Thursday, April 9, 2015

Is Oklahoma Being Punished for Allowing the Philadelphia Church of God Cult in its Midst?

The area around the cult compound of Gerald Flurry in Edmond, Oklahoma continues to be rocked by earthquakes.  Is the state of Oklahoma being punished for allowing the evil of the PCG to exist in its midst?  Whats Flurry going to do if a big quake demolishes his mini-me imitation Ambassador Auditorium?  One can only dream....

From a reader:

Guthrie is just north of Edmond, OK

Oklahoma, United States has had  (M1.5 or greater)

  • 56 earthquakes in the past 7 days
  • 218 earthquakes in the past month
  • 1,752 earthquakes in the past year


Retired Prof said...

It may be that Oklahoma is being punished, but humans cannot establish that fact statistically. God is far too clever for that.

See, he carefully arranges his miracles so that they precisely follow the law of averages, as it applies to the various laws of cause and effect. God has sent way more than an average number of earthquakes to the zone around Edmond, all right. But he cunningly covered his tracks by sending frackers into the area before the earthquake swarm started, so that everybody would blame the frackers for injecting a fluid-and-sand slurry into buried strata, rather than God for visiting his wrath on a preacher who had gone off the rails.

It's all part of the pattern of creating the universe to look exactly the way it would look if it had originated spontaneously and organized itself according to a rigid set of physical laws without outside intervention.

Byker Bob said...

What's true is, we wouldn't even think to ask this if Flurry hadn't accused the state of California of persecuting HWA, and speculated on all of their natural disasters.

It is comical that holding someone fiscally accountable for tithes and offerings would be thought of as persecution, but these people believe that they are above the law. Look at Ron Weinland's arrogance. He compares his plight to that of Paul, and John, who were both imprisoned because of spreading the gospel. There are no recorded bloopers and outtakes to Acts, but I seriously doubt that if there were, you'd read about golden his & her chariots for the apostles and their wives.


Black Ops Mikey said...

4.3 is nothing.

We'd be impressed if it were 9.5.

Anonymous said...

Having the Philadelphia Church of God in its midst would seem to be punishment enough for Oklahoma.

Anonymous said...

When i was in PCG years ago, i remember a sermon where Flurry BRAGGED that you wouldnt see earthquakes and disasters happen in OK , more precisley Edmond, for God protects his church and no one else. Wonder why people havent left just with that statement and comparrison to whats happening now?

The bible says "the simplicity" that is in the truth....why everyone has to make it difficult is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

“Is Oklahoma Being Punished for Allowing the Philadelphia Church of God cult in its Midst?”

Probably not, but it probably should be.

Anonymous said...

the fracking (oil and natural gas extraction by hydraulic fracturing) going on in oklahoma is more likely the culprit

Anonymous said...

Good, 8:11! Let's get some fracking going on in Wadsworth, Milford, Charlotte, and some of the other areas which have been contaminated by these self- absorbed splinters.

~Miguel de la Rodente

Redfox712 said...

It is also worth mentioning that the most recent issue (May-June 2015) of PCG's recruitment magazine, The Philadelphia Trumpet , has fallen below 300,000 for the first time since the December 2010 issue.

Here are the relevant figures:


December 295,382


January 300,380

February 304,147

March 307,097

April 315,064

May-June 322,410

July 335,444

August 327,731

September 330,232

October 332,530

November-December 326,176


January 330,067

February 333,067

March 333,067

April 334,044

May-June 338,939

July 342,452

August 340,298

September 340,813

October-November 340,813

December 341,259


January 333,214

February 331,273

March 331,130

April 329,122

May-June 332,997

July 335,797

August 332,849

September-October 330,936

November 331, 830

December 328,019


January 325,014

February 323,585

March 323,583

April 320,572

May-June 319,107

July 322,017

August 319,798

September 317,863

October 317,130

November-December 313,286


January 314,408

February 312,399

March 311,350

April 310,367

May-June 297,255

Anonymous said...

the answer is a resounding and unequivocal YES! and a rousing AMEN to That Brethren!

The god of fracking has indeed set himself against Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plain.
Where the waving wheat can sure smell sweet when the wind comes right behind the rain.

Anonymous said...

Say, Redfox, could you (or anyone) please comment further on something?

When the Plain Truth had a "circulation" of 8,000,000 (a number repeated over and over and over, by Flurry, to "prove" HWA's "success"), I think there might've been ONE million SUBSCRIBERS. The rest were NEWSTAND COPIES, which might have been read, but more were probably just thrown away. 8 million was actually the number PRINTED (waste of paper!), not actually "circulated."

Is this part of the figures you provided?

Anonymous said...

Can you trust the number of magazines if they come from the PCG? It's one thing to claim copies printed, or copies mailed, it's quite different from copies read. I wonder how many are actually read, even by church members. How many times did you read the PT when it carried the same old articles. How bored must you be to read them again and again.

Redfox712 said...

Anonymous 10:44,

I cannot comment regarding The Plain Truth's circulation.

But I will mention that although HWA claimed the Plain Truth had eight million issues in circulation. Actually, according to one account from WCG it was never higher than "slightly over six million." (Larry Nichols and George Mather, Discovering the Plain Truth, p. 39)

So it seems, according to at least some in WCG, The Plain Truth only ever actually had slightly over six million.

Redfox712 said...

Anonymous 2:10,

I often wonder if the figures are true myself. I have no way to verify if what they say is true. PCG does tend to be secretive about many things. So when looking at these figures I have to assume, for the sake of argument, that it is true.

Is PCG somehow fudging the numbers? I have no idea. I hope not. But is it not fascinating how, even if we assume the figures are accurate, that it is still declining?

But there's more. For whatever reason there was a large increase in circulation back in the latter half of 2007 reaching 458,700 with the November-December 2007 issue. And just as suddenly it collapsed to 294,000 by March 2008.

I do not have the slightest idea why this massive increase and sudden decline occurred in late 2007. It makes no sense to me. I would love it if someone could explain this.

Redfox712 said...

Relevant to this discussion is the following July 2011 article by PCG's Ron Fraser in which he boasts that PCG is magically causing Oklahoma to be blessed and to be spared the worst of the recession simply by being based in Oklahoma.

So how can PCG explain the earthquakes happening in their turf?

"Place is important to God. It always has been. He makes that evident by showering His blessings on the location of His choice as He moves the earthly headquarters of His work to suit the times we are living through in any given generation. ...

"The place where He bases His prophet for any particular era is always a special place chosen by God with His divine purpose in mind.

"Believe it or not, today that place is Edmond, Oklahoma. The very meaning of that name, Edmond, is “protector of wealth.” ...

"There is a very direct link between the blessings currently flowing in the state of Oklahoma amid national recession in America and the work of God emanating from the city of Edmond. Though few indeed will see this connection or even admit to it if they do, it is undeniable to those who truly understand God and His ways."

End of quote.

What utter garbage these words are. They are no help to the good people of Oklahoma.