Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Gerald Flurry: God Lovingly Punished the People of Nepal for their Sins

Another major disaster happened recently with the earthquake in Nepal that killed thousands.  As usual, the Armstrongite cult leaders start spouting their ridiculous nonsense on what it happened.

Gerald's god is a god that punishes.  He likes that god.  It validates the legalistic doctrines he forces upon his members.

Here is what Gerald Flurry says:

Because creation came from a Creator, it follows that environmental disasters have a spiritual dimension. Thankfully, the someone who created our planet and created us reveals Himself to human beings. He is God.

But a God who lovingly made creation would never allow humans to suffer. That is a false argument, based not on God’s actual nature, but on our own ideas.

God punishes. We can see that in the Bible, and we can see that in the news. Why? Because we sin. We sin so much that if God doesn’t intervene, we will drown in it. We are on our way to violently deleting ourselves from this planet, no environmental disasters needed.

So God uses something no human being can control to communicate with us: our environment. We just need to get the message: If your entire world is shaking, something is wrong.
When earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, mudslides, tornados and fires strike, does that mean God is lashing out at us in retaliation? No. It is God’s loving correction for those who will recognize it. Does it mean that the people who die as buildings collapse on them are extra-sinful people? Jesus Christ Himself answered this exact question. He said that those who die in such disasters are a warning to the rest of us that unless we repent, we will likewise perish.


Redfox712 said...

I would like to state that back in March this year I was really disgusted with an article by PCG's Callum Wood which insinuated that the Boat People trying to get into Europe from Libya are infiltrators sent by the so called "Islamic State".

Here is the article: 'Lampedusa and the Islamic State’s War on Rome'


After that article was published one of these boats sank with up to 900 lives on board. Whenever I hear of that terrible situation I cannot help but think of that article by Callum Wood.

I cannot understand how people can say such terrible things about these unfortunate and desperate people. I cannot fathom such callous disregard for other human beings. How can they live with themselves saying things like this?

Connie Schmidt said...

Flurrys church is a disaster!

Anonymous said...

By the standard set by what Flurry says, God should punish him and his ilk with an earthquake so severe that the earth swallows them.

"Enormous sinkholes reported suddenly occurring in Edmond, Wadsworth, Charlotte ... "

Byker Bob said...

Reality check: When these disasters strike, most people don't ask why. They just happen, and asking why would be like asking why it just rained. If someone has the time to ask why, as they go through clean up and recovery, then basically, they are left wondering, as there is no reliable and credible voice to definitively tell them. Those who would attempt to tell them are merely sharing their own interpretation and agenda.

People in impoverished nations who suffer from these terrible catastrophies often do know one thing. They know who it is that pitches in and helps, sending medical supplies, food, water, and clothing. That is often the figurative pushing of the reset button, as their area of the world suddenly receives some much needed attention.

But, fortunately, they never hear "loving" cults badmouthing them for being homosexual or idolaters. The only people who hear that and get off on it are the culties themselves, as they repress their normal humane impulses and smuggly embrace decidedly non-Christian values. It is delusion, denial, and more bad fruit, contrived as part of the continuing reselling of Armstrongism. When His disciples inquired about the people who had been killed by the collapse of some structure during their times, Jesus explained that the victims were no better, and no worse than anyone else. Sometimes disasters are simply random.


Black Ops Mikey said...

If that were true, shouldn't Flurry be worried about what's going to happen to the people in his compound in Edmond, Oklahoma?

Anonymous said...

That's right Zero Furry! Just keep 'holding the head', and God will teach 'em with chaos! Uh oh...
I think a little butterfly flapped its wings to hard in South America in response to my sarcasm...watch out everybody!

Anonymous said...

The basic mistake people make is assuming Flurry has any credibility whatsoever. He's like HWA. The only basis he has for any of his claims about himself is that he said so.

When you step back and simply call that out for the bullshit it really is, he becomes totally insignificant.

The dude is totally impressed with himself, and then peddles it to people. It's laughable.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

God is lovingly punishing the dumb tithe slave sheep by subjecting them to another Gerald Flurry sermon! They need to repent of being in the grossly mis-named Philadelphia Church of God where there is no Philadelphian love! See, there is a God and there is justice!


Anonymous said...

Yes, Flurry is "totally insignificant." Outside of the church of God, he is unknown and has little impact. But he is making a nice living for himself and his family. Perhaps that is how he and other "leaders" in the churches of God define success. Perhaps neither he nor HWA and the others cared much about how they were thought of in the Christian community because that was not important to any of them.

Vaughn said...

Then again, it could be that as the Earth's surface shifts and moves that the kinetic energy built up in those movements can be suddenly and violently released. I know, it's crazy, but possible.

Anonymous said...

"...those who die in such disasters are a warning to the rest of us..."

What a hateful, ignorant concept. This person's life was nothing more than chattel, gruesomely ended just so you all could be warned.

Shut up, Flurry. Get off your high horse, get on a damn plane and go over and help. Show some compassion and decency. Stop using people's sorrow and grief to prop up your asinine theories.

Good grief, who in their right mind would listen to such awful thinking?

Black Ops Mikey said...

Yes, and when you get sick it is a result of physical sin!

So the next time you get a cold, the flu, or perish the thought, diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, just remember, it is all because you have sinned! You must repent! You need healing from a bone fide Philadelphian minister (and not those nasty Laodocean ones), otherwise, you will continue to be sick and obnoxious potions, some of which are over the counter, will not help you in any way! You are sick because of sin and nothing will change that until you are forgiven your physical sin.

Fortunately, apostles and prophets are exempt and they get sick randomly from time and chance, not from physical sins. And certainly they are not responsible for any DUIs they get on holydays.

Anonymous said...

Just in the first week of May, Norman, Oklahoma had flooding and a tornado. Judgment on PCG is swift and sure.