Sunday, March 19, 2017

Dave Pack: Stone of Scone May Soon Appear In Wadsworth..Where it belongs

The mental gymnastics of Dave Pack continues to bounce all over the place with one wild theory after another.  Dave is now hinting that the Stone of Scone may make its way to Wadsworth.  This will prove rather interesting since Gerald Flurry claims the stone belongs to him and that he will soon posses it, along with the All of he Covenant.  Will Armageddon actually start because Dave Pack and Gerald Flurry wage war over ownership of he Stone of Scone?

Dave says:
You might want to take time to read Psalm 89. It talks a lot more about…just a lot of detail…it’s a very helpful, fairly long psalm, by the way, about how God would work with David. Take time to read it. It’s 52 verses; just a…It’s an extraordinary look at the specialness of David, in God’s mind, and why he was always going to have someone sitting on his throne, Psalm 89 and verse 4, “Your seed will I establish forever, and build up your throne to all generations.”
I’m pretty sure we all know the Windsors of London, where that throne sits today, are not part of that picture when Christ comes back. It will be interesting to see if the stone is brought here in same way. Wouldn’t that be interesting to find out? Anybody find the stone? The stone’s missing—you know, Jacob’s pillar stone…That would be interesting, wouldn’t it, if it were here? If you hear my sermons on that subject, you’ll understand why I bring it up.


Byker Bob said...

Is this the new "conch" or something? Which ever ACOG has it is the real one? How will they authenticate it when they don't trust the science that might be able to determine age and origin? Or, is having it another thing they believe you qualify for, with authentication being confirmed through personal prayer?

Here we go loop de loo! (Again. Sigh!!!)


Anonymous said...

Double the guard on that English throne.

DennisCDiehl said...

Would you like a spot of Tea Tephi with your Scones?

Steve Carson said...

Maybe he and gerry could arm wrestle for it!

Anonymous said...

First Gerald Flurry, and now Dave. I guess Bob Dylan was right!


Connie Schmidt said...

Neither Pack, nor Flurry have any "stones", but they do have and are "nuts" !

Black Ops Mikey said...

They should advertise Armageddon over the Scone in The Journal.

That's the only thing that will give them credence.

Anonymous said...

An entrepreurial soul could almost go into business selling Stones of Scone to Armstrongist splinter cults.

Anonymous said...

Well Said.

Byker Bob said...

Anyone else get the feeling that Dave either monitors here to collect intelligence on Gerald Flurry, or monitors the PCG sites directly? There seems to be a pattern of direct reaction. This, in spite if the fact that Dave has been quoted as saying that PCG people are crazy, and undesirable as transfers to RCG.


Black Ops Mikey said...

This is proof positive that the Armstrongist 1%ers have rocks in their head.

R.L. said...

Bob, if David Pack really monitored Gerald Flurry, he'd know the stone isn't really "missing."

He would have read Mr. Flurry's articles on the stone being moved to Scotland in the 1990s - and his calling it the biggest blunder of John Major's time as British Prime Minister.

May they all focus on the real "Rock." And I don't mean Dwayne Johnson.

Anonymous said...

The LCG and UCG ordered its members the same week to not read James Malms site. So these slivers monitor sites and informality communicate with each another.
If they taught the truth, these sites wouldn't be a threat.

Anonymous said...

The stone was made in Scone, Scotland

Anonymous said...

"If they taught the truth, these sites wouldn't be a threat."

Which is why you can go to jail for questioning the "holocaust" in many countries. The same dubious event that they still use to scare people into the church. Another holocaust is coming!!!!

Byker Bob said...

Several years ago, after one of the Obama elections, some of the ACOG true believers were running off at the mouth about the start of the tribulation. They do this every time there is a new pope or president or any time that Germany makes international news. Iirc, Katrina also caused an onslaught of comments.

At one point, I was thinking there might be a market for what I call tribulation greeting cards that ACOG members could send to one another. They fantasize about being in places of safety, as if you'd need to go abroad to be in some place that is remote enough, or perhaps in various of the FEMA or Halliburton camps.

Honestly, anyone who was raised in an ACOG already went through a holocaust growing up. Members of various of the worst, like PCG, RCG, PKG, or LCG live in state of daily tribulation at the hands and lies of their so-called leaders.

These tribulation greeting cards could be sent to former friends still trapped in these groups every time their prophet, apostle, or third in command makes stupid statements. Maybe we could even advertise them in the Journal.


Anonymous said...

This is seriously crazy talk from Pack. I cannot understand how anyone could even for a minute believe this idea.
The real coronation stone for Britishh royalty is in high security glass case within Edinburgh castle. Not even Herbert at his worst tried to bring some stone to Pasadena.
This has dangerous connotations.

nck said...


I remember a tape where GTA mentioned seeing the stone as often as possible when in London.

It seems the stone itself only took on a greater significance in the splinters after WCG fell apart. It was never even mentioned at the SEP Scotland side. If it had any ideological relevance to the Church (instead of the State) it would have been easy too divert the citytrip for campers to Scone instead of the local supermarket, but it never was a big deal.

I remember touching and knocking the stone as a teen and contemplating taking a chip of it in a time when it was sitting in a forgotten corner of the Abbey behind a little rope. (perhaps weekdays didn't draw much visitors.)

Nowadays it is highly secured in a vault with 8 inch doors and guardsmen next to it. But I guess that has more to do with the Scottish crown jewels in the same box. And it was an emotional moment to see the Coldstream Guards return the Stone to Scotland passing Coldstream bridge. But hey, that's just me witnessing many many many historic moments unfold live.

(speculation disclaimer)
The stone is probably resting for the next King Charlie to be crowned when the Scots break away from the UK leaving England begging to become the 51 state of America having completely underestimated the German - Frankish efficiency in administration and negotiating prowess. Of course this will only come to pass after the US invaded Canada and hell freezes over.


Anonymous said...

"...this will only come to pass after the US invaded Canada..."

The USA does not need to invade Canada. Canada is already a vassal state of the US. So is Japan and most of Europe. But the USA is a vassal state of Israel and its supporters who have bought off loads of politicians of both parties. No matter who gets in, they are bought off.