, but to others, getting persecuted by the very people whom they believe they are working right along side of is the ultimate stab in the back.

It's another example of bad fruits, and a lucid testimony to the fact that the greater movement has always been "of men".


S. Kitchen said...

L McGill: Herbert W Armstrong TV Archives is not part of HWALibrary.

HWALibrary is Teresa and Mark Scarborough, who was once apart of the LCG.

I make mention of this because, HWALibrary seems to be promoting Rod Meridith's group, by promoting his old sermons, his old pet project "Tomorrow's world"(which was shut down by Mr.Armstrong due to the watering down of church doctrine). Of course, promoting the old magazine promotes the LCG today, because people will of course look it up.
They also have other sermons and other material from LCG, and other ministers that were put out of the church.
They seem to be aiding in the merging of GTA, and LCG with HWA, with GTA and LCG on top. Kind of reminds me of the Timmons group.

Herbert W Armstrong TV Archives has not nor will do that. Big difference.

Anonymous said...

I heard that someone at Living was behind this takedown. It was one more swipe at the Scarbouroughs to discredit them. The Living member said someone from LCG HQ is the one that notified GCI. The bitterness that LCG holds against the Scarbouroughs is disgusting. Cross Spanky and you are in for a shitstorm.

Anonymous said...

If this is true that LCG was behind notifying GCI about this, it does not surprise me at all. There is quit a bit of anger in Charlotte that is directed at the Scarborough's. LCG is filled with some nasty men.

Anonymous said...

"Daddy, what is nepotism?"

"Why, son, that's when Rod Meredith of the so-called Living Church of God wants to send his political enemies to the planet Neptune! Unfortunately, because his own fantasies interfere with his telepathic powers, in most cases they actually end up going to Uranus! "

~Miguel de la Rodente

Anonymous said...

“'Day of Fasting' Declared Because 'Famine of the Word' Is Here!!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There should have been a day of fasting declared long ago (or a hunger strike, or refusal to eat) because of all the slop that the GCI, PCG, LCG, UCG, RCG, etc. have been trying to force feed everyone.

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt that LCG is behind this take down. For one they hate all Scarborough's. For two they want to bury what HWA preached because it makes it easier to change doctrine like they have been doing for several years now.

Anonymous said...

The way people worship HWA is appauling. An attack on this website IS NOT AN ATTACK ON JESUS CHRIST. These people make the same mistake LCG makes. You are not equal to Christ and neither is Rod Meredith. You are flawed, weak, human men. People keep getting this confused!

An attack on this website is not a "famine of the word". The word is printed in your Bible. Feel free to feast on the word as many times as you'd like in a day. Fill yourself full!

These people worship HWA like Living members worship Meredith. I will never understand all this putting your trust in man. Especially since it says not to do that very thing in plain language in the Bible!

Anonymous said...

The Scarborough family consists of 12 children. Meredith made a blanket statement marking and disfellowshipping "the entire Scarborough family" including women, children and those who had never spoken out against LCG (over 70 people in one swoop). This happened a few years ago for not agreeing with the changes to the LCG statement of beliefs and the "upgrades". All but 2 of the 12 children of Patricia and Ralph Scarborough live in Kansas City and were put out at that time. The Scarborough's that were recent McNair/League purge victims in Charlotte stayed in LCG even though the rest of the family was put out. They had nothing to do with HWAlibrary which is based in Kansas City.

This family is not related to the Scarborough in Pasidena who owned the health food store that Meredith marked/dis-fellowshipped decades ago.

Rod Meredith hates anyone with the name Scarborough and will use an means necessary to discredit and destroy them. It is indeeed very likely that Meredith or one of his minions called CGI to stir them up against HWA library. It is certainly in line with his shady, hateful, vindictive character.

Anonymous said...

Is this just for the youtube stuff, or are they going after printed materials also? Start with the low-hanging fruit, I suppose?

This is very upsetting to me. It will support all of the splinters in their attempts to rewrite HWAs words and actions. It will remove any proof that HWA was indeed a plagiarist and a tyrant. I have heard UCG people deny and defend HWA against things as easy to substantiate as the "no doctors" rule. (HWA's own wife died because of a colon blockage and then in co-worker letters "the brethren" were told it was their fault for their lack of commitment and $acrice$.)

But I've also heard GCI folks defend HWA so perhaps with the internet they've found it difficult to remove themselves from their past and increase their profits, and so are just on a book-burning of sorts. Either way it's about the money for GCI and it supports the financial efforts of all of the splinters.