Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Dave Pack: Cowering In Wadsworth

God's most highly favored man-child.

 From a reader:
I think it's hilarious that Packman devoted 2 entire World To Come programs to bash Harold Camping's failed prophetic dates back in 2011, and now he's getting a taste of his own medicine after that epic fail last year- he actually thought he could get away with a rewrite of some of his earlier material as a cover-up after the blowout! Pack is now left to cower under his desk at the magnificent Hall of Administration and hasn't put out much of anything since. This couldn't have happened at a better time while he's right in the middle of building a costly and glorious monument to his own foolishness in Wadsworth.

Way to go, Dave!


Sweetblood777 said...

For someone who has claimed to be the Elijah, he is saying very little these days.

So how about it, Dave? Is the spirit no longer speaking through you?

Surely you must have something to say after all these months of hiding out.

Anonymous said...

Someone did say something about a medical operation. Wouldn't it be nice if the procedure was a lobotomy?

~Miguel de la Rodente

Anonymous said...

After David C. Pack's August 31, 2013 prophetic guess that he tried to read out of the biblical books of Haggai and Zechariah totally failed, he should have been more humble and realized that God would not back up just any nonsense that he comes up with. But being humble is not David Pack's style. He insists that the part of his prophetic guess about him being “Joshua the High Priest” is still absolutely, clearly, irrefutably, obviously true. He argues that the timing of everything else was just off by a little bit--by just enough to string his followers along indefinitely.

David Pack came up with some idea that he calls “common,” which actually means that everyone is to send him everything they have until it all becomes his own. Since Herbert W. Armstrong had never taught any such thing, nor some of David Pack's other new ideas, David Pack reasons that Herbert Armstrong had not really “restored ALL things” and therefore could not have been the one who was prophesied to come in the spirit and power of Elijah to “restore ALL things.” Obviously, Herbert Armstrong must have been Moses, and David Pack himself must be Elijah, according to David Pack's six hours of 130 non-proofs. Those who want to continue to believe what Herbert Armstrong had taught, and what David Pack had originally taught to try to gain followers, now just get openly insulted by David Pack and called “idolaters.” Of course, anyone who does go along with David Pack's recent doctrinal changes could also be called an idolater--and a fool! This is an interesting development after all the years of David Pack complaining that Roderick Meredith did not believe that Herbert Armstrong was the Elijah and of accusing Roderick Meredith of secretly desiring to be the Elijah himself.

In the past there appeared to be some hope for David Pack, but he has now gone so far wrong that it does not seem possible for him ever to repent. My sympathy to anyone who went with David Pack thinking that he was standing up for the truth and that his Restored Church was the one and only true splinter group. Disaster comes to Church of God people in many forms. David Pack is just one more of them.

Byker Bob said...

Anon. 9:16: David Pack has become adept at changing things around to suit the needs of his so-called ministry, actually worsening Armstrongism if that were possible, and then to use the right words to market or explain away these changes to his followers. But, fortunately, those of us in the dissident underground function as the Yelp and Snopes for all things in the Armstrong movement.

Our version of Snopes indicates that David C. Pack is in no way Joshua, or any other figure from the Bible, not a prophet, not an apostle. At best, he is a marked, defrocked, and disfellowshipped ex-pastor, frequently disciplined for his abusive treatment of the church members in the areas in which he served, and also for his continued refusal to accept authority.

As goes Yelp, David C. Pack has financially ruined a large percentage of the people who were once part of his church. As a marketer of fear and authoritarianism, he has also caused mental disorders such as depression and paranoia. The RCG is known to radically worsen the life conditions of anyone who chooses to align themselves with and commit to that organization. As an organization, RCG would most likely receive a double F rating from the BBB and other such groups.


Anonymous said...

If only his God Jeepers wearing short shorts would descend from Heaven, and split the Mount of Olives in two while holding a framed portrait of MISTER Pack....

Now, THAT'S what might increase allegiance toward Davey and the RCG.

Otherwise, it's 'same old, same old', and not much different from Christian megachurches brainwashing their members into promoting rumors as fact in order to increase allegiance via dubious stuff that has them hooked.

"Hook, line and sinker!"

Mark Wolfe said...

The most important thing to a cult leader is keeping control of information. The compound in Wadsworth is not the result of God's will but the result of Dave's lusts-----which was achieved by his control of information.

But his narrative is now so full of holes that even the most gullible member has to at least be questioning Dave's sanity or his motives.

If "common" means give it all to Dave and his staff for redistribution, than the RCG is nothing more than a socialist institution. This social utopia is exactly what Jim Jones sold to his followers in San Francisco and Guyana.

Dave better really think through his next steps or the king will no longer have a kingdom.

Anonymous said...

Lobotomy, you say? When Thorazine was first marketed, it was promoted as a "lobotomy in a bottle". Pack has had a lobotomy; not a physical one or a chemical one, but a spiritual/psychological lobotomy.