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Gerald Flurry And How He Is Justifying Ripping Families Apart

A few days ago a person with PCG ties sent this blog, Silenced and a couple of others a copy of the latest Royal Vision.  In this issue is an article that was approved by Gerald Flurry for publication, Preserving Unity God's Way written by Brian Davis.  The particular story the person wanted publicized was the on on unity.  

Unity is a huge issue today in the Churches of God.  After the melt down of the Worldwide Church of God in 1996 and onward, numerous splinter personality cults formed and took tens of thousands of members with them.  These harlot daughters of the WCG have never recovered from the dissolution of the church and have never been able to maintain unity in their groups. 

Its no wonder unity cannot be preserved when these groups when the very founders were the original ones causing division.The Royal Vision rag is a for the members of PCG who are in good standing with everything Flurry teaches.  Thankfully that number is shrinking more and more each day as the PCG looses control of its members

In this article Brain Davis seeks to justify the PCG's perverted reasoning as to why they label all exCOG members as Laodicean and why PCG member should cut off all contact with them, including family members.

Countless horror stories have emerged from people who have witnessed the appalling actions of PCG members towards family and friends.

Here are some excerpts from the rag:

Notice that the article cannot even start with Jesus and any mercy that he was constantly showering on people.  Instead the article immediately starts out with big bad meanie Satan who seems to be the most powerful person in Armstrongism.  Never ones to rest in the safety of Jesus, the Armstrongite groups, and PCG in particular, cower in fear.  Satan is the ultimate god of the COG.  That is all they seem to be able to talk about and give power to.

The article immediately starts out by mocking PCG members who question Gerald Flurry's personal teachings on this subject.  Many have refused to stop talking to relatives and friends and Davis is not happy.  His god would NEVER allow PCG members to do such a thing.

Gerald Flurry has never been known to come up with anything original so he has to revert back to the failed utterances of Herbert Armstrong concerning wayward members.  This was the only way Herbert could keep the membership ion line so Gerald has to do the same thing, Its was and still is a control issue. 

Herbert Armstrong always loved to call church members "dumb sheep."  Church members are naive and unthinking and apparently the dumbest creatures on the face of the planet.  So stupid that they give Satan power to corrupt them.  Maybe part of that problem is that most church members know noting about Jesus. Again, that's another story.

Next Davis warns PCG members to NOT even allow these disgusting vile ex-member family members into their homes.  Their mere presence brings in the doctrine of demons.

As you can see Davis also warns members that these disgusting people can enter their homes in ways other than the front door.  Pretty soon PCG will be banning cell phones, televisions, Internet and email.   Evil people such as this are spiritual fornicators.  Even though certain individuals at the PCG compound are fornicating, that apparently is not as bad as exCOG members.  Like every single COG leader in charge today in all the various groups, they pick and choose what they beliefs and doctrines the elite will practice while having another standard for the membership

Since they cannot actually PROVE this doctrine from the Bible, no matter how  hard they try, they have to resort to REVEALED information from Gerald Flurry.  God apparently speaks to Gerald all the time.  From revealing hidden books, to how to build a mini-me auditorium, and how to dream up aberrant doctrines.
Read below Flurry's take on Herbert's "dedication" to the youth of the WCG.  All of those thankless children turned their backs on Herbert just like they are turning their backs on Gerald.

Flurry now has taken upon himself a new title - "breaker."   But who is leading this "breaker?"  It certainly is NOT God.  Its not Jesus because they cant even utter his name 99% of the time.

Like all other COG leaders from HWA on down, it is always someone else's fault.  Its not Flurry's fault that he invented this disfellowshipment/shunning doctrine.  It is the xCOG members fault.  It was THEY that departed from the one true, holy, apostolic Church of God.

The ironic thing that is disturbing a LOT of PCG members in the Edmond Oklahoma area is how they are forced to cut off contact with friends and relatives because they are considered unclean, but have to watch as Flurry and crew hobnob and court rich old Christmas/Sunday keeping ladies from Edmond in order  to keep their concert series afloat.  Its no problem dealing with these pagans, but it is perfectly OK to ignore your children or parents.

More information about the horrendous abuses that the Philadelphia Church of God is perpetuating upon its members read here.  There is 15 years worth of letters there on how sick Gerald Flurry and the Philadelphia Church of God is.

More PCG info can be found here: The Plain Truth About Malachi's Message and THAT Prophet


Anonymous said...

I don't mean to get doctrinal, but I never understood how WCG could say the woman who gives birth to the "man child" in Revelation was "the Church". The church doesn't give birth to Jesus. And it plainly says of the rest of her offspring "those who obey God's commandments and hold to the testimony of Jesus" - not "the lukewarm ones who don't obey the Law, Law, Law."

Maybe they just got hung up on the whole "flying to her place" thing and never quite read the chapter?

Mish-Mash said...

Hey Anon 4:24,
Great comment I agree. The Woman is Israel, and specifically Mary(Miriam) who was a Jew. WCG was anti-Semitic to the core. Even the Catholic church agrees this verse is about Mary who represents Israel (12 Stars on Her Head). I'm not Catholic, but a former WCG'er and a current Messianic Jew. You know, there are a zillion different groups who coalesce under several banners, WCG splinter groups, Messianic Jews, all have a ton of differences from congregation to congregation. Anyone who is a believer that Jesus is the Messiah and can think critically, can read plainly what the Bible says. You can tell what is a parable, what is an "idiom" and what is plain and straightforward. I don't hold to everything my congregation teaches. We have an "underground" of critical thinkers. We do need the support of a group thought, and if they aren't too cultish, we do our best. I'm so tired of the Kool Aid drinking. Splinter groups are "workshipping" HWA, and many others are susceptible. Keep your wits about you. 2 + 2 = 4, not British Israel. Maybe the next 20 years will see a more practical group of believers.

Black Ops Mikey said...

The Bible itself teaches quite explicitly to beware of people like Gerald Flurry, his cadre of lieutenants and the leadership of the other Armstrongist churches of God and to turn away from them. The Scriptural reality is that Christians are to shun Flurry and people like him and mark him and all the rest for causing division. The Bible is clear.

What isn't clear is who is to put such men to death and how it is to be done. Deuteronomy isn't that explicit. The final end is for them to be burned to death in the lake of fire.

In the meantime, they are all quite comfortable with their assumed virtual positions of power, oppressing and persecuting those in their domain with a careless disregard for those they deem to be lesser than they are -- and in fact, most of the time, the damage they do is collateral and they don't really get all that personally involved in the harm they do to others.

Those of us advising them to repent are regarded as inferior fools too low as untouchables to even consider what we say.

And some of them are quite unprofessional in their open show of contempt.

Don't you wonder how that will end?

Ralph said...

June 12, 2015 at 8:41 PM
Anonymous Mish-Mash said...
" 2 + 2 = 4, not British Israel."

I don't know what this exactly means. Is it anything like American Israel? Whatever that might mean.

Anonymous said...

The reality is that, while there are promises of protection for the faithful Christian, the Revelation 12 place of safety is not one of them. There are clearly two sets of people in Revelation 12 and the Bible states who they are: 1) The woman who will be taken to the place of safety is the woman who gave birth to the manchild -- the Jews, and, 2) the woman who Satan will go after is the woman who keeps the commandments and has the testimony of Jesus Christ -- the Christians. How much clearer can the Bible be?

However, the churches promote the place of safety in the best tradition of Armstrongism, in order to gain a following for themselves. "We're going to the place of safety. No one else is. If you want to be protected during the soon-coming tribulation, you need to join us." Look at how many insincere people came into WCG just to save their skin. Meredith, Flurry, and Pack are deliberately deceiving the naive in order to keep them from leaving, and to entice others who will join just to save their skin. Even Malm, who correctly refutes many of the false teachings of Armstrongism, embraces the place of safety. Why? To gain a following for himself.

Anonymous said...

The churches teach that only "Philadelphians" will be taken to the place of safety. If you think the church gave birth to the Manchild, you are an idiot. But if you think the Philadelphia era of the church gave birth to the Manchild, you are a complete idiot.

Anonymous said...

The place of safety doctrine has been abused by church leaders to manipulate people into staying in a human organization in order to be protected during the great tribulation. This, of course, gives more power to the leaders, both in terms of more money, and in terms of more personal loyalty. Once this place of safety myth is shown for the fraud that it is, people are then more free to follow a leader because he follows Christ, as opposed to following a leader only to avoid the tribulation. Interestingly, shrewd leaders, like Rod Meredith, while not abandoning the place of safety doctrine, know that it is built on sand, and therefore have built up alternative techniques for keeping people personally loyal to them, again designed to increase their power. In Meredith’s case, he propagandizes “You are right, and everyone else is wrong. Those who left are wrong and we hope they’ll repent.” “We are doing the work better than anyone.” “We have the right government and they don’t.” “You must submit to the government of God, and I am that government of God on earth, and you must submit to me as you would submit to God.” He also makes sure that he is constantly in front of the people with must-play sermons, co-worker letters, lead articles in both magazines, etc. All this results in people continually looking to Meredith for their salvation, instead of directly to Jesus Christ.

Redfox712 said...

From Gerald Flurry's booklet, Jude:

“[S]ave some, by snatching them out of the fire; on some have mercy with fear, hating even the garment spotted by the flesh” (verse 23, RSV). We must not have close contact with Laodiceans! Their garment is spotted—they are “spiritual lepers.” There is a contagion there that you must be so careful about! We have to hate even the garments they are wearing. In some cases, they are spiritual terrorists! (Gerald Flurry, Jude, 2005, Chapter 2, p. 35.)

In that booklet Gerald Flurry also accuses Laodiceans of being murderers and spiritual terrorists.

All because he wishes they submitted to him and none of the other COG groups.

Anonymous said...

Idiots . . . that is what I could say of PCG adherents who believe Flurry's claim that the Philadelphia Church of God will make it to the place of safety and eventually to God's kingdom. Logic demands that claiming the name of Philadelphia does not make one Philadelphian. I might as well call myself a Rockefeller or a Ford but as you all know, I would be nothing but an impostor that true Rockefellers and Fords would never recognize. Flurry and his PCG adherents are just fake Philadelphians because philadelphia means love and this is what is absolutely wanting in their group. They are bereft of love despite their claim to the contrary. By their fruits we shall know them and their fruits clearly show they don't have love even for their own family. God gave us brain to think and I wonder if ever Flurry adherents ever use their brain at all.

Anonymous said...

It's easy to overlook the section of the Brian Davis article that quotes HWA on how to deal with Jehovah's Witnesses. Think about it: HWA was actually telling people exactly how to talk to somebody who comes to the door of their home. Their home. That's so typical of his arrogant approach to members. He thought he knew better how to do everything. And he didn't.

Seriously, what business of it is his? If somebody comes to my door, am I supposed to do, ask myself what Herbert would do? Or what Gerry would do? Or what that incompetent Brian Davis would do? If I want to talk to a Jehovah's Witness, what business is it of theirs? Answer: None.

There's nothing in the Bible that makes it his business, just like there's nothing in the Bible that makes it anybody's business who I talk to, or when.

Just walk away, people. You'll be amazed how irrelevant any of their pronouncements become when they don't have you to boss around anymore.

Anonymous said...


"Anyone who is a believer that Jesus is the Messiah and can think critically..."

Hate to say it, but anyone who simply "believes" that "Jesus is the Messiah," or "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Prophet," or some other such nonsense, has already demonstrated that they cannot think critically.

Connie Schmidt said...



Joint pain, nausea, head-ache, shortness of breath, Heart Pain, severe mental confusion.

You may also experience muscle aches, rapid heartbeat, and ringing in the ears.

If you feel faint, call your doctor and leave the organization immediately. Do not consume alcohol while taking "FLURRY".

Men can expect painful urination while sitting. Projectile vomiting is common. LEAVE THE CHURCH IMMEDIATELY IF YOU EXPERIENCE AN ERECTION LASTING LONGER THAN 4 HOURS WHILE CONSUMING "FLURRY".

Byker Bob said...

One of the most profound lasting effects that Armstrongism produces in members' lives results from HWA and his lackeys having prevented normalcy in advance, time-bombing the sheep by setting them up with all manner of false paradigms, and false standards by which to evaluate virtually everything that surrounds and affects them in their lives. That is a key ingredient of the Kool Aid. When I left, one of my goals was to become normal and well adjusted, by all of the generally recognized and accepted standards. And, you can do that to a certain extent, but it is nothing short of amazing how persistent the imposed pattern of thinking becomes. Much as some recovering alcoholics switch from alcohol to marijuana or sublimate by becoming shopaholics, or adrenalin junkies, some ex-ACOG members make lateral moves within their Armstrong-modified comfort zones. The disease, therefore continues to persist, although, like a retro-virus, it morphs.

Take apocalyptic thinking as an example. So many people make a lateral move in this area. They still expect an apocalypse, but find new and different reasons to support this, shunning the original HWA premises. Or the guiding precept that you can find truth, to get to the bottom of things so to speak, by looking to conspiracy theories or other forms of "insider" knowledge. Half of the shock a reader experiences in our forums and blogs comes from learning the full depth and depravity of the deceptions and occurrences in Armstrongism, and half comes from learning so many of the things that people who believe they have recovered have gotten into. I was dismayed to learn of the David Icke "lizard people" amongst us, the anti-circumcision activists, and the conspiracy buffs who just "know" that our own govenment orchestrated 9/11. And, those are just a few examples of lateral changes that do nothing to promote happiness in life, or the type of positive qualities that make one an innovator or leader by example.

Learning to assign value to people based on generalities related to their allegedly chosen or nonchosen racial status, or their diligence in adhering to ACOG group think is another factor which causes some people who leave to lateral away from the HWA supports for this type of thinking and switch to such things as the Bell Curve, or conspiracy theories related to ZOG and the mud people. Some people who once believed in a subversive Catholic-dominated emerging world government now look to the Bilderbergs or the Trilateral Commission. Illuminati. Secret Mason rulership, or the reemergence of the Knights Templar. Armstrongism was not just the collection of alleged knowledge. They depressed us by smashing every hope, administering aversion therapy if you will, towards everything that was not related to their own little pissant church, and embedded new thought patterns, and a new world view that is so pernicious that much of it remains decades after one has seen and understood that HWA was a charlatan.

Armstrongism was a powerful modifier. It requires a life time to undo the damage. We can see that the thought modification process remains in full play by the referenced PCG article.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this article from the Royal Vision. It's helpful to so many. Please keep this information coming.

Anonymous said...

The FACT is that filthy Flurry's PCG tries to break up all proper family relationships while at the same time trying to force people into unnatural relationships with deceitful, manipulative, and abusive old sex maniacs, sex perverts, and predators two or three times their age.

Of course, no decent person ever wants to go along with this sort of sexual depravity. Decent people always politely refuse and continually shy away from it until they finally get expelled from the PCG by one of Flurry's fake PCG “ministers” and lying perverts snarling indignantly at them over the telephone with raised voice about how they have done so much for them and tried so hard to help them.

Then, Satan and Flurry and their PCG impostor cult falsely claim to be doing such things at God's command.

Nothing but the most outrageous EVIL ever comes from satanic cults like the PCG.

Anonymous said...

Brian Davis is a joke. He knows nothing of demon possession obviously as he himself is definitely being led by a legion of them. There is absolutely nothing spiritual, caring, forgiving, or loving about that short little Hitler wanna-be. His two sons are total brats and abusive little women haters, and act just like daddy-demon. He's raised them well...NOT. Brian Davis goes to great lengths to dominate others and find fault in everything they do. He is the epitome of HATE, just like his real father, Satan. He is revengeful and plots and conspires against innocent victims in that so called, God's True Church(Philadelphia Church of God). For Gerald Flurry to continue to let this useless, destructive, adversary of God and Jesus' true teachings of love and forgiveness to continue his death and destruction agenda is just more proof Gerald Flurry is a FALSE PROPHET!! The idea that they think only keeping the physical and ignoring Christ's spiritual message is absurd. They are giving Christianity a bad reputation and making a mockery of a loving God and Christ.

Anonymous said...

That rotten bunch leading the PCG are forever rambling and scribbling that God commands you to do this stupid and evil thing, and that God commands you to do that stupid and evil thing, and that God commands you to do some other stupid and evil thing. Too many years of listening to such noise and reading such trash can leave people thinking that maybe God did say to do such stupid and evil things.

Rather than listening to that noise in the PCG, or reading that trash the PCG produces, try reading ACTUAL COMMANDS FROM GOD for your own self in your own Bible. To get you started, here are a few ACTUAL COMMANDS FROM GOD that PCG people should read carefully and think about seriously before they let that rotten bunch in the PCG talk them into doing the exact diametrical opposite of what God actually commanded:

“Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you” (Exodus 20:12, NIV).

“You shall not commit adultery” (Exodus 20:14, NIV).

“You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor” (Exodus 20:16, NIV).