Saturday, May 28, 2016

Because Daddy Rod Meredith Rejected Me I Had To Start My Own Church

Why is it that so many look up to Church of God leaders as father figures?  Many think this is the case with Nearly Arrested Elisha Elijah Bob Thiel.  Have you ever noticed that Thiel never talks about his birth father?  Nothing is ever said. All he ever mentions his "spiritual" father Rod Meredith.  Thiel used to wax eloquent on Meredith all the time.  Daddy could do no wrong.  Daddy sat and ate lunches and dinners with him.  Daddy had him over for cocktails   Daddy personally had an audience in his office with him. Then his daddy had to go and reject him.  Daddy publicly humiliated him in church, a double whammy. His father figure Rod Meredith rejected him and refused to listen to him when he approached him with concerns that the church was preaching the wrong things.  Now Thiel has lashed out once again bemoaning the fact that Meredith ignored his silly recommendations.

The problem this time is that Thiel is attempting to use an article from Living Church of God to prop up his absurd belief that he is a prophet.  The only true prophet in the church now.

Sometime back, Dexter Wakefield wrote an article on "spiritual gifts."  Thiel quotes Wakefield:
Statement on 1 Corinthians 
Let’s look at some of the statements in the order Dexter Wakefield wrote them. Let’s start with the following:
To serve the needs of the Church, God—through His Spirit—gives different members different gifts. “…to another prophecy, to another discerning of spirits … the same Spirit works all these things, distributing to each one individually … (1 Corinthians 12:4–11) 
Yes, as it states in 1 Corinthians 12:4-11, there are differing gifts AND prophecy is one of them. But also notice that the discerning of spirits IS NOT taught as being given to all as he seemed to imply. 
Gift of Prophecy 
Let’s look at another of Dexter Wakefield’s statements:
Similarly, the gift of “prophecy” is primarily the gift of inspired speech, and can be exercised in a strong sermon that covers no “new ground” but simply explains with clarity and power the meaning of Bible prophecy and end-time events. 
Dexter Wakefield is correct that most of the time, one with a prophetic gift is properly explaining biblical prophecy and end time events. That occurs in the Continuing Church of God.
Apostle Thiel is working up to the point that he is a prophet because he has the gift for inspired speech which leads him to preach sermons with the only accurate interpretation of prophecy and end-time events. 

No other man outside of the Continuing Church of God has the correct interpretations:
It should be noted certain leaders of other COGs (including in LCG in several instances) have disqualified themselves on certain matters of prophecy, especially when they insist on matters that are wrong, or at best questionable...

Thiel clans that Rod Meredith personally said that his god "might" consider Thiel a prophet.  
The Apostle Paul makes it clear that not all are prophets. Prophet is an office and prophets are to prophesy. LCG’s position is that it has NO prophets (which is likely the case as I stopped attending late on 12/28/12).
But it should be noted that its top leader had repeatedly taught in the past that God may consider Bob Thiel to be a prophet...
Thiel then set himself up as the third Elijah  The problem is that Gerald Flurry, Dave Pack and Ron Wienland have already claimed that they are.  How can the "true church" have sooooo many end-time Elijah's?

Dexter Wakefield continued with:
“Prophets” in the sense of Elijah are rare, 
True. But rare does not mean that there are not and cannot be any. Now while Dexter Wakefield did not make that error, many in various COGs have concluded that rare means none. The New Testament is clear that God has prophets who prophesy (1 Corinthians 12:28-30) and will do so in the last days (Acts 2:17-18). Those in LCG and all other COGs need to realize this. 
As far as ‘Elijah,’ the position of the Church of God since the beginning is that there would be three biblical ‘Elijahs.’ The original Elijah (e.g. 1 Kings 17:1), John the Baptist (Matthew 7:12-13), and an Elijah to come at the very end of the church age (Malachi 4:4-6) to restore all things (Matthew 17:11).
Thiel continues:

CG has taught that Elijah will either be a man younger than its Roderick C. Meredith (Meredith, Roderick C. The Elijah Question. VTE 131, May 19, 2001) or that the Elijah is not a person but an “Elijah-type work” which fulfills the Elijah prophesies in Matthew 17:10-11 and Malachi 4:4-6 (Winnail D. The Mission of the Church. Living Church News, March-April 2006, p. 7). The Bible shows that ‘Elijah’ will be a person (see also The Elijah Heresies). 
As far as rarity goes, I would ask, “How many people were told by an actual top evangelist in the Church of God that God may consider him to be a prophet?” In the 20th and 21st centuries, there is only one who comes to mind. So, while prophets are “rare,” and being told one is a prophet by an ordained evangelist is also rare, rarity does not mean that there are none. 
As far as “Elijah” goes, he is to “restore all things” (Matthew 17:11).
One guess as to who that third Elijah is... 

We also get to the point where we see what is really still eating at Thiel's soul.  He was rejected by his daddy, Rod Meredith.  Because of that rejection Thiel HAD to start his own church.

The truth about early and apostolic Christians is that it is PROVABLY NOT IN LCG AND IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT than Dr. Meredith realizes. When I was in LCG in 2011, I was trying to help them restore much of it; Dr. Meredith agreed, but then failed to keep his word. Dr. Meredith’s failure to keep his word on that and other matters was a major reason that the Continuing Church of God had to form.
I used to think Dave Pack and the Flurry clan were the biggest liars in the Church of God, but no longer. Everything that comes out of Thiel's mouth is a lie.  God no more appointed Thiel to lead a church than he did Dave Pack or Gerald Flurry.  No double blessing, no dreams, no prophetic truth, no mindless rants of of assumed titles.  Nothing credible comes from this delusional man.


DennisCDiehl said...

"....Nearly Arrested Elisha Elijah Bob Thiel"

You gotta quit saying that when I am about to put a cup of coffee to my lips....

Stephen said...

I think it's likely that the reason why Bob cites an LCG article is that he still thinks of himself relative to Meredith and the LCG universe, so that Meredith is still the god that Thiel puts on a pedestal and worships, much the same way that people did in years gone by, and some still do, of HWA.

However, now that he's been kicked out of heaven, cast down to earth, and fallen like a bolt of lightning, he sees LCG as his competition in a way he doesn't see other COG splinters, and he's seeking to attract ange—er, I mean, members from LCG's heavenly host in a way he's not trying to attract people away from other COG cults. For him, his rivalry with Yah—er, I mean, Meredith is personal. Of course, he thinks he's right and Meredith is wrong, and that Meredith has treated him unfairly. That's what he thinks, but what he feels, a feeling he probably wishes he could shake, is that Meredith is still large and in charge, even though he resents Meredith's dominance.

Hmm. Kind of reminds me of a myth I remember reading as a child.

Byker Bob said...

Back in the mid-1970s, there was a song, some of the words of which were "You're so vain, you probably think this song is about you!"

Imagine what must be going through Bob Thiel's mind as he reads the shocking regular reports that LCG members anonymously post here. He most likely believes that the badness all began when Uncle Roddy failed to recognize him as a prophet. It is possible that he is also caught up in a variation of the same pathology we witnessed in Dave Pack. Thiel might fantasize that as conditions deteriorate in LCG, members will be left with no choice but to jump ship and join up with CCG. That would be consistent with the delusions that normally accompany certain personality disorders.

This will probably manifest itself in more petulance, and an ever deepening complex over rejection as time passes. We're just not accustomed to reading about such deep and message-thwarting flaws in the prophets of the Bible. They seemed to have a Godly confidence elevating them, and actually qualifying them for the job they had to do. The presence or absence of this is very telling as to the source of inspiration, self or God.


Charlie Brown said...

Bob, please just prophesy or shut the hell up. We are tired of the whining already. I haven't read the Bible lately, but I don't remember the prophets crying about other people knowing who they were. They were more concerned about getting their head whacked off. When you have actually prophesied something legit, and people are coming after you, then we can maybe take a little whining.

Connie Schmidt said...

I was by chance driving through the home of Thiel recently in Arroyo Grande and stopped by the "Dew Drop Inn" for a burger and fries. What a surprise to see Thiel singing Karaoke on stage! He was singing "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" by the Temptations, but it was his own , unique , personal version...


It was the third of September
That day I'll always remember, yes I will
'Cause that was the day, that my daddy LIED
I had many chances to see him
Never heard nothin' but good things about him
Brethren, I'm depending on you, to tell me the truth

The brethren just hung their head and said, Thiel...

Rod Papa is a rolling stone,
Where ever he lays his hat that is his home
And when he dies, all he will leave us ,is alone

Hey Brethren!
Is it true what they say that Rod Papa never worked a day, in his life
And Brethren, some bad talk goin' round town sayin' that
Rod Papa had three delinquent children
And another wife, and that ain't right
Heard some talk Papa doing some store front preachin'
Talking about hell bound souls and all the time leechin'
Dealing in dirt, and stealing in the name of the Lord

The Brethren just hung their head and said...

Rod Papa was a rolling stone,
Where ever he laid his hat was his home
And when he dies, all he will leave us is alone

Byker Bob said...

Ah, Connie! So that's the Papa Rodzie that we keep hearing so much about.


Anonymous said...

Why is it that false prophets spend almost all of their time trying to convince others that they speak or prophesy for God? For f***'s sake, just prophecy!
Whoops, oh I see now, you can't! If you did have a consistent record of true prophecy, that record would speak for itself. Right? The Bible believers would know what to do next.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed that ex-cogerrs tend to have a fondness for parody? I know I have, when especially I am speaking for myself. Maybe it was that tragic parody we were fooled by for so long that humor can kick down some of those doors and let the light come back in.


Anonymous said...

"....Nearly Arrested Elisha Elijah Bob Thiel"

You gotta quit saying that when I am about to put a cup of coffee to my lips....

It is the very reason I drop by this site.
As I said. Better than television comedy.
Parody at best from their own lips.


Anonymous said...

if Bob was a prophet, he wouldn't spend so much time trying to convince everyone that he is.