Monday, October 12, 2015

Bob Thiel Getting Ready To Tell Church of God (Seventh Day) What They SHOULD be Believing

For some reason Bob Thiel has always envisioned himself as a highly educated man when it comes to theology.  He believes he is the ONLY one who has the correct interpretation of the Church of God version of biblical interpretation.

Several years ago he attempted to set Rod Meredith on the right path to truth and quickly found himself he subject of much derision in the Living Church of God.  Meredith basically told him were he could put is reveled knowledge.  Then,like any good Church of God leader, Thiel threw a hissy-fit and started his own church were the true version of Armstrongism is propagated.

At Feast time this year Thiel made a trip to Denver where he met with various Church of God (Seventh Day) leaders.  Thiel spent time with them discussing Church of God history and the African members coming into his group with them.

Thiel feels his doctrinal interpretations trump COG7's and thus needs to inform them as to what the truth is:

My main interests in meeting with CG7 was to improve information on church history, pass on doctrinal information, help prevent misunderstandings, reduce the possibility of getting misled by pretenders to the COG located in various parts of the world while we in the Continuing Church of God work to fulfill Matthew 24:14 and Matthew 28:19-20.  We also discussed, but did not dwell on, prophetic and other differences, but did discuss the belief that God will call all.


Lake of Fire Church of God said...

From the "How to win friends and influence people" department, did Bitter Bob Thiel remind the Church of God (Seventh Day) leaders that their church is the remnant of Sardis era according to God's 20th Century Apostle, Herbert W. Armstrong?


Sane Con said...

It should be the Church of God (Seventh Day) showing Thiel how it's done!

Byker Bob said...

Thiel needs to meditate on the concept of embarrassment. Just as a sociopath is devoid of empathy, an ACOG false prophet is incapable of becoming embarrassed, no matter how ridiculous his actions. Got me a new bumper sticker available only to ACOG ministers. "Recapture Embarrassment!"


Anonymous said...

How can blundering Bob Thiel's relatively few imaginary members in Africa possibly compete with the COG7D's 300,000 to 400,000 imaginary members somewhere in the world outside of the USA?

Bob will have to imagine bigger numbers and tell even bigger fibs to try to outdo the COG7D's inflated membership number joke. Maybe Bob can say that he has a frazillion members somewhere in the world outside of the USA.

Everyone Ever said...

Dear Bob-the-one-and-only-propagator-of-correct-biblical-interpretation

Please get in line behind all the other one-and-only-propagators-of-correct-biblical-interpretation who beat you to the punch, and wait your turn to be evaluated and summarily dismissed.


Everyone Ever

Unknown said...

I have ONE BILLION Sabbatarian followers on the planet SWARTZ in the Andromeda Galaxy!

Assistant Coffee Maker said...

I usually refer to them as African whores (instead of hordes), but your reference to them as imaginary members is spot on. Fyi, every cog church, no matter how small, is eventually contacted by a "fellow worker" from "the land of Africa". Most of the US church guys ignore them for the scams they are. The few who are gullible enough to take the bait will be expertly played, and even be provided sizable congregations.

This note from Thiel provides a hint to why so many are associating with him in Africa:

"We heard about some financial problems that affected the sites in Nigeria and Kenya, and I have prayed that they would be able to be able to handle them over there as we had no ability to assist as they asked while we were away from our US bank.  We also discussed with the Canadian leadership how they could help"