Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Living Church of God: Can You Trust It To Use Morgan's Scholarship Money Wisely?

Living Church of God has announced that the flights and funeral expenses for the Montgomery family have all been paid. 

Living Church of God is still continuing to ask for money to go into the fund.  They claim that this money will be used to help send youth to the various summer camps AND for providing IMPORTANT services to the church youth.  That comment is drawing a lot of negative responses.

Just what criteria will the LCG use to determine what is an IMPORTANT service for the youth.  This opens the door to wide spread abuse.  This is nothing new to Rod Meredith and crew, considering what Meredith has done in the past with church monies.  In the 1970's he was caught using 3rd tithe to remodel his home.  While widows and orphans around the church struggled, the privileged elite in Pasadena found convenient ways to manipulate the church coffers for their own purposes.

One person with connections to LCG recently said:

Donations should be payable to Living Church of God and they are totally trustworthy so I'm sure they will only use the money for camp scholarships, right?
Living Church of God and trustworthy in the same sentence...oh my.


Byker Bob said...

Experience and their track record would indicate that an ACOG's agenda is always thought to justifiy the means. Members are programmed to believe that it is rebellious to evaluate the ministers and their decisions, or to even suggest accountability. In their world of ridiculous substitutions, that would be the same as evaluating Jesus Christ.

It is a given that they will be "fudging" on these funds. With the possible exception of a handful of new, unjaded members, probably the entire LCG knows that, and even expects that that's what will happen to any surplus. I doubt that anyone is expecting a refund check.


Anonymous said...

Ten bucks says the Living University is being included in the "services important to church youth" category. LCG members are already annoyed with how much money they siphon out of the tithe money. Members feel that their tithes should be used for "preaching the gospel and feeding the flock" - NOT LU.

Now Meredith and Winnail will have more cash for their clam shell game and creative accounting practices.

They've got to pay for those new dorms and a new space for their class rooms after all.

And for reasons that seem to completely escape them the income is DOWN in God's purest most dedicated church EVER.

James said...

The question is, can you trust them?

Glenn said...

It was quite common during the early 1970's for HQ to use 3T money to purchase, refurbish and furnish homes for the ministry and relatives of HWA and to support HWA's jet. So Meredith was not the only one to benefit from that practice. He was, however, the only minister I know of to take money from the 3T fund and use it to buy gold coins for himself. There were probably others but I don't know of them.

Anonymous said...

And Meredith still has those gold coins that he purchased with tithe money.