Friday, July 22, 2016

Gerald Flurry Commands Cult Members to Cut Off ALL Contact With Nonmember Children

Gerald Flurry has a horrible reputation in the Church of God in how he treats his cult members.  The Philadelphia Church of God is NOT a church and certainly is not godly.  It is by every definition a cult.  Flurry is far sicker in the things he says and does than even the shenanigans going on in LCG, RCG and UCG.

The Flurry cult is the same one that told members to abandon their disabled child at the mall so the state could take care of it.  Its the same cult that has driven numerous members to committee suicide over the last few years.

Why do members allow themselves to be abused in such a manner?  They know they should not be doing what he tells them, yet so so many of them do.  Gerald Flurry the Philadelphia Church of god show us just how debased Armstrongism can be.

Exit and Support has this up:
July 22, 2016 
My mate has former friends from PCG who have told of a brand new ruling sent down from King Flurry that was announced last Sabbath. Jerry Flurry, in his "omnipotent wisdom," has ruled that now all contact with unbaptized children who have left the PCG is to be terminated immediately. 
It has been the policy for years that parents were still allowed to talk to children who have left the PCG only If they were unbaptized. Now Pope flurry has even taken away that small mercy. 
The talk amongst the children now affected by this judgment is that this will push many PCG families over the edge and force them to leave or get put out. Others feel that this will put one more nail in the coffin of Flurryism. Flurry is looking more and more like "mad King George" as his actions are ruining the PCG. All of his egomaniacal pipe dreams have come to nothing. The dig in Jerusalem has failed. The PCG radio station broadcast from the Edmond compound has failed. Membership has plummeted since the late 90s and there is almost no growth. Some wonder that in the end all that will be left is a small "Jonestown faithful" secluded on the Edmond compound. --Former PCG member
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Anonymous said...

Christ or the apostles never used such coercion. Christ rebuked cities for not repenting, but never such tactics. He respected the separation of church and state. It's "choose life or death," not choose life or I torture you.

Anonymous said...

In all fairness, the trumpet web site us the best of the slivers. Only they are warning of the coming military defeat and enslavement of the English speaking nations. The UGC site is asleep by contrast. This is not to say that it's acceptable to abuse members. God abhors mistreatment of others.

Anonymous said...

If , by now, PCG members have to "Force themselves to leave" then they must be brain dead. Just leave or get 50 pissed off church members who think the man is psycho , march up to his office and throw him with his furniture out into the street. Simple!
Great will be your reward in heaven...or wherever, even now in this life.

Retired Prof said...

"God abhors mistreatment of others."

Yeah, right. Like when he tortured Isaac and Jacob with that "Go sacrifice your son" practical joke. He finally did let up, but the abuse was horrible while it lasted.

And like when he told his drinking buddy Satan it was okay to torment poor Job. The stages of abuse escalated till the pair of gods wound up killing off Job's kids as well as his cattle. Then when Yahweh "restored" everything to Job, he pretended the new children were full replacements--one offspring is interchangeable with another, just like livestock. He ignored the fact that children are not replaceable to human parents because we can never stop grieving the loss of a child.

And like that time his creation experiment didn't go the way he planned, and he threw a hissy fit and drowned the whole shebang in a massive flood.

There are many more examples, like setting bears on sassy children, turning a sentimental and curious woman to a pillar of salt, telling the Israelites to commit genocide, things like that. But there's no need to go into detail. You remember the stories.

Anonymous said...

This is terrible.And a reflection of a dark mind.There seems to be no end to the evil men will do in the name of God.Whether blowing up explosive vests or gunning down innocents in shopping malls to main and kill.Or doing as flurry commands.The end result is the same.And the sad thing is that they will point to some scripture to justify their actions.By their fruits you will know them.Where in Gods name is the love of God in the pcog?

Unknown said...

Like snow... FLURRY will melt in hell!

Anonymous said...

The PCG ministry are so arrogant and proud who will never apologise to anyone who they harm under their command. Wake up people do not support this tyrants!

Stephen said...

"In all fairness, the trumpet web site us the best of the slivers. Only they are warning of the coming military defeat and enslavement of the English speaking nations. The UGC site is asleep by contrast. This is not to say that it's acceptable to abuse members. God abhors mistreatment of others."

In all fairness, only this horrible, abusive cult is fearmongering to this degree. Great job...

Ralph said...

I wonder what his take is on this scripture:-

"1Ti 5:8 If anyone fails to provide for his relatives, and especially for those of his own family, HE HAS DISOWNED THE FAITH [by failing to accompany it with fruits] and is worse than an unbeliever [who performs his obligation in these matters]." (AMP) bolding mine.


Anonymous said...

Retired prof, Abraham's test of 'killing' his son was a test. Abraham knew God would have to resurrect him to fulfill his promises. Your other examples are mostly justice, which appear harsh by today's soft on crime standards. Jobs kids are a interesting case. We know little of their character. Job sacrificed for them, implying a poor character. God was willing to spare Sodom for the sake of a handful of righteous people, so He is reluctant to harm people. The food people got what they deserve. Good riddance. I have had several psychopaths in my workplaces, do l talk from experience. The warden in the movie Runaway Train had it right when he told his prisoners that they are worthless to themselves and others. Which is why God will throw them into the lake of fire. Sizzle, sizzle.

Byker Bob said...
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Anonymous said...

All the people on here who still think those horrible prophecies old Herb banged his gums and jowls about and think stories like the book of Job are real accounts, etc., etc. boggle my mind. People like me threw that drivel overboard a long, long ago. You're all wasting your lives on a lot of garbage and pish twaddle.

Stephen said...

Anon9:47PM, that is the most inhumane, barbaric, and callous comment I've seen in quite a while. It's cruel attitudes like this that create much of the evil and suffering in the world.

"I have had several psychopaths in my workplaces, do l talk from experience."

But you didn't notice the similarities between them and your psychopathic god???

Byker Bob said...

The type of false gospel taught by Flurry and the other Armstrongites desensitizes members to their fellow humans, and imparts cruel attitudes and contempt for anyone who is either ignorant of ACOG beliefs, or deliberately refuses to imbibe of the Kool Aid.

Actually, the "victims" of this shunning are not victims at all. They are beneficiaries. Regardless as to who institutes it, it is good to be removed from close contact with people who are fanatical about their Armstrongism. Basically, it means that the shunned will be forced to find a more acceptable alternative, and a healthier environment, ie a better life. The offspring of criminal, or mentally defective families often must separate themselves to avoid evil influence or pain. Surely, the same is true of people who were raised in a toxic cult. That is just good common sense. The only reason why this shunning appears to be cruel is that the predators are inflicting it as part of their psychological warfare, rather than the victims doing it as a defense maneuver.


Anonymous said...

8.37 PM Fear mongering or warning of a looming disaster? The God in heaven is a prayer answering God, so a prayer request should settle the matter.

COG member said...

If PCG is still teaching the enslavement of the English speaking nations, they are wrong!!!

Judah is the primary area where the Great Tribulation will begin. Satan also makes war with the end-time church (not in a place of refuge). The rest of the world will think that Christ has returned, and the Millennium has started, when the Beast power ruler and false prophet set-up there "throne(s)" in Jerusalem.

The US&GB prophecies taught by the old-WCG, (that have been taught by one degree or another) by most of the COG organizations are prophetically wrong. I have long given up what they taught.

Anonymous said...

Ralph asked: "I wonder what his take is on this scripture:-

"1Ti 5:8 If anyone fails to provide for his relatives, and especially for those of his own family, HE HAS DISOWNED THE FAITH [by failing to accompany it with fruits] and is worse than an unbeliever [who performs his obligation in these matters]." (AMP) bolding mine..."
I suspect Flurry's take will probably be identical to his take on Jesus Christ's following words:

"...Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up." Matthew 15:13

For some time now we have been witnessing the uprooting of Flurry's Philadelphia (actually anti-brotherly-loving manmade group/sliver), as Gerald Flurry again shoots himself and his manmade organization in the foot. It is hypocritical to proclaim to have something to do with "brotherly love," when they demonstrate to the world what they actually believe.

And anon 7:22 PM, Philadelphia's trumpet web site us NOT the best of the slivers with their warning message. They, like the United Ass., cogwa, living, etc., cannot properly identify the beast of Revelation and their timing is way out in left field. Where is the beast with the 7 heads and 10 horns? Where are the 10 kings, the 10 nations, that HWA was looking for and prophesied was so imminent with their coming?

And who, in their "right" mind, would ever come under the ruler-ship (LORDING it over OTHERS), the guidance, the anything of any of these groups in their "soon-coming" Mickey Mouse Millennium?
Nobody! Besides it is obvious that these groups cannot even rule themselves with that so-called agape/love they profess, because that only comes from God by His Spirit and none of the groups demonstrates that God has anything to do with them and their efforts to "save" anybody from anything.

They worship God in spirit and in truth???? Where's the proof? They just keep "shooting themselves" in the feet.......

And time will tell...


Miller Jones said...

The Retired Prof cited stories that are found in Scripture. Those stories reflect the notions of a few men about how God would think and react to certain situations. They also clearly contradict how God's mind and character is portrayed elsewhere in Scripture. This underscores the danger of interpreting Scripture using a literal or Fundamentalist approach. We have access to the same Holy Spirit that inspired all of the authors of Scripture. Moreover, just like them, the degree to which we allow that Spirit to guide us will determine to what degree we understand God and Scripture.
I believe that the weight of the evidence is on the side of a God who personifies LOVE, and who is always merciful and never vindictive or cruel. If I'm right, then God would never condone what Gerald Flurry is doing (or has done in the past) relative to separating family, friends and church members. And, I think that anyone who fails to embrace the love thing is on shaky spiritual ground (I wouldn't want to be in those shoes when we start talking about a Lake of Fire/Hell). As for final outcomes, it's interesting to speculate about the future (I'm not saying this is going to happen); but wouldn't Gerry be shocked someday to be standing in the condemned line and see Atheists, Muslims and Hindus standing in the salvation line?

Black Ops Mikey said...

What do you expect from sociopaths?

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Even Herbert Armstrong maintained contact with his unconverted daughters. Beverly accompanied Armstrong on some of his world travels late in his life. And Dorothy we all know about - how could any child convert when the Apostle father sexually abuses her for years? There was never any such teaching that Flurry is now espousing in the old Radio/Worldwide Church of God. I suppose after Flurry made this edict, the congregation rose and sang the old Dwight Armstrong hymn that contained the lyrics, "Lo children are the gift of God".


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
8.37 PM Fear mongering or warning of a looming disaster? The God in heaven is a prayer answering God, so a prayer request should settle the"


Anonymous said...

10.25PM if you were the victim of any psychopath, you too would be singing my song. An eye for an eye is justice rather than cruelty. You seem more concerned with the criminal rather that the victim. Going easy on criminals, translates into
giving them a license to be above the law. By the way, I don't see go easy on criminal behaviour, with regard to minister mistreatment of members.
To me, demanding families to shun non baptised members who stop coming to church, is cruel. God never demands people get baptised. It's a personal choice that God respects. It seems the PCG is putting up walls to keep members in.
John, in three of the gospels, Christ pointed out that the church is NOT to be like the gentile rulers, lording over members. Don't confuse what rebellious ministers are doing, with Christs one thousand year rule. When God was the king of Israel, prior to king Saul, was God lording it over Israel. If He was, the Israelites would have used this as an excuse to ask for a king. God is a freedom loving, rights respecting God. If not, He would have made it enjoyable to be lorded over, since He can define reality.
Please, no smearing of Go and His character,

Anonymous said...

7.24 PM. Naïve?? Well, it worked for me. God is no respecter of persons. Do the right thing and God will respond. Instead, people play games with man and God, or are lazy and refuse to out work hard, then insist that God doesn't answer prayer, or go off the deep end with the 'God doesn't exist' nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Love the "constipated" picture used again. It's a perfect description of the backed-up old fool.

Gerald Bronkar said...

Will there still be Christians waiting for the great tribulation, the return of their angry Jesus and his thousand year reign in a thousand years from now? How about five thousand? Who'll give me ten thousand?

When will the insanity of trying to make sense out of this silly book of fantastic stories ever end? What would it take for science to get the attention of the fundamentalist?

Jesus said (if he actually existed)the son of man was coming back in the clouds before the end of his generation. He was an apocalyptic, like John the Baptist. He was hoping for a savior to improve life in Israel. He was also a false prophet, sorry, but no savior is on the horizon.

Stop wasting your time looking for answers in the "good book". There may be some type of god power, consciousness or life force out there somewhere, I certainly don't know how life started, but the god of the bible is a man made myth. We all need to get over it and use our minds for something worthwhile. Using god as the answer for all the unknowns in the world is the road traveled by the lazy mind. Your hypnotic session of looking for answers in the bible is over! WAKE UP! Have some coffee, and stop with the koolaid.

Anonymous said...


Satanic Betrayal in the Worldwide Church of God:

After Herbert W. Armstrong died on January 16, 1986, Joseph W. Tkach, Sr. took over as the leader of the Worldwide Church of God. JWT, Sr. assured everyone that he planned to walk in HWA's footsteps. However, his son Joseph Tkach, Jr. and his accomplices had other ideas. Doctrinal changes began right away, accompanied by denials that anything was changing.

Around January 1995, the Tkaches wrote in the Worldwide News newspaper to everyone in the Worldwide Church of God that Herbert W. Armstrong and had been all wrong about virtually everything, and that the Protestants had been right all along. Biblical clean-eating and Sabbath-keeping needed to be replaced by ham-eating and Sunday-keeping. Biblical annual festivals needed to be replaced by pagan-based celebrations, which were supposedly much more meaningful than the customs God had come up with. Apparently, the only thing that HWA had ever been right about in his entire 52-year religious career was tithing, as Joey, Jr. soon discovered and quickly and humbly repented of having briefly done away with. The Protestants, who for some reason seem to hate all the other laws of God, would never condone anyone teaching that people do not have to tithe.

It could be rather embarrassing for the WCG people to have to explain to their relatives and friends in the world that their leaders, the Tkaches, had totally apostatized on them. It is a good thing that the WCG had tended to distance people from their friends and relatives in the world, so they would not have to face them after this unprecedented calamity and the resulting great falling away of so many WCG members. Some former WCG members try to cope by acting as though they had never even been in the WCG.

Continued below...

Anonymous said...

...continued from above.

Satanic Betrayal in the Philadelphia Church of Fraud:

Gerald R. Flurry constantly used Herbert W. Armstrong's name and photograph to attract Worldwide Church of God people, and claimed that he and his Philadelphia Church of Fraud were holding faithfully to everything that HWA and his WCG had taught. Significantly, Gerald immediately did away with preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God, which HWA had always taught was “the very purpose of the church.” The “great commission” given by Jesus to his original twelve apostles to preach the gospel got opposed early on, and perverted, so the apostle Paul put a double curse on anyone who would preach any other gospel. HWA had taught that the true gospel had been suppressed for about 1900 years until he came on the scene to preach it powerfully as a witness to all nations before the end would come. Gerald Flurry said that HWA had already preached it, as if it were over and done away with, and that with a new church era comes a “new commission” to “warn the Laodiceans”--or at least slander them all over the place.

You might think that Satan and his demons should be content with starting an impostor cult like the PCG, doing away with what HWA had called “the very purpose of the church,” passing off plagiarized and revised writings like Malachi's Mess. as the “little scroll” mentioned in Revelation, teaching that Gerald Flurry rather than Jesus was That Prophet of Deuteronomy 18, trying to break up families and friendships in the name of God, and trying to get rid of, change, and pervert everything that HWA had taught. But, since Satan and his demons are going to heck anyway, they might as well push it to the limit. If they can get everyone in the PCG to think that doing Irish dancing is the meaning and purpose of the church, they will really have a good laugh. They can dance. They can dance if they want to. But perhaps your friends don't dance, and if they don't dance, well, they're no friends of his! According to Gerald Flurry, there is no salvation outside of the organizational structure of the PCG dance group.

It could be extremely embarrassing for PCG members to have to admit to their relatives and friends in the world that they made the colossal mistake of actually following not only a false prophet, but That False Prophet. It is a good thing that the PCG cuts its members off from their friends and relatives in the world, and is especially diligent about cutting them off totally from their friends and relatives in the other so-called COGs--who could potentially warn them about what is happening. It also helps that a disgusting number of PCG members are really just godless, lying, sex perverts who were just there to try to fuck around in the name of God, and who have no shame at all anyway. It won't matter to them what the demonic host of their predator's paradise taught as a cover for their sex-crazed behavior.

Continued below...

Anonymous said...

...continued from above.

Satanic Betrayal in the Restored Church of Fraud:

David C. Pack also pretended to be restoring Herbert W. Armstrong's teachings to try to attract Worldwide Church of God hard-core believers and their wallets to his Restored Church of Financial Fraud, but then also did the usual switcharoo and changed things significantly, and demanded that everyone hand over everything they had--“or no salvation if you don't.” Keeping company with that Prince Money Seminar guy from Nigeria probably had a bad influence on greedy, six-finger, klepto-Dave. HWA had taught in his old age that he was the Elijah who was prophesied to come and “restore all things” because all the teachings in the WCG had come through him. But David Pack suddenly “restored” the idea that everyone had to give him everything they had and call it “common”--since all the regularly required tithes and offerings plus continual fund-raising were never enough to satisfy insatiable Dave. DCP suddenly made up 130 lame excuses for promoting himself to the office of Elijah and promoting HWA posthumously out of the way to the office of Moses. As the new Elijah in town, David Pack of lies is now free to “restore,” make up, and change whatever he wants to. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Imagine the monumental embarrassment of having to explain to your friends and relatives that the books by DCP that you had read and believed, and that had attracted you to the RCG, had suddenly been deleted by DCP himself so he could change everything that he had taught in them. Once again, it is a good thing that the RCG tends to distance people from their friends and relatives in the world, and keeps them busy doing fund-raising continually, and leaves them destitute “bums” in the end after their usefulness is over and they have been fired and/or expelled. That way they can finally have some peace and quiet, and die alone in some back alley, ditch, culvert, or under a park bench or bridge, without having to try to explain to anyone why they were unable to tell the difference between a true servant of God and a raging, satanic psychopath like David Packman (the devourer of everyone's house, retirement savings, and very life, not just the widow's house, retirement savings, and very life).

Continued below...

Anonymous said...

...continued from above.

The Valuable Lessons of Satanic Betrayal

Isn't it wonderful that there are such profound and valuable lessons being taught all the time by the apostates, false prophets, and other scum de la scum of the cults? As someone once pointed out, the body can take just about anything. It is the mind that needs training. The question being asked involves mental strength. Can you handle such injustice? Can you cope with that kind of unfairness, that much of a setback? And still come back with your jaw set, still determined, affirming to God you will never quit? That is what is being looked for.

The attitude of true Christians should be that they will never quit. They need to be spiritually and mentally stronger than their enemies. If knocked down, they need to get back up, every time. They need to draw on every remaining ounce of strength to stand up for the truth. They are never out of the fight.

Byker Bob said...

Judas Priest, Anonymous 1:30, 1:31, 1:32, and 1:33! You seem to have forgotten that Armstrongism WAS raw, untreated sewerage to start with! About the only way you can further contaminate that would be to add toxins, nuclear wastes, and biohazards (which is exactly what the "preservationist" splinters did). Now, instead of something that might have been rendered inert, or composted, we have a level of toxicity that only a full-blown hazmat team could even begin to deal with. Oh, and just as folks tenaciously embraced their sewerage, some are as ferociously passionate about their little hazmat dump as Linus was with his blanket!


Anonymous said...

Flurry's compassion and social skills can't compete with a family's love and care of frail and disabled and even confused loved ones, therefore God says abandon 'them' for him(flurry). "Above all else we are to love God first" the Slurried One says.
Is this how the True God teaches us how to love?

NB from NJ said...

Flurry looks constipated in the photo. Is it a problem for him?
Maybe a few beers would help loosen the bowels. Hops have a laxative effect I think.

senior citizen said...

Anonymous 9:47 PM:
Self righteous much?

Hedgehog said...

Big Daddy in Sky say do this, don't do that, jump up, jump down---anything but f**king think for yourself. Why do any of you people even care about this crap? Some of you walked away from Little Daddy Armstrong but you still want to believe Big Daddy in the Sky is going to come up with some answers for you. So many words on this site and others spewed about absolutely nothing but a bunch of horseshit! There is reality! There is science. There are things that can actually be seen and heard and weighed and measured. There is much good that could be done in the world to really help real people and the planet. Big Daddy ain't gonna do it cause he don't exist.
Gloria Olson

RSK said...

It would have been after my time anyway, but I don't remember this point our resident COG Comedian has cited at least twice regarding Junior and tithing.

Black Ops Mikey said...

To be read in all churches on the Sabbath!

All members of the Churches of God are commanded to follow the non contact rule on pain of being disfellowshipped:

No baptized member is to listen to or have contact with in any way, any False Prophet preaching any form of British Israelism.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, the only thing that HWA had ever been right about in his entire 52-year religious career was tithing

The only restored "truth" that Tkach retained was the unbiblical one-man rule style of church government. It was necessary to keep this in order to totally destroy WCG. Unfortunately, Flurry and Meredith have embraced this "truth" and are destroying lives with it, too.

Anonymous said...

RSK on July 23, 2016 at 4:30 PM said...

“It would have been after my time anyway, but I don't remember this point our resident COG Comedian has cited at least twice regarding Junior and tithing.”

In the January 1995 Worldwide News newspaper article about the massive doctrinal changes, the Tkaches basically said that to be consistent while doing away with everything else they were doing away with tithing too. However, shortly afterwards, the divorced (in 1978) and remarried (in 1980) Joey, Jr. suddenly and conveniently claimed to have “discovered that Abraham tithed before the institution of the Old Covenant” and began calling on “every man, woman, and child to resume tithing immediately.”

Anonymous said...

1.33PM Dave Packman, ha, ha, very witty post. It seems that Herbie rather than God is your 'home base.' What you ignore is that Herbie fell away, and did a lot of theological perverting himself. Herbie was trained in capitalist advertising, but decided that communism was better, even though capitalism is explained in black and white in the parable of the talents. So Herbie hid trade and taught commie doctrines with his 'give way' 'helping,' serving,' etc. Note how 'giving' attacks cause and effect, and 'you reap what you sow.' Another commie doctrine he introduced into the church is tyranny. Christ taught not to lord it over members like the gentiles, but Herbie decided to follow Stalin instead. He even decided to make tyranny the gospel with his 'government is everything' mantra. No matter that common sense dictates that the gospel is that one can attain eternal life if one builds sufficient character. Not forgetting, Herbie had members wear cloths similar to Mao suits and neo military haircuts cause no individuality is permitted. The Borg collective would approve.
Herbie sin of hiding trade still plagues everyone of the slivers to this very day.
All the rights inherent in trade such as the right to life, the trunk of the tree, self interest, maximum profit, shunning loss, 'being on your side,' are rejected and under constant attack. Obey the 'ten commandments' but members have no right to its consequences, ie profit and the right to life. The profit rather goes to the predatory losers. So Herbie like Stalin and president Banana succeeded in creating a paradise for the irresponsible. God regards Herbie as a traitor, according to a answered prayers request, so forget about him being in the kingdom.
A reminder that a Christian is one who follows Christ rather than some church guru.

Cheers TradingGuy

Anonymous said...

Anonymous TradingGuy on July 23, 2016 at 8:10 PM said...

“1.33PM...It seems that Herbie rather than God is your 'home base.'”

The interesting thing is that Gerald Flurry and David Pack both claim to be HWA's loyal and faithful follower and rightful successor. They both criticize everyone else over every picky little thing they can make up, while claiming to be faithfully following HWA themselves. Yet, in the end, they have both gone much further astray than anyone else. They always try to create a distraction by nitpicking about other people's supposed faults and errors, while they themselves then slip in the most monstrous doctrinal changes imaginable. They brazenly claim to be faithfully teaching exactly what HWA had taught, even as they totally change what HWA had taught. Satan-sent, Satan-directed, false prophets like Gerald Flurry and David Pack are an interesting case study.

Anonymous said...

Why are you so worried?

By PCG's own admission PCG is currently experiencing a 25% drop in income. Doesn't sound a lot, but unless that trend is reversed sometime very very soon - 18 months maximum - the organisation will simply have to close its doors or start a major program of lay offs and cut backs simply in order to survive.

Will PCG turn it around?

When you consider that despite the fact the majority of PCG members loath the focus on music and dancing PCG Edmond still continue to ram Irish dancing and Malone's musicals down their throats.

When you consider everything PCG taught about Worldwide making Ambassador College the focus and not the message, and now PCG, especially Stephen Flurry is doing just that.

When you consider the youth focus over recent years has gotten to the point where PCG members hear about little else.

When you consider that heir-apparent Stephen Flurry is incredibly disliked

When you consider that despite their critical financial position, a multi-million dollar dancing facility is beng built.

When you consider that they are serious considering buying and operating a private jet

What do the people on this blog think that long-term future of the PCG really is?

As several commentators have recently stated on a few PCG-related posts here on Banned, the general membership are being increasing alienated from their own church. As such, many are simply losing interest.

When the core membership of any organisation is no longer interested in the organisation's overall goals and purposes, a sudden demise is the only thing that can be reasonably expected.

25% drop in money is a huge issue - stick around people things in Oklahoma are about to get rough.....

Anonymous said...

10.59 PM The average house in Sydney now costs one million Australian dollars (ie 745,000 American dollars). In some 'average' suburbs in Melbourne, it's two million dollars. So all they need is the odd old person kicking the bucket, giving the money to the PCG, and all is well financially.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:59;

Good point, maybe the same will happen with RCG. It also is losing members and ministers. And everyone has already given all they can, now it is continual fundraising. And the building projects continue. (Not much "spreading the gospel" being done!) Pack's own family doesn't believe in what he is doing/ preaching. I guess he will have to have "no contact" with them.

Anonymous said...

GRF is making everyone choose him over God and family. Once people choose him, there will be nothing they won't give up for him. I've been thinking of how many families this ruling will affect. There will be few families untouched. This is devastating!
Sure wish people would write letters to theEdmond Sun or the Oklahoman to get this cult exposed!

Anonymous said...

Gloria Olson, the thing is that your non existent Big Daddy keeps answering my prayers, so I'II stick with believing in my Daddy. This is what happens when people stop going forward and start going backward. They begin to have doubts about Big Daddy, and finally stop believing in Big Daddy all together. The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.
This applies to Dennis as well. Him and longhair are both wrong.

Anonymous said...

Gloria Olson, you sound like a little child with your big daddy stuff, obviously you don't have a clue about the reality of the one you childish call big daddy, your bitterness has you complexly blinded. What you say about this site and others makes me wonder what your doing here besides whinning. Anonymous 8:04 says it perfectly.

Stephen said...

Anon8:04AM, by the same token, neither your, nor I suppose, anybody else's sky daddy ever answered my prayers. So by that token, I'll stick with not believing in any of those big sky daddies. It's the fact that my prayers were never answered, among other things, that generated those doubts in the first place, not the other way around. Eventually, due to his continued neglect, I stopped believing altogether. So, you see, I am equally justified in telling you that you are wrong, just on this basis alone. But of course, there's extra things on my side, like how Mark 9:1/Matthew 16:28/Luke 9:27 conclusively demonstrate that Jesus was a false prophet, just for example.

I'll see your prayer and raise you a false prophet.

Anonymous said...

Stephen, close the door to evil in your mind, ie, make the resolution to live by the straight and narrow, prayer, study, work hard, and God will answer your prayers. God is no respecter of persons, so it works every time.

Anonymous said...

"capitalist advertising"?

more like propaganda


Anonymous said...

"...the thing is that your non existent Big Daddy keeps answering my prayers, so I'II stick with believing in my Daddy."

I think that you tend to do retroactive praying.
ex post facto law


Anonymous said...

July 24, 2016 at 8:04 AM
July 24, 2016 at 9:07 AM

July 24, 2016 at 11:46 AM = pie-in-the-sky

Stephen said...

Anon11:46AM wrote:

"Stephen, close the door to evil in your mind, ie, make the resolution to live by the straight and narrow, prayer, study, work hard, and God will answer your prayers. God is no respecter of persons, so it works every time."

What "door" is this in my mind? To what "evil" are you pre-judging me for? How do you know I'm not still on just as straight a path as anyone?

No, it doesn't work every time. For me it never worked. I've wasted too many decades of my life already with prayer, bible study, tithing, church, and blah, blah, blah, the whole nine yards of everything you could ever recommend. For me, it doesn't work, period. For me, there is no one there. I'm done with looking for things that aren't there. What a waste!

God is not a respecter of persons? The bible is full of examples of god being a respecter of persons, starting with the patriarchs. The gospel according to John says Jesus even played favorites with one of his disciples!

Feel free to knock yourself out though...

Anonymous said...

Stephen on July 24, 2016 at 10:02 AM said...

“It's the fact that my prayers were never answered, among other things, that generated those doubts in the first place, not the other way around. Eventually, due to his continued neglect, I stopped believing altogether. So, you see, I am equally justified in telling you that you are wrong, just on this basis alone. But of course, there's extra things on my side, like how Mark 9:1/Matthew 16:28/Luke 9:27 conclusively demonstrate that Jesus was a false prophet, just for example.”

The only thing that those three verses you mentioned conclusively demonstrate is that in each case you were not smart enough to read the very next few verses after them, which in each case talk about the transfiguration. Remember that the chapter divisions were added by men. Your continued neglect of any sort of serious Bible study whatsoever might have something to do with your problems.

Stephen said...

Oh, I see. I'm not "smart enough." So those who aren't "smart enough" are ineligible to have their prayers answered, according to you? And thus, all is lost. And who is "smart enough"? You, for one, I suppose? By definition?

And, what, only people who are "smart enough" have the, um, "smarts" to do "serious bible study"?

Any serious bible study, beginning with the origin of the bible itself, shows that the bible is a very problematic, very human, set of writings.

Archaeology, genetics, etc. disproves the old testament stories all the way up to at least the time of Solomon in the 10th century BC. That means no Adam and Eve or Noah, no enslavement, wandering, conquest, or united monarchy. The best evidence indicates the bible didn't even begin to be written until 300 years after the time of Solomon. The Israelites and the Jews are most likely tribes of Canaanites. El and Yahweh are Canaanite deities. What we have been handed has been highly edited and redacted in order to project a late henotheism back onto an earlier polytheistic past.

The new testament isn't any better. No one knows who wrote the 4 canonical gospels. They're all written anonymously, in the third person, and obviously not by eyewitnesses. They have to rely on other sources. Speaking of sources, Matthew plagiarizes 97% of Mark, and Luke plagiarizes 88% of it, often word for word. If you're recounting your own experiences, you don't do any of these things. And besides this, only about 3% of the population of 1st century Judea was literate, and fisherman would not have been among them, and especially would not have been trained in the high art of the forms of classical literature, such as the Markan Sandwich. 6 of the 13 epistles of Paul weren't written by the same guy who wrote the other 7 of them, meaning they're forgeries, along with most of the other epistles. And whoever Paul was, he certainly wasn't a pharisee, because no pharisee would use the Septuagint. Who wrote the Apocalypse of John? It doesn't say. Was it "John the elder," "John the apostle," or "John of Patmos"? COG people love to say it was written on Patmos, but is there any reason to think "John the apostle" ever went to Patmos? It's hard to know what sets the 27 "canonical" books of the new testament aside from the other 150 or so "apocryphal" gospels, acts, epistles, and apocalypses. Do you trust the early catholic church fathers to have had clairvoyance to separate the sheep (assuming there are sheep to begin with) from the goats? If it weren't were the tireless campaigning of Athanasius for the Apocalypse of John, it probably wouldn't have ended up in the canon, since so many of them thought it was a forgery.

Many of the most important aspects of the old testament cannot be literally true. All you're left with is metaphor.


Stephen said...


The bottom line is, when you start to do real serious bible study, instead of mere bible reading, you begin to see why it's foolish to think the bible is ancient anthologies of Hebraic and Hellenistic mythology and anything but trustworthy.

So, what are you saying, assuming Jesus existed, assuming he actually made this prophecy, and we aren't simply reading a work of pure fiction, and assuming Jesus = "the son of man," Peter, James, and John were those ones he was referring to who didn't taste death before they saw "the son of man coming in his kingdom," because of the transfiguration pericope records "the son of man coming in his kingdom"? What, metaphorically? Is that the apologetics you're going to use to try to rescue Jesus from being caught in an obvious falsehood? Is this your final answer? OMG...

"Remember that the chapter divisions were added by men.

Did you just look at Matthew, and then not bother even noticing the transfiguration pericope appears in the same chapter as this prophetic utterance in Mark and Luke? Geez, not even a bible reader

Serious study of the bible is not done apologetically any more than serious biblical archaeology is done "with a shovel in one hand and a bible in the other," like William F. Albright.

As long as your mind remains trapped within the claustrophobic apologetic maze, you'll never even realize what the word "serious" means.

Anonymous said...

Stephen on July 25, 2016 at 4:51 PM said...

“Oh, I see. I'm not 'smart enough.'”


You also do not seem to be lucky enough either.

You cannot just carelessly believe every inventive writer with an agenda.

Stephen said...

Yep. In WCG, Herbie had us all brainwashed that we were the "lucky" few.

There was no discernable reason why WE were the lucky "chosen few" out of the whole world from whose eyes "god" had "miraculously" removed the scales so that we alone could see spiritual "truth." We just were. We were the weak and base things in which no flesh should glory. Why did "god" call us, and not some other chump? Why were we the "lucky" ones who got their prayers answered, even if the answers were always "no," or "wait." No reason, we were just the "lucky" few.

Actually, there is a reason. I was born into it, myself, but I guess the same applies. But my parents selected themselves. They thought it sounded good to be "special." They wanted to be "lucky." Could it be? Is it possible? Then so it is! We were the ones who, as our own cold readers, connected the dots between what we prayed for, and what happened, and assigned the will of the gods accordingly. We are the ones who remembered the hits and swept the misses under the rug. We were the ones who made god in our image, and then caused him to choose us to be his "lucky" few.

Some of us are ready to grow up and face reality. Others aren't finished chasing their tails and playing this game with themselves. As soon as you do stop, however, it really is apparent how you managed to manufacture the entire thing. The illusion evaporates.

Henry Bemis said...

All Jerry Flurry needs now is a pair of dark glasses and rename the Edmond compound Flurrytown.

Seriously how much poison laced Kool aid do you have to drink to follow this clown?

Anonymous said...

Just heard that Fred Dattalo from Canada made the announcement Sabbath that the No Contact ruling now extends to mates/spouses that have stopped attending. What happened to "if they're pleased to dwell with you?". One member got up and left during services! Why aren't more leaving? Maybe because people want to walk away from their families and they use Flurry as their reason!
Their love has Waxed cold and they are without natural affection!