Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Banned by HWA Is Now On Facebook!

Banned by HWA is now on Facebook!  

Some of the postings on this blog will cross post from here but will also allow an entire new audience to post their comments.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! This has the potential for even more to be exposed to the lies of Armstrongism!

Anonymous said...

Good job! Let the world really see what the face of Armstrongism looks like!

Connie Schmidt said...

So when will there be "BANNED BY HWA" ... TShirts, Hoodies and coffee mugs available??

A- said...

ugh, facebook. The world will see nothing. The only audience this will get on facebook is those already interested in the subject. No one else cares.
Facebook is so cheesy.

Anonymous said...

"ugh, facebook. The world will see nothing... No one else cares.
Facebook is so cheesy."

Facebook just passed Walmart in value!

NO2HWA said...

If now one cares then why have over 3,000 hits occurred in 2 days?