Sunday, July 17, 2016

Can Wade Cox Truly Be This Stupid????? Falls for Pokeman Hoax

After getting caught promoting the discredited story that McDonalds was grinding up human meat in its hamburgers, Dingy Cox is caught once again being an idiot.   He quotes another news satire site as if it was 100% true.  I guess this is to be expected of a man who thinks 100% of what Herbert Armstrong taught him was true. Its also true that half the African continent are now member of his cult and that Muslims  are rapidly converting to his side.

Don’t fall for these dumb Pokémon Go hoaxes

We spoke to the guy behind all those Pokémon Go internet hoaxes

Given that this is 2016, a thinking person would think old Wade would know how to use his computer. Obviously not!  Are all Armstrongite ministers this dumb????


DennisCDiehl said...

Keep Pokin' Da Men...

Connie Schmidt said...

Well, if you are living in a delusional state, like Wade does, the delusional appears REAL everywhere, does it not?

Black Ops Mikey said...

Oh, now, cut him some slack.

You know what it is to be 70 years old, have to give up your position as Coordinator General because of ageism and have a photographic memory.

You just have to push out certain things to make room in your brain for all the pictures.

Byker Bob said...

All of the ACOG leaders and ministers exhibit very bizarre tics and thought patterns. Wade's symptoms just manifest themselves in slightly different ways. How is this different from David Pack believing he is Joshua, or Gerald Flurry purchasing property in the UK so that he can get his hands on the Ark of the Covenant? Or, the classic example of Armstrong-influenced thinking of all times, Gerald Waterhouse? Or that group that has already fled to their place of safety in Utah?

Most of the original WCG members, and splinter members would naturally be attracted to off balance leaders. They eat this stuff up.


Anonymous said...

Armstrongism always was unbalanced and always will be. So is the rest of Christianity. We're just used to it all because that's what we grew up with, just like Muslims are used to their particular form of insanity. I fell for it all because it was a given that Christianity was the true religion. You just had to figure out which one was still the pure one and the one that looked more like the original myths with the Sabbath, Holy Days, clean and unclean meats, etc. won out in our minds. Once you bought that formula, reason went out the window. It's just a continuance of Millerite madness. Look that up online if you don't know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

"Can Wade Cox Truly Be This Stupid?????"

Could it be that there's like a $10,000 prize for being "The most stupid guy on the planet", so Mr. Cox hoping to win the money by pretending to be a mega-idiot?

Or, does he adhere to the adage, "Stupid is, as stupid does.", so he's spouting stupidity in hopes to gain some stupid converts who will stupidly pay tithes to him?
Hard to tell.

Usually, when I hear of people falling for Onion-ish satire 'news' stories, I pity them, but in Cox's case, I'll make an exception.

The saying goes, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."
Is it possible he thinks, "Three times is a charm!"?

Crazy news stories can be entertaining, and major (and minor) Christian leaders will provide plenty!

Jim Baldwin said...

On the Millerites see Days of Delusion book online free at


Anonymous said...

Cox is no more crazy than the people he has set up here in the U.S. to run his "America" branch of the cult. They are all crazier than loons.

Anonymous said...

These blog postings amount to "Wade on Parade", lol!

In light of his xtreme truthiness (and gullibility), Wade Cox may also want to promote the following story that's hot off the press-

"GOP to launch investigation into allegations that Michelle Obama plagiarized Melanie Trump!"

Anonymous said...

I just went to Wade Cox's Facebook page. He has deleted these posts from his account. The old lying windbag gets humiliated once again for his stupidity. Glad to see the screen shot live on forever!