Saturday, July 23, 2016

James Malm: Is the Chief Pharisee ready to reveal he is one of the Two Witless Witnesses after the Feast?

The Two Pharisee Witnesses

It has been reported to me by several people with ties to the Malmite personality cult, that James Malm, the Chief Pharisee and bastardizer of the law, now considers himself one of the two witnesses.  How many does this make now that the Church of God has produced over the decades?  The count is endless and every single one of them has been proven to be lairs.

The latest lie from Pharisee Malm is the prediction below in which he claims that the two witnesses will arise from the COG soon after the Feast of Tabernacles this coming fall.

As LCG and COGWA, either together or separately, prepare to launch their “Elijah” work soon after the Feast of Tabernacles; God will send his two servants, real literal genuine human beings in the spirit of Elijah and Moses [a post on Elijah is coming as we get to the Elijah portion of the Kings study],  with a final warning to the Ekklesia, and will provide the means for those willing to obey God to leave quickly for the place God has prepared.   
At that time those who seek to be faithful to God from UCG, will join with those leaving from the other groups.   
Those who refuse the warnings and remain behind will be caught up in the correction of great tribulation and many will then quickly repent becoming personal witnesses to others.

Is Pharisee Malm hinting that he will be one of the two witnesses to come soon after the Feast of Tabernacles?  Since he considers all other Church of God's to be heretical cesspools of lawbreaking, its only natural that Malm sees the two witless witnesses arising from his cult following.

Notice what one of his loyal acolytes wrote this morning:

The daily studies provided by James and the Sabbath study by Constance are the most important work being done in this world at this time. This is God’s work. If you are reading this and have not received the Glorious Living Sabbath study, you are missing out on a true spiritual feast. The daily studies speak for themselves “to he that hath an ear “.Everything else Is milk for babies and/or deception.
Another Acolyte added later:

This is the best set of web sites on the entire internet. As for the contributions from Constance; thank our great God for giving her the strength to continue alongside James in his most vitally important work. God Speed to both James and Constance... 
Another acolyte claims that Malm and Constance are instruments of God.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  Malm is no more a tool of god than Dave Pack, Vic Kubik or Gerald Flurry are.  It takes a pretty sick individual that allows Malm to 'correct" them.  They whine about the "agent of darkness" but they refuse to look right at Malm where darkness truly dwells. If anyone is of the synagogue of satan it is the Chief Bastardizer of the law.
I wholeheartedly agree! God is using James and Constance as his help, and supporters comments, (‘iron sharpens iron’), as instruments to teach and inspire those who are hungry for the TRUTH, as well as for correction and spiritual healing…a cleansing of the mind that has been corrupted by some who presented themselves as agents of light, but are of the synagogue of the deceiver, (Rev. 2:9-11). I pray that those whose eyes are blinded and ears stopped, will be released from the spiritual yoke of bondage, and cleave to godly knowledge instead of that which is taught by those who claim to be God’s representatives.  
We are truly blessed having access to this Blog at a time when the ‘scarcity of the Word’ is being fulfilled, as a conduit for learning and growth in spiritual understanding.

Why is it that Armstrongite's are so quick to find a new guru that is the most important person on the entire earth doing a "real work?  Can none of these people use their own brains?

James will be quick to respond that he has made no such verbal claims, after all he is the most humble man in the North American continent at this time.  If he claims he is not one of the two witnesses, then perhaps he is ready to admit that Ron Weinland and his dingy wife Laura are the REAL Two Witnesses?

Or, maybe he is ready to embrace these two lunatics also with ties to Armstrongism:

Yisrayl Hawkins

It's time all of these Judaizing lying fools give it a rest!  The "ekklesia" members are sick of them.


Connie Schmidt said...

When you enter the following domain names.... or you get the "Go Daddy"
domain name "for sale" and available.

Im surprised that the whole host of wannabe "witnesses" or "prophets" have not snapped them up yet, whether they be Pack, Flurry, Weinland, Hawkins, Thiel or whoever. They should even copyright the names and register them for product usage.

Big claims require big proof. All any of these guys have to do is simply do one miracle for all to see and examine. Jesus did, and Moses did too, what with the leperous hand or snake stick miracle.

Until then, I suggest that all the wannabes would do well to just SHUT THE HECK UP, take some St. Johns Wort and see a good certified psychologist, and get a deep tissue massage while they confess their childhood traumas.

Byker Bob said...

Could Malm's speculation be true? Is a Jonestown event right around the corner for some of the prominent ACOGs? We've wondered and speculated for years as to which splinter would actually take their beliefs to the ultimate, and flee.

Seriously, if this were the end time, it would be necessary that the two witnesses come from an uncontaminated source. They could not possibly come from Armstrongism, which has as, a movement, been so consistently wrong about end times prophecy and its timeline, and has exhibited anything but Christlike qualities throughout its troubled history. The two witnesses would embody a correction from God. They must be clean and credible, and Armstrongism simply has not been.

If anyone must wake up, it is the people who have substituted HWA for Jesus, and have made Armstrongism the center of their universe.


Anonymous said...

I'm confused! I thought the two witnesses were to be trained under Dave Pack in RCG? And that he would be with them to do the "greatest work the world has ever seen." In fact, he raised two men to evangelist rank in preparation, however, one quit/ got fired. We're missing a witness!

Can you imagine if all these groups united together, just how many witnesses the world could have. By the way, I thought God chose the two lampstands, "who stand before the God of the earth."

Anonymous said...

I hope all of these men pick the "two witnesses" better than they choose the candidates for the ministry. After all, look how most of those men turned out. It's amazing how these type of men know that they are, or could be, one of the witnesses, or know who the witnesses are. The "spirit" must be strong in these ones.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing to see these servants of God healing the sick, visiting widows, and practicing humility. Oh wait... That's what legitimate Christians are supposed to do.. Amassing titles and looking for the specks in others eyes is what most COG leaders do.. Forget the gospel meat.. They should try reading Yertle The Turtle with a glass of warm milk and give it a rest.

Anonymous said...

It is pretty obvious that HWA offshoot church ministers flunked basic math. There are way too many two witnesses. They could work in rotating shifts.

Anonymous said...

I have to confess at one point I thought I might be one of the two witnesses. Not that I wanted the role, but I thought if God so desired to use this humble vessel.

Sadly now I really am too old, I think God will need a younger man/or woman, but I see this as a man being as the Bible is a man's book. Of course there is the scripture, 'he will renew my youth like the eagles'. Maybe the necessary miracle will be performed when a close to death person is restored to youth and vigour with an amazing ability to speak in a strong deep voice. A bit unfair when it is only a brief performance ending in death.

I think I forgot to take my medication, better keep it up just in case no one else can be found. Time for my afternoon nap, thanks for the blast from the past.

Anonymous said...

If anyone claims to be of the 'two witness' they are false witnesses! Where does it teach in the bible that the first role of the 'two witness' is to convince 'others' of their identity?
Besides, they will eventually be hated by all and murdered, not because they were debating each other on Nightline, 20/20, or Oprah, but because of their ACTIONS!
Enjoy your schizophrenia, Malm!

RSK said...

He'll have to fight Weinland and Thiel for it.

Anonymous said...

Revelation is not a book to be taken literally.
If you do then Jesus would be a literal lamb and have hooves for feet etc.
Grasshoppers would have women's hair and go to war.
Once a book sets the tone for metaphor you then read the whole book in that manner.
The two witnesses are the law and the prophets who set the measure for God's people the world over. If you believe the law and prophets you believe in Jesus our Savior and that is the work of God the Father. The law and prophets testified of the Savior.
If you believe in Jesus then you follow his example.

These men want to be the witnesses because to them it lends importance and prestige and it seems that the church with it's hierarchical structure demands self importance, position and lording it over others.
You saw it in the competition and jockeying for 'offices' in the church among those wanting a deaconship.
But the kingdom of God is not based on such a structure but on love of your fellow man and God.
It is very sad to see this kind of competition and pushing among people.

Lisa Williams said...

why would anyone take joy in being the two witnesses,considering what they would have to go through,sounds like they are not in their right mind.....

Anonymous said...

I'm going to bet on Malm and Constance.

Anonymous said...

Let's see... Dave + Gerald + Gerald's choice + Ron + Laura + Dave again (Dave can't work with anyone but himself) + Malm + Constance + Almost Arrested = 2

Makes perfect cents.

Byker Bob said...
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Anonymous said...

For what its worth....the Malm/Constance speculation of being the two witnesses is a true scenario they believe. Its not a joke. What you have done now is bring it out in the open and Malm will be pissed.

Sweetblood777 said...

If they are the witnesses, then Constance would require a sex change, for the witnesses are both to be men.

Anonymous said...

James Malm has been quite open about his hostility toward HWA and what HWA had taught. Those who go with James Malm are basically other rebels who also reject what HWA had taught. In the end, they might not like what they get for letting James Malm do their stinking thinking for them.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that the two witnesses will be people who are presently school teachers, perhaps even school principals. The two roles are very similar.

Cheers TradingGuy

Anonymous said...

10.47 PM what Malm has often pointed out is that Herbie fell away after his wifes death, and introduced the Nicolaitan heresy, ie tyrannical, lording government. This is not rebellion as you put it, at least not against God. But you are right about not letting anyone do your thinking for you, the 'prove all things' thingy.

Byker Bob said...

Too funny, 3:21! Malm believes that Herbie's fall ushered in Nicolaitane leadership and yet apparently doesn't realize that all of the Pharisaic proclamations which he himself makes are causational to that type of leadership style. The doctrinal approach produces the behavioral pattern, always has and always will, regardless as to how many times it is tried, and by whom. To get rid of the problem, you have to take a grace-based approach.


Stephen said...

"James Malm has been quite open about his hostility toward HWA and what HWA had taught."

Yes and no.

They believe and teach practically everything HWA taught. They just think he didn't get the priorities right. They have certain pet doctrines they focus on, and they're more extreme than most. It's exactly what Herbie taught with a bit of tinkering. They might think they're really different, but they're not. Any outsider trying to classify them would have no problem placing their doctrines as centrist Armstrongist doctrines.

They think that HWA didn't practice what he preached, and they're right about that. They also think that HWA didn't sail far enough. But they think his compass bearing was right on the money.

Stephen said...

Anon3:21AM, be careful with that "'prove all things' thingy."

If you really try to get serious about doing that, you're going to start to realize that the faith = the missing evidence thingy of Hebrews 11:1 & John 20:29 and the "prove all things" thingy of 1 Thessalonians 5:21 are viciously contradictory, and that nothing about christianity can be "proven," in any normal sense of the word, the way you would go about proving anything else in life, and especially on the job. Apparently, you have to be a whole lot more careful about how reliable and secure your ability to make money is than you need to be about your supposedly eternal salvation. If Jesus himself is to be believed, you're actually better off employing unreliable and insecure methods there, and are worse off employing methods that would get you fired if you used them at work.

Once you really take "proving all things" to heart, you will start to realize that it is, in fact, the most improbable set of claptrap you ever did see. So if you want to hold onto your faith, make sure someone throws you in the shallow water before you get too deep. You have been warned.

Stay thoughtless, my friends.

Anonymous said...

Stephen, thanks for your warning, but as long as the Christ thingy, the God the Father thingy and the bible thingy keeps resulting in my prayers being answered, I'II stick with my religious thingy. It does work, so you too have been warned.

Anonymous said...

BB, the more evil people are, the more tyrannical they become. The more righteous people are, the more freedom loving they are. I see this over and over. You seem to imply the opposite.

Byker Bob said...

11:18, I disagree with that black and white premise which you just laid out. It's much too general, failing to take into account the complexities and full spectrum of human nature.

Pure polar opposites are extremes, and though you can draw a straight line between them, they are in reality opposite sides of a circle. As these points move around the circle towards one another, they begin to become more alike, only based on different premises. If the poles are at 9:00 (left) and 3:00 (right) then the balancing points or safety zones are at 12:00 and 6:00. There is plenty of latitude in between. There are evil anarchists, and there are tyrants who enforce zero tolerance for infractions of truly righteous laws. The best balance is to have freedom, regulated by a minimum of laws, with the evil ones incented towards good behavior through gradual removal of their freedoms as they offend. In other words, tyranny is imposed upon the evil, as it's the only way to control them. The righteous reject anarchy (total personal freedom) willingly surrendering some of their freedoms to maintain an orderly society. It is a balance, with the polar opposites acting as guide wires or checks and balance.


Anonymous said...

Trading guy

I'll trade you two school teachers ot principles for James and Constance

Anonymous said...

Of course, do not believe anyone who says that he (or she) is one of the two witnesses; or are the two witnesses. First of all, they will not be on the scene until the Tribulation -- and then the whole world will know who they are. Secondly, Zechariah 3 & 4 give very strong hints of who the two witnesses will be, and from whence they will come.

Anonymous said...

"Constance would require a sex change, for the witnesses are both to be men."

You misogynist! Gender is a social construct!


Anonymous said...

James Malm is just another rebel who did not pay attention in the WCG. James left the WCG in 1985 while HWA was still alive to try to think for himself. His wife got into that sacred names nonsense and divorced him for not going along with it too. James got into calendar confusion. Garbling the gospel probably brought yet another curse on him. James wants to mangle everything that HWA had taught, and then think that he himself must be someone great for messing up everything.

Some other goofy little rebels who like to defend James Malm and his heresies do not necessarily want to go and actually submit to him in his group. They just like to do their little part to promote rebellion and heresy by claiming that one can learn the odd thing from James (emphasis on odd), but no way will they really trust him enough to actually go with the troublemaker. It seems like they want to do their own little part to help James cause confusion, division, and trouble without actually letting him cause too much trouble for themselves personally.

Anonymous said...

8.31 PM you seem to worship what "HWA had taught." My bible says to live by everyone word of God, rather than every word of Herbie. You are like Israel who rejected Gods rule, and asked for a king instead. Interesting how both Herbie and Saul had a good start, then went off on a tangent.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous on July 25, 2016 at 2:12 AM said...

“8.31 PM you seem to worship what 'HWA had taught.' My bible says to live by everyone word of God, rather than every word of Herbie. You are like Israel who rejected Gods rule, and asked for a king instead. Interesting how both Herbie and Saul had a good start, then went off on a tangent.”

I just like to remind everyone about what HWA had taught, and point out how all the current, self-appointed, rebel gurus like Malm have departed from his teachings in all sorts of major ways. Be careful that you do not reject what HWA had taught just to go live by every crazy word of Malm--and Malm will expect you to go along with everything he comes up with.

Unknown said...

"Constance" (or whatever she is calling herself these days) is my mother. This along with provocations by Malm to head to Petra to prove that one is a true believer are so disconcerting. These cults are dangerous--not only for the potential Jim Jones ending or the destruction they create in families and personal finances. They create mental illness through emotional dis-regulation. After a number of years, it's like a shell of a person that repeats indoctrination a with no one home. This makes me sad and hopeless feeling.