Saturday, January 28, 2017

Dave Pack, Trees, Jesus = Kingdom Of God In Wadsworth?

Forget the Two Tree's.  It is all about Dave's trees now.

We should have all known there was great significance in Dave Packs recent fascination with trees.  Being the strong vocal man the he is, he has been boasting how he has been ripping and running trees on his cult compounding Wadsworth, Ohio.

Here is what he has to say about Jesus coming to his Kingdom on earth.  It will NOT be in Zion or Jerusalem.

Another proof: This is a fascinating thing, go to the end of the Bible, I’m going to read you a stunningstunning verse. All of you around the world—BELIEVE your Bibles I could load you with information I’ve learned, but I have to move fast…Let’s read Revelation 22. Now, in verse 12, Christ said…
“Behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be…[You now know that is to set up the Kingdom. Let’s read a little bit more about it.]…I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last” (Rev. 22:12-13).
We all know that the Church, in many ways, Christ has always said, is a city set on a hill that cannot be hid. I’ve always viewed the campus this way. Mr. Armstrong thought of it that way with every campus.
“Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city” (vs. 14). Now what does that mean?
It cannot be New Jerusalem and it cannot be Zion. Why? Why is it some other, smaller city? Well first of all, the context is He just came, so He isn’t coming to Zion and He’s not coming for 1,000 years to Jerusalem. Here is the reason—the next verse…There is a little, tiny city where, outside it, are dogs, sorcerers, whoremongers, murderers, idolaters, and liars. It is impossible…It’s impossible, people of God, that that is New Jerusalem and the 1,000 years. This is the first period I want to eliminate. There will be no dogs, no false prophets…That is what it means…No liars, no sorcerers…The devil’s bound. There will be no whoremongers, no murderers—that’s impossible.
…We all know—there are no unconverted people on Earth at the start of the Millennium. It cannot be talking about New Jerusalem. It’s a little, tiny city with gates—meaning there are walls—and that is because some can come in and most cannot. But right outside…and everywhere else…still have false ministers, idol worshippers, murderers, whoremongers, liars galore…but not inside this little city.
Now, why couldn’t it be Jerusalem, after we have gone to Zion? Same reason. Go read II Peter 3. I think about verse 10, when He says the new heavens and new earth comes—He says wherein dwells righteousness (II Peter. 3:13). Christ has set up His Kingdom in Zion. It isn’t going to be right outside Zion there are all those terrible things. We read, at the end of Zechariah, there are no false prophets, there are no idols, the devil is gone; there can’t be sorcerers. Christ is going to deal with the whoremongers and everybody else. It cannot be Zion. It cannot be New Jerusalem. It is this little cityright hereIt has to be. There are no other possibilities.
There are only three options; two of them are impossibilities. What’s important—and this is proof—there is space. Apparently, Joshua is told—you keep My courts. He has some kind of authority and power. Trespassers, drunks, vandals, criminals, unbelievers…others…cannot come in to this place. Now, if they come into the Church, then maybe they can. But there are gates…this is a gate that won’t let dogs in—false ministers are not coming on to this campus.
Now why is that a Kingdom? You have to have tremendous sovereign authority…Or anybody could enter through those gates. Only those that do the commandments do. Why? Apparently—and you ought to make note of this—the tree of life is here. Is there any doubt this is the Kingdom of God? That’s what it says. I know it’s in Zion; I know it’s in New Jerusalem, but the description of verse 15does not fit…
“I Jesus have sent my angel to testify unto you these things in the churches” (22:16). “Angel” there means “messenger.” At the end of the age, a messenger—there is no angel telling anybody any of this. I’m sure we all know that. The word is “messenger.”
“I have sent my messenger to testify unto you these things in the churches…[I am doing that, and I am going to do it outside the walls of Restored, so to speak. There are no walls today, but you know what I mean—beyond the shores of Restored. I know who I am and what I’m supposed to do. I understand the restitution of all things comes in two phases and an announcement of it, so that God’s people know they are looking for a grain of sand and not a tremendous, earth-shaking event that lasts 1,000 years. So I am doing my part. Who said this?]…the root and the offspring the David, the bright and morning star” (vs. 16). That is happening now.
Now a little point. I will quickly describe it…Zechariah 5verses 1 to 4. This sounds much more like a time the Kingdom of God is in place…where this curse goes out all over the world. It’s a unique curse. It’s just described, in chapter 3, Joshua, and then chapter 4, Zerubbabel and the Two Witnesses. Immediately, God says…after these men are introduced on to the scene and others, of course, with them…that a unique curse goes out over all the earth, Zechariah 5:1 to 4, where if you steal, or you swear falsely in the name of God, who has set up His Kingdom, you will be sealed into your house and you will be dissolved along with the wood and stone that built the house.
Why would you need to do that, in many ways, if there is compliance all over the world? Here’s why? In a world filled with scam artists, thievesliars, people who speak in the name of God because there are dogs, meaning false ministers…In the New Testament, we all understand that’s what “dogs” means. We’re not talking about German Shepherds or Chihuahuas. It’s talking about false ministers. They will be out there. God’s Kingdom is on Earth—they are going to see tremendous opportunity, because scam artists will scam anybody about anything at any time, if they can get a nickel out of it.
God says, in effect, you will not use My government or My name or My Kingdom and pretend to represent it. I will have angels seal you into your house, and I will dissolve you like battery acid fell over you—and your house will be gone, too. Go look at Zechariah 5:1 to 4, and it actually tells you that something different has happened when the men and all the thousands who are with them in chapters 3 and 4 are established, and grace comes out of Zerubbabel’s mouth to the world. Because Mr. Armstrong’s function, I truly do believe—from Day One in the Kingdom—will be about the Kingdom.
Elijah will work with the Church…He will work with the Kingdom, initially. Elijah’s job is to work with Israel and Judah. Zerubbabel’s job appears to be to manage matters of the Kingdom—from Day One—when the Kingdom starts. That’s why I am certain of it. I’ve explained this. Is he the Chief Administrator? Elijah’s function is different. The men of wonder have a different function. I think that is one of the biggest proofs something dramatically different has happened.
Next one: Zechariah 11verse 10…Turn over there. Now this…This is an interesting thing. This is proof that the Kingdom came……
“And [so] it was broken in that day: and so the poor of the flock that waited upon me knew that it was the word of the LORD” (vs. 11).
Here is what the word of the LORD is: They know that the Kingdom of God has come to Earth, and God has changed everything with all peoples on the face of the earth. Grace is snapped, and now it is God fulfilling Jeremiah 31, and He is writing His Law in people’s hearts anywhere anyone in the world. Anywhere that anyone in the world wants to respond to the Kingdom of God and receive all the blessings and benefits and bounty, as I like to put it, of that Kingdom, they can now do it—and until Christ comes—that is not possible. So it’s a whole new world, starting, of course, with setting up the government to do that……
For now, note that Christ is coming to address trees, with a couple of kinds, here, being described as “reduced” and a couple others “increased” in the same way. You can probably guess the connection, by now, to trees; but there are many verses…I could tell you, right now, nine different places, Old Testament and New, where Christ is very interested in trees, which are leaders. There is a big connection here, but I’ll just leave it for that, until we can get into a list of nine to a dozen verses where Christ is going to work with leaders—ministers—who He describes as trees.

Superfantabulous Dave, new stand in awe.


Byker Bob said...

Why does it have to be about trees? Why not carburetors? Carburetors actually regulate speed and performance. Actually, I get it. HWA's eternal sermon wasn't about the two carburetors, it was about the two trees!


Anonymous said...

This is somewhat off-topic, but close enough that I hope you find it relevant. Karl Marx, founder of Communist Socialism, wrote in 1875, that socialism consists of "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs." When I went to the WCG FOT in Nanjing China in 1984, we of course got a Chinese-government-assigned tour guide to explain their country to us. She told us that "Socialism with Chinese characteristics" can be described as "From each according to his ability, to each according to his work." So they changed one word of what Marx wrote. But now I see that both are in the Bible. Pack quoted Rev 22:12, "to give every man according as his work shall be", and in Acts 4:35 it says, "distribution was made unto every man according as he had need." So I guess the old saying that you can prove anything in the Bible is true in this case as well.

Anonymous said...

“There will be no dogs, no false prophets…That is what it means…No liars, no sorcerers…The devil’s bound.”

Wow! No more Dave Pack!

Anonymous said...

Dave Pack: A bad tree that cannot bear good fruit.

Hoss said...

There will be no dogs

All those trees and no dogs...

Anonymous said...

Dave said: "...…We all know—there are no unconverted people on Earth at the start of the Millennium..."

What can one say further about that Mickey Mouse Millennium? That is STUPID! Where did Dave get those stupid words? Who is inspiring Dave. His words are just plain stupid.

After all, I am not saying that Dave Pack is stupid, but the words that came out of his mouth are some of the words out of the mouths of Rod Meredith, Doug Winnail, Fred Coulter, GFlurry, James Malm, and yes, even Bob Thiel...just babes!

Again, I am not saying that any of these men are stupid.

I mean; it is regarding the words that proceed out of their mouths and may be spewed out on various forms of correspondence.

And time will tell...


nck said...


...I like that contribution even if off topic.
Of course Chinese communism was different in its agricultural aplication from its Soviet Union counterpart which was an industrialized nation.

Nice to see the "christian utopian" roots of socialism reflected in your experience.

On the Pasadena Campus there was that "swords into plowshares" theme. Which was a copy from the Soviet Union's gift to the United Nations which is in New York on the land donated by the Rockefellers.


Anonymous said...

Why no love for trees? Druids luv trees!

Anonymous said...

7:16 PM You are ignoring context with your 'distribution according to need.' There is no record of the apostles teaching this, but rather the new Christians were living by what some believed to be the ideal. Ownership by need is refuted by many scriptures, and mankind had to wait until the twentieth century to have this false God of ownership by need smashed via communism.
People not studying their bibles makes them vulnerable to wolves like David Packman.

Dennis Diehl said...

Why not carburetor? Because no ZHEA sermon ever began with.." there were two carburators in the garden..."

Anonymous said...

Clearly, the "two trees" in the Bible referred to the two CV Driveaxles of modern automobiles.
The difficulty that arises is the need to use a long breaker bar to loosen the axle nut when repairing.
(Much as undoing anger towards one's parents requires a "long breaker bar of forgiveness")

Anonymous said...

Do you know how God chops down trees? He just lets them rot. Fungii replenish the soil for other trees to grow. Morels and truth are God's way of furnishing His garden. No zookeepeers need apply, for trees are NOT grown to build cages but only to bear fruit. Which is how forests have always grown, even in the abscence of man.