Friday, November 18, 2016

Elisha Elijah Amos Bob Thiel Prepares To Suffer Intense Persecution

Poor Almost Arrested Elisha Elijah Joshua Amos Doubly Blessed Chief Overseer Bob Thiel is getting ready to suffer intense persecution right now from Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.  Those big bad meanies have already censored one of Thiel's ministers of the improperly named Continuing Church of God.

Facebook used to allow COGwriter Church of God News page items to directly go to my page as part of an RSS feed, but stopped that a few years ago.
Twitter still carries the headlines of the posts from the page, but one day it may declare that this is either “alt-right” or “religious extremism” or whatever else it may chose to use as ‘justification’ to stop it.
This censorship issue on social media is so serious that we in the Continuing Church of God decided, because of an incident with YouTube, to come up with an alternative to YouTube if we were seriously faced with its censorship again (a sermon by Steve Dupuie allegedly violated ‘community standards’ essentially because he said that Christians needed to obey God’s written word–I filed and appeal to YouTube and they decided they should not have censored that sermon).
The time will come when the USA, and likely some private companies, will apparently stop the efforts of websites like this one. As well as our numerous video channels on the internet. 
Notice that the Bible tells of a time that will come when the word of God will not be found. And that would seem to be because truth from it will be taken off the internet. In the 21st century, the internet is accessed by people in every country, and thus some type of internet restriction/suspension/site removal is coming.
We are getting closer to this time. 
That all might be worrisome if the improperly named Continuing Church of God were actually Christian, but they are not.

Times are certainly rough in Arroyo Grande.  Prison camps, armed guards, over zealous media folk and rampaging illegal aliens are making life difficult for God's most cherished and doubly blessed leader.  Perhaps some more of his minions can have some nightmares and give him a vision to get out of this mess.   Tough times are ahead for God's one and ONLY true church!.  Eat your heart out Dave Pack and James Malm!


Anonymous said...

Besides the repercussions of being a babbling buffoon, the worst suffering Bob Thiel will have is when an "offstage kid" runs onto Thiel's stage, causing a crooked piece of furniture to topple over and crush some of Bob's favorite body parts.

At the direction of the Holy Spirit, I humbly suggest that Mr. Thiel wrap himself in bubble wrap before his next sermon.

Black Ops Mikey said...

It's never going to happen, but at least he's prepared.

Hoss said...

Years ago Ron Dart mentioned that radio in Canada prohibited the broadcast of programs that condemned ‘lifestyle choices’. Ron said that didn’t affect his BTW program, but could be the tip of the iceberg.
Bob Thiel has been concerned about “arbitrary” rulings that impact his use of social media. Not being able to condemn things like the transgender agenda means he may need other ways to fulfill his Ezekiel Warning commission. Unlike Dave, Bob probably doesn’t have the tithe money bins to set up his own sooper-dooper website.
And Bob feels that groups teaching ‘millennial kingdom’ messages are under scrutiny. Considering the stunts some COGleaders pull, I think Bob does have something to worry about…