Friday, July 15, 2016

Delusional COG False Prophet Claims He Will Take Stone of Scone to Jerusalem So Jesus Can Sit On It

What the hell is wrong with the Churches of God that it produces such complete morons like Dave Pack, Bob Thiel and Gerald Flurry?  Why is the leadership of the hundreds of COG's filled with so many men that have mental health issues?  The Church of God has a sad reputation of being filled with these men and sadly they run rampant over the members with their absurdities. Even worse though is the fact that there are church members out there that believe their malarkey!

Gerald Flurry has had a great reputation of saying completely stupid things.  He is back again with an article to his membership on what a great man he is and how much he is like Jeremiah.  Jeremiah is Flurry's hero with whom he strongly identifies with.

COG history has been filled with endless stories, due to the discredited belief in British Israelism, about how Jeremiah took his daughter Tea Tephi to Ireland along with the Ark of the Covenant where they buried it in a hill in the countryside.

Flurry thinks that he and his church will be the ones to find the Ark of the Covenant and return it to Jerusalem.  That is part of the reason Flurry bought a mansion in the UK so they could have an HQ close to the Ark and the Ten Commandments.  Flurry also thinks that he and his church will take possession of the Stone of Scone and take it to Jerusalem so Jesus can sit in it when he returns to wipe most of humanity off the face of the earth.

Jeremiah and the PCG

My article in the July-August 2015 Royal Vision proved that Jeremiah wrote Psalm 89, which is about David’s throne (e.g. verses 3-4, 28-37). Why do you suppose God revealed that to me and to His Church today and not to Herbert W. Armstrong? It might be because we have something in common with Jeremiah that Mr. Armstrong didn’t have. 
Consider Jeremiah’s commission. God told him, “… ‘Behold, I have put my words in your mouth. See, I have set you this day over nations and over kingdoms, to pluck up and to break down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant’” (Jeremiah 1:9-10; Revised Standard Version). 
Jeremiah was told to pull down, to destroy, to build and to plant. Maybe God’s Church today is going to do something like that, in a way. 
Flurry thinks the he and his River-dancing clan will have a special roll in overturning this evil world as they help usher in the return of Jesus Christ so that they too will sit next to Jesus Christ on their mini-me thrones ruling for all eternity. Whats the point of having an Eternal Benevolent God when the heavens will be filled with thousands of COG mini-god's running around making a mess of everything like they do here on earth today? What a hellish nightmare that would be!
Jeremiah’s commission is tied directly to our commission. Jeremiah took David’s throne from the nation and kingdom of Judah to the nation and kingdom of Israel. Is it possible that God could use His Church today to make that last turn of David’s throne, taking it to Jerusalem for Jesus Christ Himself to rule on? Perhaps God revealed to me what He did in my booklet Jeremiah and the Greatest Vision in the Bible because we will play a role in an overturn, as Jeremiah did. Maybe we have a special role there. I think we will have some role; after all, we get to share that throne with Him (Luke 1:32; Revelation 3:21). 
Flurry has been setting his members up to be royalty in the world tomorrow.   They are the chosen called out from all of humanity and from ALL of the false COG's.  They are the elite.
In Psalm 89:1, Jeremiah wrote, “[W]ith my mouth will I make known thy faithfulness to all generations.” He wanted to make sure this world knew what God was like and how faithful He is. That is what this commission to build and to plant was all about.
Jeremiah 1:10 reveals that Jeremiah’s commission is the main subject of the whole book. It has to do with nations and kingdoms—royalty. It is about physical royalty and spiritual royalty. He was involved in royal rule—and everything we are involved in is about royal rule. 
Jeremiah also spoke about two covenants—one about the physical royalty, the other about the spiritual royalty.
All these men can do is talk about their heroes from Hebrew scriptures and the law.  They find no heroes in James, Andrew, Stephen, or any of the other real apostles who lived lives of poverty as they walked across the land telling the story of Jesus.  There was no need for mansions, fancy cars, imitation college campuses with auditoriums, or Gulfstream jets. They sat down to dinner with the beggars, the prostitutes, the tax collectors and the unclean.  They physically touched them and brought healing to them. All of these are things that not one of the arrogant bastards that lead the Churches of God today will do.

They are ensconced in the luxury homes and their gated compounds where they work in million dollar facilities spending millions planting elaborate grounds with pools and streams that the public is not allowed to see, let alone most members.

What makes these narcissistic men think that God is going to let them march into Scotland and take the Stone of Scone to Jerusalem, gather in tens of thousands to Wadsworth or be Elijah with an Arroyo Grande street address?


Redfox712 said...

It is bizarre madness and fanaticism to say that the Ark of the Covenant is buried somewhere in Britain. It is frightening to imagine that some have sacrificed so much for an organization with a man like that for a "leader."

And speaking of thrones I remember once reading a book about Francis of Assisi and in one medieval text it reproduced it was said that Francis had a vision in which he saw many thrones in heaven but there was one more splendid than the rest. Francis was told it was Lucifer's throne and that he would sit on that throne after death.

Anonymous said...

When Flurry gets the stone and ark to Jerusalem, he will need to hand it over to Pack. Since Dave will already be there setting up the first dominion, and helping to build the third temple!

Byker Bob said...

Jesus is going to laugh. He'll probably tell Flurry, "Hey, I appreciate the sentiment, but if you had studied your geology, you'd know this thing came from YOUR people, the Irish! We didn't have this kind of rock in Israel!"


Anonymous said...

The problem with all this speculation is that they assume that the Stone of Scone is the Lia Fail, which is not a given.

DennisCDiehl said...

Deceivers need Believers...

Anonymous said...

Mr. Flurry is delusional. If need be, God could grab the throne all by himself. If Mr. Flurry tries to steal a throne or rock he will end up either shot dead or in prison. Fortunately Mr. Flurry is getting old enough to end up dead all by his own doing.

Redfox712 said...

And here's another crazy thing PCG just did. PCG's Richard Palmer just wrote an article discussing the terrorist attack in Nice, France and he seems to suggest throwing Muslims into walled off ghettos. (Emphases are mine.)

"Even now, that is anathema to modern Europe. But this is the direction it will be forced in. A couple of hours’ drive from Nice, the city of Marseilles is one-third Muslim. The same is true for many big cities in Europe. Walling off these populations would not be easy, and it would prove much harsher to local Muslims than Israel’s West Bank barrier.

"But ultimately this is the choice France faces—accept attacks or take radical action against all Muslims, even the vast majority who are completely innocent. As this attack shows, the France authorities have no way to target just the ones who will kill."

What ridiculous, racist nonsense Palmer wrote.

Anonymous said...

If you look at how Europe has historically responded to problematic groups, what Palmer suggested Europe might do is not unreasonable. The length of peace in Europe since WW2, is an aberration by historic standards.

That God would allow the Ark of the Covenant to be discovered just prior to a super destructive WW3 is nuts.

DennisCDiehl said...

Isn't The Splinters and Slivers Circus and their All-Star Monkey Show interesting?
And as long as you don't join or run away with it, it's FREE!

Connie Schmidt said...

Perhaps more accurate to call Gerald himself ...


Anonymous said...

I can only imagine Jesus's disappointment, like Charlie Brown on Halloween. "I got a rock."

Anonymous said...

Flurry is obsessed with physical and human idols. He is one of the biggest idolators in the churches of God

Unknown said...

Hasn't he watched Raiders of the Lost Ark? Doesn't he understand that the Ark of the Covenant is in a warehouse in Area 51? LOL

Black Ops Mikey said...

Could get a nice throne at Ikea. Some assembly required.

Just sayin'.