Tuesday, October 6, 2015

UCG Ministry Continues To Show Their Lack of Millennial Love Towards Other COG Members

The United Church of God is now returning home from its annual Feast of Tabernacles which to them symbolizes the millennial kingdom where peace and brotherhood will reign.  Reading their Facebook feeds and endless posts on the many extravagant things they have been doing for the last 8 days, a person can quickly see the "high" they are all on.  It's been the BEST FEAST EVER and the LOVE is so thick it drips off your computer monitors when you read their pages. 

One would think that as they all head back to their various church area and to the Cincinnati HQ that they would want to share that love with the world around them so that the world could have a foretaste of the kingdom to come.  Apparently the Cincinnati Boys and other Ohio UCG ministers could care less about showing brotherly love and extending a hand in fellowship.  Are they so insecure in their faith that they think they will be tainted by being in the presences of other Church of God members who are not UCG?  Or, are they so embarrassed by their actions when the broke away from the Worldwide Church of God that they are ashamed to be in Joe Tkach's sight?

A person who is going to attend the reunion says that the RSVP list does not include any of the leadership or ministry of the UCG, even though they are a short jaunt down the road from Columbus.

Come on boys, grow a pair, man up, and go share that millennial love with people who would like to see you again.

Join us as we celebrate 50 years serving God in the Greater Columbus area.
Saturday evening we'll share memories, photos, and hors d'oeurves in a festive atmosphere.
The suggested attire is dressy casual.​
Dr. Joseph Tkach, President of Grace Communion International, will be joining us and will also be the featured speaker at our worship service at 11 a.m. Sunday.

Please don't forget to RSVP and help spread the word by forwarding this evite to others. We look forward to seeing you there!


Anonymous said...

Click here for the invite link.

Please be respectful, and please remember that people are more important than religious issues.

Thank you.

Sam Tucci said...

Well, people are important, but the Tkach boys took a lot from the brethren they disfellowshipped.
Our money built the foundation they rest on and many of us were very unceremoniously kicked out on our behinds.

I can forgive, but I don't need to socialize with those who lied to us with straight faces and tricked people to get their own way.
No apologies from them at all for their underhanded deceptions.
I will pass on the reunion.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

What is CenterPointe Church? I don't get the connection to UCG. Is this another Armstrongite splinter group?


Anonymous said...

CenterPoint had a WCG/GCI congregation. UCG always seems to show up at other COG reunions, but are nowhere to be seen at this one. As Anon @12:46 says, people are more important than religion. UCG needs to get past their stuck up haughty attitude and be a light for once.

Byker Bob said...

The closest parallel we have to what happened in the Armstrong movement is what we have watched transpire in the former Soviet Union. Many of the people over in Russia have not relished the freedom which the breakup of the USSR provided for them. Some are so psychologically debilitated and accustomed to having their lives totally managed that they look back fondly upon the security they believe they enjoyed under communism. Ant Vladimir Puto is their equivalent of David Pack or Gerald Flurry.


DennisCDiehl said...

May I speak after Joe Tkach?

Connie Schmidt said...

Some people after a marital divorce remain friends. Others, bitter enemies or forgotten.

This is no different either. I personally do not find anything in common with those that are still with the current WCG.

Both they and I have gone our separate paths.

Byker Bob said...

I can boogie down and party with just about anyone from radically diverse cultures. Some of my best friends have been Jewish people who keep virtually the same identical customs as we did in Armstrongism. The difference is that my Jewish friends are tolerant. Cultic people actually believe that people who do not believe the same as they do are deceived, possibly Satan's people, or for all of you insiders, "Laodicean". And, frankly, many of us have come to see the current members of the ACOGs as being deceived, part of Herbie's scam. That makes attempting any sort of relationship nearly impossible. There isn't mutual trust, or benefit of doubt.


Lake of Fire Church of God said...

I still don't get the connection between CenterPointe Church and WCG/UCG. Can someone explain how they are related?


Questeruk said...

What are you suggesting here, that UCG HQ gatecrash this reunion?

It's a reunion folks - a reunion is for people that have at one time attended this particular church. How many from UCG headquarters would have previously attended at Columbus? Probably not many, as the HQ relocated from California!

The link shows the list of invited guests. I am not local, but didn't recognise any names from UCG HQ that were invited. 61 people haven't replied as yet - but if you are not on the invite list, can you really roll-up?

Personally, one of the reasons I left WCG was over the Sabbath - in those circumstances, I would not feel overly comfortable attending a Sunday morning service with the main speaker one of the ringleaders that caused the split in the first place.

If I had been an ex Columbus member, maybe I would go along on the Saturday evening, but would no way feel comfortable with a Sunday morning service with Joe Tkach speaking. On the other hand if Dennis Diehl was really going to be there, that would be a different matter - count me in! (In reality, distance would be a problem, even with Dennis there!)

Anonymous said...

After WCG (Worldwide Church of God) changed it's name to GCI (Grace Communion International), under the leadership of "pastor-for-life" Joey Junior), the individual local WCG/CGI congregations were allowed/encouraged to change their names. The Columbus OH congregation changed their name to 'CenterPointe Church', just as many other GCI congregations changed their local names to various other names in order to avoid any perceived connection to the cult. However, they are all still part of GCI, and they are still under the authority of the liar and pastor-for-life Joey Junior, now matter how much they'd like to downplay that sad fact.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Thank you Anonymous 8:02 AM for the explanation. Now I get it. I didn't know WCG/GCI local congregations were encouraged to change their names.

I agree with Connie Schmidt and Questeruk. Why would anyone outside of WCG/GCI want to listen to little Joey Tkach - who inherited the Church and did nothing to build it - run his mouth about how the Church was transformed by the truth; how he shrunk the Church, stole the Church assets and became a multi millionaire. And the dumb tithe slave sheep were too stupid to do anything about it. It was like stealing candy from a baby.


Anonymous said...

Richard . . . you said, "it was like staling candy from a baby." May I say, Stanley Rader would be proud. Apparently Tkach was paying attention to Stanley Rader.