Monday, June 1, 2015

More Fun Comments From Living Church of God's Michael Germano

An LCG member sent me the following screenshots of comments Michael Germano has made over time. What a lovely attitude for a man who is trying to impress the worldly men and women who might be accrediting Living Church of God's so called  "university."  Germano is obviously no fan of the Gentile occupying the White House, which is typical of most of the splinter groups.  It really galls them that an African American is ruling over them.  If a woman happens to be elected in 2016 you might as well expect the Germans to start setting up concentration camps in the U.S.

This one apparently is a direct slam against his former employers, the Worldwide Church of God.


Anonymous said...

"Why is Obama populating the government with lantern-jawed women? Is he making some point about 'Ugly Americans'?"

This is probably the unambiguously worst one. It's wrong on so many levels.

Why people who suppose themselves to be held by others in a position of esteem use social media to make unequivocal asses of themselves is beyond me. If he'd just shut up, people wouldn't know what an ass he is. Too late.

NO2HWA said...

The people of LCG are just as disgusted by the guy as everyone else is. Only the clap happy seals in Charlotte think he is God's gift to the "university."

Redfox712 said...

Speaking of people bad mouthing President Obama here is one comment that may be found on PCG's website.

This is from a comment. Not an article.

"These events are not by accident. Obama is one of them. His goal is and always has been is to destroy the U.S.A., there is no doubt in my mind. The sheeple of the U.S. will be rudely awakened when New York is nuked."

Connie Schmidt said...

Didn't Herbert W. Armstrong say that the GERMANOS were going to invade America? Is this a fulfillment of an HWA prophecy?

Anonymous said...

I mean, I've never met the man, so I don't know jack. All I know about him is from other people's impressions. I remember back in the day, I guess around 1992, hearing people who made the mist- I mean decision to go to AC, saying stuff over and over like, What does Dr. Germano say/think about this/that? Besides Li'l Joey and Feazell the weasel, people talked about Dr Ward, and Dr. Germano. Hoeh, who I knew personally, was largely ignored by then, except by the old-timers (and rightfully so). But now the market values of Joey, Ward, and Germano are in steep decline, because they've all shown they don't have much integrity, even without letting people know they're downright troglodytes.

So I would have thought that Dr. Germano was, though corrupted by Armstrongism, otherwise a decent man, if for no other reason than because I knew other Armstrongists who knew him and held him in very high regard. However, by opening his fat trap, he's dispelled that notion. Now I realize those people were fooled.

Byker Bob said...

I never had an extended dialogue with the man. But, back in the day, he was not particularly flamboyant, and had not yet peaked in terms of career and level of education. He was a steady fixture in Pasadena, in fact one of the non-ordained employees of the church and college that most people found refreshing to be around as compared to the normal arrogant oppressors.

This is why I was somewhat shocked to learn of his activities post 1975. The one singular aspect that stands out is that apparently he has filtered his higher education through Armstrongism and the Old Covenant, "correcting" in some cases an authentic, verifiable, scientific evidentiary trail. So, he does in fact join and participate in the very activity which has been criticized about Dr. Hoeh in terms of modus operandi. As such, he takes an active role as enabler, adding his voice to propping up a bogus system that might otherwise become corrected. If the various reports are all correct, his path has also sometimes vacillated and wavered.

On one hand, I'm glad that I haven't received any summons from God to do jury duty. But, personally, Dr. Germano does not appeal to me as any sort of individual to whom I would look for edification.


Anonymous said...

He sure spends a lot of time drivelling on the supposedly insane site where he promised to shut his account down on September 26, 2011. Not a man of his word, that one.

Anonymous said...

Many LCG members look upon on Germano as nothing more than a bumbling fool that Meredith exploits to bring "prestige" to our useless "university." He has no real credibility after his praise for the Tkach regime as broadcastaround the church in the 90's. Then to watch him coddle up to Meredith was as equally embarrassing as the Raymond McNair episode where they literally groveled on their knees at Meredith's feet.

Anonymous said...

I worked in Big Sandy in the early 90s and knew Germano slightly. He was a most perplexing person. I've had conversations with him inn which he seemed to be a very decent person. But I've also seen glimpses of his sociopathic side and heard stories from others. I knew employees who said they would quit if Germano were ever named president of AC.

But he was always good at buttering up the higher-ups. I remember an uncomfortable conversation with Dr. Hoeh in the Big Sandy post office parking lot in which he cheerfully told me how blessed we were to have Dr. Germano in the campus administration

Anonymous said...

I need to know nothing more than the fact that Germano has aligned himself with RCM.