Thursday, April 14, 2016

All ExCOG Members Will Bow Down to Worship Wade Cox and His Minions

There has been a fun discussions on Facebook about Wade Cox, the "christian" Church of God leader that splintered off a couple decades ago as the one and only true church leader. The topic was brought up on how he took over a Facebook group that was for former Church of God members and those that had left various splinter groups.  It was an interesting group till Wade popped on and began to snarl and spit absolute nonsense.  It then disintegrated into pure hell as a group.  Group members were told that they would be FORCED by his god to bow to him and all of his church members in the end times.  We would actually bow in worship to him!  Even Dave Pack, who leads the most superfantabulous Church of God EVER, has never said people would worship him...though he gets pretty close since he has called himself everything but Jesus.

Someone pointed out another church blog that has many quotes about the guy.

They had this:

Date: early September, 2010
Wade Cox"Our worst persecution was within the WCG from among our own so-called brethren.They will be made to bow down and worship us. They left the faith for Trinitarianism and Binitarian/Ditheism and they will be punished. They keep the wrong Calendar as do the Jews of modern Judaism and they will be brought to account before us soon."
Wade Cox"The Babylonian system has penetrated everything from Judaism and the Trinitarian system to the WCG and the Offshoots and the COG (SD) Denver and the sDAs and SDBs in the US and whatever. They all keep the Babylonian Calendar with its system of intercalations as set in the Hillel Calendar which many of the white churches of god keep. There is no excuse for it. 
How can one keep a calendar which uses the Babylonian intercalations and the Babylonian date system with this year as 5711 and keep Atonement on Saturday a day late this year and the Holy Days a day late also and not be part of the synagogue of Satan. 
The Sardis and Laodicean systems are part of the synagogue of Satan andthey will bow down and worship the Phildelphian era but so will the others including rabbinical Judaism no matter what their lin

Group members struck back at him and his high horse kicked into gear.  He soon brought in other cCG members and appointed one of his minions as group administrator and then started threatening to sue every one.  Such fun!

He claims his "work" is the most amazing thing this side of Dave Pack and Bob Amos Elijah Elisha Thiel. You have got feel sorry for Wade, he was never doubly blessed or set apart by anyone.  But his group far exceeds ANYTHING the Church of God has ever seen.

Wade Cox"CCG is not an offshoot of WCG. It is far greater than WCG and the vast majority of its members have never seen the inside of WCG."

There there these  fun tidbit:

Wade Cox
"We have now the full facts that Hitler was a full blooded jew."

Wade Cox"When we say US people we mean mean those people in the WCG and offshoot system that are totally incapable of independent thought and of not following a man in the insane cult of the personality that permeates the US religious and political system.""Let us hold these bootlickers up to the examination and criticism they all so richly deserve." 
Wade Cox"When Messiah returns to take over the world, as we are told he will, the elect of the First Resurrection will take over from the demons in assisting Christ to rule the world." 

This all comes form a man who has converted over half of the African Continent into his church.  7th Day Adventists and others are flocking to him by the thousands.  He also is claiming that the will covert Muslims over to his side and teach them the laws of the Old testament.  What fund theism that would be!  Leave sharia law for old testament law where women, children and sinners would be stoned to death.  He might as well buy into Dominionism, the cult that is rising onto power in this country right now.  He would fit in perfectly.

Int will be a cold day in Petra before I bow down or anyone else here bows down to worship this agent of deception.



Byker Bob said...

Well, this is why we code-named him "Electrolux" a number of years ago. His activities directly affected a number of the forums and blogs we were on. It is surprising that he is still around.


Anonymous said...

isn't he the guy that sues anyone that says anything negative about him?

Cindy said...

Wait..."white churches of God"...? So he freely admit the discrimination and vileness of the entire wwcg system?!

What an arrogant asshole.

Lisa Williams said...

sounds like he's clearly off his

Anonymous said...

Yes, Wade seems to have been made to totally suck, splinterarially speaking.

His purported madness speaks for itself, as do what I guess are his narcissistic tendencies.