Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Because I Practice Brotherly Love and Walk In Truth, No One Leaves My Church.

Dave's grasp of scripture is so astounding that his followers just cannot leave the Restored Church of God.  Mix that amazing truth and his amazing grasp of brotherly love church members just cannot bring themselves to leave.

It’s why clear verses to some are unclear to others. Christ spewed out of His mouth thousands and thousands of people to become wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked. They had fallen below the ability, apparently, with that condition to grasp—to grasp—things that we are being shown. If we fear God, we’re under His government, we’re practicing brotherly love, we’re walking in truth—we’re doing all the things that the Body of Christ is doing—we’re doing His Work…all those different things Christ reveals to us—and interestingly enough almost nobody leaves.
Also, interestingly enough, the few that are, are ministers and their wives. Those are the only people who left anywhere in the world. Christ’s sheep know His voice—they didn’t leave. But we could ask the question…And I’m going to come back to this later on…does that mean the few ministers who left, or their wives…but let’s just say the ministers…are wolves? We’re going to take another look at who is and who is not a wolf!
We did lose some ministers who were not helping brethren understand prophecy. Now, let me just say again, we lost three ministers recently. Between them, they were only able to take a single, 100-year-old widow with them. That’s all they were able to take. But let’s just say that her advanced age…such a woman was not mentally prepared to withstand what came at her…the effects of age made her easy prey. A man left a couple weeks ago; he took no one. Another man, who left a month before that, actually took no one; but one person came back. So the net loss, if you count this 100-year-old widow that they went in and took out…that one man did…it was literally a net. They took no one. I’ve never heard of anything like that.
But if I just took a moment to kind of, through language, stroll through the names of all the ministers we’ve lost down through the years, it’s not been like Worldwide. Virtually no one follows them. Now that encourages me. That encourages me, and it ought to make any minister, I guess, who still could be thinking about leaving…I don’t think there’s anybody, but I’ve said it before…ought to make them think long and hard about how much God’s sheep hear His voice. 


EX-RCG said...

The majority of those left with RCG are primarily employed, empowered, scared, or totally deceived by DCP. Not necessarily in that order. They may be a combination of 1 or more of these.

He has lost hundreds of members and several ministers over the past few years. I personally know many of them. DCP practices phony love, walks in lies, and people can't leave fast enough.

Anonymous said...

Every week Dave Packs em out

Anonymous said...

"We did have some ministers leave who were not helping people understand my bull shit"

Anonymous said...

Pack always tries to discredit those who leave, ministers,or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Pack is the wolf, the ministers who leave know this. The sheep are dumb and too scared to leave. They believe his twisted logic and untruth about those who leave.

Anonymous said...

"Christ’s sheep know His voice". Since Dave is referring to his own words that he spews out week after week, and since he is referring to his congregation as the sheep, he is referring to himself as christ. It is a matter of time before he proclaims himself messiah.

The Apostle to be said...

Ask Dan Tigard what he thinks about Pack.

Byker Bob said...

These are very defensive statements for Dave to be making. They are designed to preserve the illusion that he is actually a minister of God. The members who left most likely did so not because of misunderstanding scripture or doctrine, but because they realized that Dave doesn't walk his own talk.

I personally find his ex-members who regularly post here to be much more believable. They don't strike me as being wretched, miserable or blind, although Dave has probably left them much poorer financially.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like Dave Pack is planning to “love” his followers to death. In the RCG there is a way that gets called “love” but that ends in destitution and death.

Too bad that Dave's parents taught him to argue and debate rather than to tell the truth and to respect other people and their property.

Anonymous said...

Many former WCG members who supposedly knew and believed what HWA had taught quickly abandoned it and went along with the Tkaches' massive doctrinal changes.

Now, many people who supposedly knew and believed what HWA had taught quickly abandoned it and went along with Dave Pack's massive doctrinal changes.

It looks like there are a lot of unstable people out there who like to imagine that they are rock solid in their beliefs but who can totally change in an instant, or at least after many hours of Dave Pack's mind-numbing noise.

Anonymous said...

David Pack's sermons remind me of Garner Ted Armstrong's sermons, long and boring as hell.

Byker Bob said...

Oh, didn't you know? They get it all confirmed through their personal prayer. Or, at least that is the absurd argument.


Anonymous said...

If your prayers aren't being answered, why keep mocking those whose prayers are being answered? Millions pray to God everyday. So all these people are wrong, but BB is right.
How absurd is that Mocker Bob?

Byker Bob said...

My prayers ARE answered the way God actually answers prayers. He doesn't confirm stupid theories, or ridiculous things for which people already have confirmation bias. That is just a bad case of imagination that people confuse for answered prayer.

Millions of people do have their prayers answered every day. Perhaps a few hundred or a few thousand imagine that the teachings of Armstrongism or the splinter leaders are confirmed for them through prayer. If that were true, the Germans would have come years and years ago, Jesus would already have returned, and we'd all be happily living in the millennium. It is not mocking God to realize that. It is simply recognizing that God doesn't confirm false beliefs through prayer, whether those false beliefs personally appeal to you, or not.


Black Ops Mikey said...

Perhaps a few hundred or a few thousand imagine that the teachings of Armstrongism or the splinter leaders are confirmed for them through prayer. If that were true, the Germans would have come years and years ago

Too late.

Somewhere around 75% of those in the United States have been able to trace their ancestry to Germany.

At least, that's the way it was 4 decades ago.

The Germans are losing ground and there are immigrants of a different 'racial group' beginning to claim the demographics.

In the meantime though, the Germans did invade the United States and Herbert Armstrong was right... sort of... not the way he intended at all, but... now, though, the prophecy of his dream seems have been blown away like a cloud on a warm spring day.

The Germans are coming, the Germans are coming?

No. Prophecy is failing. Prophecy is failing.

Yes, some prayers are answered. Just not the ones to fulfill Herbert Armstrong's wrong headed prophecies.

It wasn't the Will of God, I guess.

Dennis Diehl said...

People don't leave Dave's church the same way there was never a divorce among AC marriages according to divorced HWA

Anonymous said...

Yours is the typical church response. The underlying belief is that you know people better than they know themselves. I have had members tell me this to my face, and a friend was told that by the minister. If I live with myself every second of every day, how can anyone know me better than I do? It's ridiculous. The reason people tell others this belief, is to give them undue influence over their victim. Hence a minister told me that God does not answer my prayers, just like you, and expected me to believe him.

There is arrogance in your claim that answered prayers that do not conform to your map of reality are 'stupid theories,' 'ridiculous things,' 'imagined.' How can BB know which prayers are from God or imagined?

Hoss said...

Dennis wrote: there was never a divorce among AC marriages according to divorced HWA

While I don't recall HWA making any claims, GTA admitted on radio (late 1960s or early 1970s) that AC had one divorce. And it was, he claimed, a marriage that was strongly advised against - as was HWA's second marriage...