Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Meredith: Your Salvation Depends Upon Reading His Tomorrow's World Mag.

Another issue of Rod Meredith's doom and gloom rag is out in print.  Every single issue of this magazine and ever single letter that Meredith writes is filled with horrific scenario after another.  Damnation, starvation and death are the code words of the day.

Believe me, my friends, God is watching! He is not going to give eternal life to those who just “go along to get along.” Please understand this—for your good and the good of your family and loved ones. So I encourage all of you to begin to study the dozens of powerful booklets we send out from this Work absolutely free. Also, I pray that more

and more of you will set yourselves to request your free subscription to our Tomorrow’s World Bible Study Course and actually complete the lessons and study the Word of God so that you are, in fact, able to prove the full Truth and purpose of God in a way you may never have done before. Then, after you have truly proved what God says and where He is working, you can become part of the “team” and do your part in helping to take His message out to this world with increasing power. As Jesus Christ Himself said, “My food [His strength and reason for being] is to do the will of Him who
Every word that Rod Meredith has uttered in the last 70 some years has been one lie after another.  Every single "prophecy" he claimed would happen by this time has failed.  The Churches of God have been ripped asunder and are impotent little cash cows for desperate rulers.  This continues to prove terribly frustrating for Meredith and crew.  Meredith constantly has to look back on the "glory days" of yesteryear in Armstrongism.

Back in the late 1940s and 1950s, I was privileged to be part of the original “team” that helped Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong do this Work with increasing power. But we did not do it “all by ourselves.” We were encouraged by him—and by one another and God’s inspired Word—to truly “go all out” in giving our lives to God, and seeking to understand and to teach His Word and to reach this world as best we could. I am very grateful to have had that opportunity.
Just what is he so grateful for?  The trail of death he has left in his wake?  For all the good marriages he ripped apart because of the draconian "divorce and remarriage" policies he helped institute?  For all the deaths he caused by making people reject medical help?  For scaring small children to death with his meat-hook stories, concentration camps with stories of parents eating their children?

As I draw closer to the end of my life, I often think back on those days and wish with all my heart that we could rekindle that kind of zeal among God’s people to truly be willing to work together, to sacrifice together and to proclaim His message so that we have a greater genuine “impact” on the world than ever. As the darkness descends on this world’s society and its governments, let us all strive to be “children of light.”
The failed fraudulent belief system of the Church of God cannot be resurrected.  We have seen that in practice of the last 70some years.  Hundreds and hundreds of splinter personality cults have broken off all claiming they are the only truth out there.  Rampant sexual immorality by the ministry.  Overwhelming misuses of tithe money for personal gain. The church is filled with widespread mental health issues due to the asinine sermons preached week in and week out.  Suicides, rapes, stalkings, child abuse and murders seem to be the legacy that Armstrongism has wrought on the membership.  Yet that is what Meredith wants to recapture. 


Black Ops Mikey said...

Believe me, my friends, God is watching! He is not going to give eternal life to those who just go along with a false prophet.

It doesn't really matter if you are codependent.

Lake of fire: One size fits all.

Anonymous said...

Rod Meredith wrote: "... As the darkness descends on this world’s society and its governments, let us all strive to be “children of light..."

Sorry, Rod, but your FEAR RELIGION, will no longer work. What do you mean by saying "darkness descends on this world's society and its governments?"

You/we have been living in darkness all along, or did you turn a blind eye to Jesus' words to exalt your own thoughts?

For example, where are those 10 kings (Rev 17)/nations you told us were to have come a long time ago?

For example, where is Christ's real "second coming" you told us about? And you can't even find that phrase in the Bible! And you turned a blind eye to Jesus coming back to this earth for a "second time" for a period of about 40 days after He was murdered, buried for 3 days/nights and was resurrected?

And perhaps most importantly, why do we need anything (literature, TV, booklets, etc.) from you (or any xcog) in order to receive salvation?

Based upon the spiritual fruit, it appears that God never used you or any of the xcogs for anything. The splits/scattering continue to prove that. You have no real proof that God is doing anything with Living group.

Tell us about some marvelous light! You should be out of darkness and we should see some "light." Jesus was murdered, His disciples, most of them, were martyred to exuding "light" to others. There is no major distinction between Living and the other groups to show us that you are the unique Church of God. You all seem to be assimilated into the same homogenized "grouping," but calling yourselves by different names.

If you are really "God's Church, which should grow in grace and knowledge, then what grace and knowledge can you share with us. So far it appears to be the same thing as all of the other groups and associations out there.

The clock is ticking....and time is telling...........


Anonymous said...

"Learn and announce to the people Wr-alda is the ancient of ancients, for he created all things. Wr-alda is all in all, for he is eternal and everlasting." —Oera Linda Book

"Today at Heydrich's funeral I intentionally expressed in my oration from my deepest conviction a belief in God, a belief in fate, in the ancient one as I called him—that is the old Germanic word: Wr-alda ... If we do not secure this moral foundation which is the deepest and best because the most natural, we will not be able to overcome Christianity on this plane and create the Germanic Reich which will be a blessing for the earth. That is our mission as a nation on this earth. For thousands of years it has been the mission of this blond race to rule the earth and again and again to bring it happiness and culture." —Heinrich Himmler, June 9, 1942, Berlin

If Himmler, a head lackey just like Meredith, had lived and become the post-war leader of his Frisian SS cult I could easily envision him writing almost these exact same words:

"The inspired Word of [Wr-alda] warns the modern peoples of the [Aryan]-descended and [Germanic] nations many times of what lies just ahead...

Yes, in the "latter days" we need to "seek Him" with all our hearts, as He tells us many, many times! Are you and your family actually doing this?

Are you learning to study [Wr-alda]’s Word so that you really understand it? Are you willing to "prove all things" so that you do not just "drift along" with the prevailing religious ideas of this world but rather prove to yourself what [Wr-alda] actually says in His inspired Word? Are you learning to discipline yourselves to fast, and seek [Wr-alda] persistently—showing your total dedication to seeking your Creator and your willingness to do His will?

Believe me, my friends, [Wr-alda] is watching! He is not going to give eternal life to those who just "go along to get along." Please understand this—for your good and the good of your family and loved ones ... Then, after you have truly proved what [Wr-alda] says and where He is working, you can become part of the "team" and do your part in helping to take His message out to this world with increasing power...

Back in the late 19[3]0s and 19[4]0s, I was privileged to be part of the original "team" that helped Der FĂĽhrer do this Work with increasing power. But we did not do it "all by ourselves." We were encouraged by him—and by one another and [Wr-alda]’s inspired Word—to truly "go all out" in giving our lives to [Wr-alda], and seeking to understand and to teach His Word and to reach this world as best we could. I am very grateful to have had that opportunity.

As I draw closer to the end of my life, I often think back on those days and wish with all my heart that we could rekindle that kind of zeal among [Wr-alda]’s people to truly be willing to work together, to sacrifice together and to proclaim His message so that we have a greater genuine "impact" on the world than ever. As the darkness descends on this world’s society and its governments, let us all strive to be "children of light." Let us genuinely give our lives to [Wr-alda] and be willing to "stand" for something while we have the opportunity...

Charlie Brown said...

Sorry Meredith, nothing has changed much in the leadership departments except its not under one roof like it was back in the " glory days ". You just lust for more power and money. It wouldn't be so bad if you could actually do what you require of everyone except your family and circle of thugs. Your a piece of sh_t. Would you like to buy a vowel?

Byker Bob said...

Really, there are some good things about Armstrongism. I mean, look at their shunning practice. I believe that if you are going to be part of a toxic cult, really it is your civic duty to marginalize and quarantine yourself. As a matter of fact, I actually assist their ministers, in some cases, in enforcing that doctrine. More like shine a mirror at it, but the practical application ends up being the same.

On the other hand, if someone is waking up to the fact that they have been deceived, and is in the process of leaving it, it is a pleasure to encourage and assist.


James said...

Meredith is worried that his little cult will go the way of the wcg when he passes on to his just reward.

His son Junior inherits the family business at this point. However someone in the ministry has their own designs on the Meredith empire. Those designs don't include Junior. The split is on.

And the soap opera of the LCG goes on until Junior closes the doors because the property is worth more than the blue ribbon tithe payers can give in a year. Hence the death of the Meredith cult and some income for Junior for a short spell.

Anonymous said...

Bob you made reference to shunning. Can you or anyone else with a working knowledgeable of ACOG's version of knowledge/ truth please explain the origination of when and how they took the word "mark" which literally means "take note" and evolved it into full blown shunning? I'm sure they've added or taken away from some scripture somewhere to justify this totally un-Christian practice. Didn't Christ eat with prostitues and tax collectors?

I ask because I am a member who is expected to obey the ministry by shunning people that I love and know are good people. I am struggling with my own conscious and have studied my Bible and can not find any scriptural backing for this practice. We have been told that we shouldn't even interact with them on social media if we are truly supportive of God's government and if we want to be pillars in the Kingdom. Am I to believe that God would turn His back on His children? It may sound foolish but this has kept me up nights for months. I just can't make it work in my mind. Maybe someone can share the history of this COG practice to shead some light for me.

Anonymous said...

I ask because I am a member who is expected to obey the ministry by shunning people that I love and know are good ............
Are you talking about the Scarbourgh family? or are there other member's being disfellowshipped as well? Would like to know the scale of these disfellowshippments in Living ? are there many more people being disfellowshippped ? Charlotte or elsewhere ?

Retired Prof said...

Anon on April 29 at 6:58 pm, I don't know the history of shunning in the COGs. Furthermore, since my bias as an unbeliever skews my viewpoint, I am unqualified to give you direct advice. However, you might take heart and inspiration from the example of my mother, who was baptized into the Radio Church of God and died a member of UCG.

She took to heart HWA's challenge: "Don't believe me, believe your Bible!" So when the Church said NO to birthday celebrations, she studied the Bible and found no authority for the ban. She made sure we children had birthday celebrations.

My sister came home from church all sad because the preacher said we were to avoid close friendships with people of the world, and she had many close friends at school. Mom didn't even have to make a search; she knew as soon as the preacher said it that the stricture was unbiblical. She told my sister, "No, that's ridiculous. Don't quit seeing them. People can't get along without friends."

When I left the church, she told me the decision whether to go to church or not was mine alone. We remained as close as ever, and she remained a member in good standing of three successive Armstrongist churches.

It's worth noting that she didn't necessarily announce everything she did to a minister, but on the other hand, she never pretended to anyone that she was avoiding me, an unbeliever. In fact, when I would drive her to church when she was visiting with us, she would ask me to join her, and if any deacons objected to her bringing in an outsider, she resisted them.

In her last year of life, she confided in me, "I always just followed my own conscience."

I thought my mother was crazy for staying in the church, but my opinion is not important. What is important? She drew strength, consolation, and sometimes joy from church attendance and from observing its rituals. So the church was good for her in spite of--or maybe because of--the fact thatR she refused to be pushed around by it.

Redfox712 said...

No2HWA said:

>>Hundreds and hundreds of splinter personality cults have broken off all claiming they are the only truth out there.<<

Meredith does this as well. When I got sucked into believing that LCG was the one church through which God was working through most Meredith insinuated that he had no one else had.

Meredith said on one of his broadcasts from 2009 the following: "You will gain precious insights and information available nowhere else."

He said such things when he deceptively convinced me to embrace Armstrongism in 2000.

As one who had nothing to do with Armstrongism previously how was I supposed to know that there are hundreds of other COG groups all of which teach many of the very same things HWA taught?

Do LCG members realize that Meredith is lying when he says that he has information "available nowhere else"?

It is available in many other places if you know where to look.

NO2RCM said...

This once again illustrates what Meredith's primary goal is, namely, to gain money and power by propagandizing his people into blindly thinking LCG is doing the work and no one else is. Notice: "and where He is working". It is almost subliminal. But he repeats this over and over in his letters and articles. He never proves it with Biblical verses. He doesn't have to. He has hypnotized nearly all the brethren to the point that no matter what happens, "there's nowhere else to go."
I challenge anyone to find one shred of evidence that LCG has any intention of doing any part of the Matthew 28 Great Commission. Show me that they have any intent to make disciples. Show me that they have any intent to baptize. And while they want to teach those that God sends to them, that is not the people of Matt 28, which are the people you went and got. Furthermore, nowhere did Jesus ever tell us to preach the gospel to the world as a witness. And nowhere did he tell us to preach the Ezekiel warning. So, LCG is busy doing something Jesus never commanded, and not doing what He did command. And,they follow it up by using John 6:44 as an excuse for poor evangelism. We're doing everything we can. If God chooses not to call people, that's His choice. In other words, if people aren't flocking to LCG, it's God's fault, not theirs.

Byker Bob said...

Anon. 6:58:

I believe that the tradition of HWA and the churches he spawned is not to consider the complexity of issues, or even the various aspects and dimensions that scripture often adds on vital topics. Look at how "Let the dead bury the dead" has been reduced, and (mis)used as an all-purpose, one size fits all, paradigm for dealing with "outsiders", and I believe you will see my meaning.

Armstrongism usually bases shunning on Eph. 5:1, 1 Cor. 5:1-5, II Thess. 3:6, I Tim. 1:20, and 5:20. The basic problem is that in actual practice, the ACOGs use it as some form of cheap spiritual or physical manipulation. They do not temper it with John 8:7-11, II Thess. 3:14-15, Eph. 5:11, or I Pet.4:8. Today, it is all about control. Some of the behaviors which they attempt to control are not what the Bible categorizes as "sins unto death". Shunning is directed at people who are not of the same splinter, therefore "Laodicean", and it is even enforced in manners so as to break up families! People are marked and put out of some splinters for not liquidating their 401Ks, or pulling the equity from their homes to send into their splinter. If someone questions British Israelism, they are branded as being heretics. In other words, these shunning practices are often based on the special, extra-biblical "gnosticism" and totalitarian authority taught by HWA and the splinters, not actually on the Bible's defining of sin. It assumes that splinter leaders are heirs to an apostle, and are therefore gatekeepers to the church, to the so-called place of safety (it will be anything but!), and even to the kingdom.

The goal in removing a person from close personal fellowship, and from participating with them in the oracles is actually restoration (Gal. 6:1), and in a spirit of meekness! Jesus' gospel was one of restoration, for people personally, and as individuals, to Father God, (parable of the prodigal son), of family members, husbands and wives, and even slaves and masters!

I do not believe that the Bible supports the types of authority which Armstrongite teachers claim, and abuse. How could one experience the freedom Paul describes in Jesus Christ? How could one build character based on free will, rather than on the manipulation from authority figures, and their enforcement? That doesn't build character, it turns members into fearful automatons!

The comment I made above about shunning ACOG members was somewhat tongue in cheek, and I am sure that you picked up on that. It's kind of my own version of "As ye have rejected me, so have I rejected thee!"

When I was very young, at one time, I was not allowed to attend church. One of the things that produced a fervent desire in my heart for restoration was the fact that many of my friends in the church still communicated with me, letting me know that I had made a mistake, and expressing hope that I would "do the right thing". Their behavior towards me had great drawing power! I can't imagine why the authority heavy leaders of today's splinters don't get that. But, having said that, if you do believe in your heart that the Armstrong doctrines are correct, I'd be real careful about getting caught violating the shunning doctrine!

Hope that helps!

Chuckles said...

How come no one ever needed all these so called powerful (I wish I had a nickel for every time Rod uses that word) booklets when God called them right from the beginning? Everyone seems to think they need to get the truth out by writing booklets, now even James Malm is getting on the band wagon, and he thinks only he has the real truth, and everything he says is in attacking one way or the other all of the other so called churches of God, that's almost his whole message, attack them, tell everyone he alone has the real truth and therefore maybe the followers of those other churches will believe him and follow him. I read in the bible it says "thy word is truth" not James Malm or anyone else's booklet word, but thy word, Gods word is where truth is at and that's what we need to rely on and study, just like they did from the beginning, that way we don't have to worry about being deceived by some cult or by someone who thinks they can put out a booklet that can explain things better than Gods book. God will open our mind to his word in his book as we read it, not replace it by someone else's interpretation of Gods word, Gods word will interpreted itself as we check it out, that's the only book that is real truth, and the only one that is powerful.

Anonymous said...

I get all the COG literature and as soon as it arrives in the mail I feed it to my shredder. My shredder is well fed.

Anonymous said...

There are several families. Not just the Scarborough's.

Anonymous said...

Annon 6:58 I miss them too. I think the practice is supposed to make them feel so isolated and alone that they figure out how much they need the church and want to come back. But with some of them having begged to come back for months already that purpose seems served. After that, I'm with you. What's the point? I have thought of reaching out to them but I'm paranoid that I would be found out. For now all we can do is pray about it. Hopefully things will change after Dr. Meredith dies.

Otis said...

Retired Prof, you're mother did the right thing. Just because a minister say's so doesn't make it right.
I learned a lot by watching what they did, not by what they say. Their actions speak more than words!

Black Ops Mikey said...

As per Scripture, we should mark those who cause division and put those who are liars and false prophets in our midst for the sake of the unity of the body.

Therefore, from this moment on and until the very unlikely event that he repents (that will never happen), Roderick Meredith is to be shunned by all who consider themselves Christians, whether in the ACoGs or any other Christian Church, even the Catholics (heck, Mormons and Scientologists are also invited to shun him).

No Christian is to have any contact with him, and... for heaven's sake, don't give him any money....

Anonymous said...

While I don't know the origin of the ACOG's usage of the word "mark" or for that matter of "disfellowship" as opposed to the catholic "excommunicate," I'd bet that this terminology is something HWA picked up from his associations as an evangelist with COG7D. I'm not saying he got it from COG7D, just that it's something he probably picked up during those times and later realized he could make it work for him as well. One thing about HWA is that he wasn't very original.

However the practice of shunning goes way back. Catholicism used to require it in cases of excommunication. Armstrongism is a branch off of Adventism, which is a branch off of Puritanism, and strict Mennonite and Amish sects have long practiced shunning.

I always thought that the whole idea of "disfellowshiping and marking" people was silly. We live in a free country. Nobody can tell me who I can and cannot communicate with. I never shunned anybody. It just seemed like people spilling their juris all over my diction. Talk about patronizing. Is it possible for one grown-ass man treat another grown-ass man (or woman) with any MORE condescention? I think not.

Besides the fact they've got no right to make such demands there's something else that really bugs me about the practice of shunning, and that is the clear functional aspect of it for the benefit of the control-freak ministers. Obviously, whatever that person has got to say is HIGHLY threatening to the church leaders. They don't want anyone else to hear those perspectives. Shunning is a way of quarantining those threatening ideas, and keeping your titheslaves from becoming contaminated with them. More slaves might wind up doing something that isn't in the tithemaster's interest.

Anonymous said...

When UCG split RCM preached how all the COGs are part of the body of Christ because he was hoping many would join Living. Now he says Living is God's only true work, preaching the full truth, with the right firm of government and thinks that other splinters are Laodicean. Funny how he can change his story and nobody calls him on it! Is LCG the Body or are all ACOGs of the Body Roddy boy??? And if so, is one part of the body better, worse or more important than the other? Get your story straight!

Retired Prof said...

Mikey, you proclaim that Meredith is to be shunned by all Christians. Is it okay if I shun him too?

If not, too late. I have had absolutely no contact with him, nor him with me, since he gave me the wrong grade in his Church History class. I tried my best to earn an "F" and I'm pretty sure I succeeded. However, the grade he posted was a "D."

I have never figured out why. Considering his personality and his character, it seems impossible that he passed me out of Christian charity.

orange 65 said...

I believe that the Larger COGs have abused and perverted the truth . Too many Sheriffs abusing their so called position!!...., by their fruits you shall know them ....its as simple as that , time and time again people blindly follow those whom they are brainwashed into thinking are superior to them , when the reality is true shepherds serve their flock in love , by example and not by fear....shame on them

Anonymous said...

Why read it? You have already read it over and over and over again... All they do is revamp the same articles. If people really read this stuff they would know that. Get them out and look thru them... you will see the same article from years ago redone in newer magazines.
It is the same with their sermons... it is the same sermons over and over again.
And the funny thing is people (the butt kissers) run up and say "That was the best sermon ever"...

Anonymous said...

One of the problems with disfellowshipping and marking is that it sets a precedent for dealing with people and problems in other difficult situations. Kids want tats, or piercings? If they persist, out they go! Just get rid of then, and act as if they are no longer even persons. In fact, shut out neighbors with whom you disagree, people at work, or others with whom most people would normally attempt to find common ground so that they could successfully interact.

It's all control, and in this particular example, you would have to classify it as being toxic, like so many of the other practices of Armstrongism. Calling an ACOG a cult is whitewashing! These are not innocent little cults, they are toxic cults, producing and enforcing very bad fruits.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine Jesus Christ shunning anyone?

RCM's favorite verse is Gal 2:20 but he most certainly does not practice it.

Anonymous said...

That's because tge Living Church of God ignores everything Christ ever said EXCEPT that He will return and establish His Kingdom on earth.

All those pesky verses on love, forgiveness, mercy and grace are just too hard to put into practice when you're a tyrannical, ego maniacal fear monger.

It's much easier to focus on obeying physical things like dietary laws, the Sabbath and the Holy Days.

Anonymous said...

"Then, after you have truly proved what God says and where He is working, you can become part of the “team”..."

LOL! You just transferred the authority of the God you already believed in over to the wolves!
[team = food]
[food = sheeple]
[sheeple shall feed the wolves]
You shall feed Rod's will.