Sunday, June 21, 2015

Do You Have Confidence You Can Go To Your LCG Regional Director About Issues With Your Pastor?

Ever since the Church of God instituted Regional Directors in the church hierarchy, they have been set up as the "go to" person if there is a member complaint about the pastor.

Just hows easy is that to do?  Do you feel your Regional Director would actually listen to you without any recrimination?  Do you think your local pastor would treat you differently once he is corrected by a regional director?

We all know the answer to those questions.  We have all witnessed the reactions of Regional Directors to member complaints.  The member is kicked out!

Notice #5 well has that worked for you?

Here are some of the specific duties a Regional Pastor (or Regional Director) fulfills: 

1. Provides support by giving counsel, direction, and encouragement to Pastors in fulfilling their responsibilities. 

2. Is a Pastor-at-large for the Pastors and Elders who seek or desire spiritual counsel and direction from within the region. 

3. Knows the leading men in the region, to be able to encourage manpower development and have a basis for ordination recommendations. 

4. Fulfills administrative responsibilities of reports, divorce and remarriage review and decisions, and ordination recommendations. 

5. Listens to and seeks to resolve complaints or appeals from the brethren regarding their Pastor or Church area. 

6. Supports the Area Pastor when he, the Area Pastor, is unsuccessful in mediating or resolving conflicts among the brethren in his Pastorate. 

7. Communicates with the Director of Church Administration regarding the needs and spiritual health of the region.

LCG Pastors Manual pg. 3-5


Anonymous said...

NO! Mr. Merediths' tyrant son-in-law is "leading" the Houston LCG Congregation and is on the counsel of elders, and the Regional Director takes his side even when there is legitimate evidence that shows that the Houston pastor lies, is hypocritical, unfair, controlling, offensive, oppressive, and unreasonable.

Anonymous said...

Is this the pastor who goes around the world preaching a sermon in three parts on the "Heart of a Shepherd"??????

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:13 PM - yes.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing about that is that RCM has said racist, disparaging things about Phil Senna behind his back for years because he is Hispanic. RCM did not approve of his daughter engaging in inter-racial marriage and wondered why "it had to happen to him" out loud, in front of numerous people, on numerous occasions.

On another note.. Annon do you not realize that liars are REWARDED in LCG? Ministers who oppress the members, kiss the ass of the pope, err Meredith and lie, lie, lie are the ones who rise to the top. When the head of the church is a historically documented pathological liar, what else can you expect?

Anonymous said...

Senna and Staford are both Meredith son-in-laws. Which one is the regional and which one is the Houston pastor?

They are related. Nepotism rules at LCG!

Of course they have each other's backs!

The members should just give up all hope that their concerns will ever be addressed lol